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  1. A VTOL aircraft is one that can hover, take off, and land vertically. The classification included fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters. The Harrier Family of jets uses directed jet thrust for VTOL. A harrier can hover, I have seen it. So if the Hortens are referred to in their right up as being VTOL then technically they should be able to hover. I know the rules given to them to not list Hover but I can clearly see why people would think the Hortens should have Hover.
  2. After looking over the new Campaign Book: Icarus I cannot help but be disappointed with the Allies new "Superhuman". I just think he is not even worth spending the points on. Sure he might be good in combination with a vehicle but in all honesty he should be more impressive on his own. As for his armaments, I have to say, huh? A pair of VK Enriched 1911's is the best the Allies could come up with? Why not give him something with a little more punch. Speaking of punch, how is it that his "Sucker Punch & Headbutt" can damage a Armor 3 Aircraft (Heavily Armored Aircraft according to the CR) but cannot even punch through a Armor 1 Vehicle (Softskin vehicles, like a Truck according to the CR)? The stats don't make sense within the explanation of armor values in the Core Rules.
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