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  1. A handful of years ago I posted a thread here regarding the strength of the binding agents concerning the first print run of the Black Crusade RPG. Just to make sure I've fully updated. I sent some pictures to FFG and they sent me a brand new copy of the book. Good customer service......The only problem was that the binding glue started to fail on the replacement copy. Now that being said. this is the ONLY FFG product that I've had the issue with and their response made me a fan-for-life of the company. But I was curious if anyone had any updates or things to say about the later reprints of the Core book. Specifically in regards to how the binding issue is now a days. Once again. Thanks ahead of time
  2. I've had moments where I've felt the same way, but usually within a session or three I've come to realize it was just circumstantial. Part of the issue, at least with my group, is that we've been gaming together so long that combat flows pretty effectively for the players. A good example from the current game I'm playing in is this... The party decided to go big-game hunting as a side-thing. We'd just got done setting up a business and dealing with some bounty-hunters. Upon finding the rancor our gunslinger barely managed to damage it, but my Outlaw-Tech/Mechanic's modified blaster pistol was able to hurt it pretty well, so much so the GM though I was using something like a missile or mortar launcher. Now during the fight our melee/brawl guy came close to dying. Another example was the group fighting a Mad Max style war wagon and outrider vehicles. (The game started shortly after the GM saw Mad Max.) Now a handful of players were like "Well, we'll go down and get into personal combat." The Gunslinger & Marauder came close to death when facing off against 2 or 3 sniper-style slugthrower rifles. So much so that I flipped a Destiny point so the jet-pack wearing gunslinger wouldn't get killed by his fall. Being someone who prefers a "Grittier" feel in terms of how much damage a PC can take, I feel that this system leans towards that label as opposed to the Life Reservoir of over 100 HP.
  3. Now...my actual suspicion is this is just a bit of in-book joking by the Devs about a discrepancy like the one between the HWK-290 and HWK-1000 light freighters. I've done a quick search of both the AoR & EotE forums, not find anything. However my question revolves around the Hyperfoil 1000-XTC, which is listed as an Airspeeder on pg. 60 of the Desperate Allies Sourcebook and as a landspeeder on pg. 52 of the Fly Casual Sourcebook. There are minor differences in the two vehicle profiles, mostly having to due with max altitude, cost, the speed, and some strange differences in the HT and SS thresholds. Even wookieepedia notes this with the following passage... "According to Galladinium's Fantastic Technology, the Hyperfoil 1000-XTC is 15 meters long, whereas Arms & Equipment Guide states that it is 7 meters long." Now, I have no issue with the reprinting of information, just looking for a bit of clarification on this point, or at least agreement with my initial thought of it being a bit of in-game joking about discrepancies between older & newer RPG systems. Thanks ahead of time for your thoughts & time.
  4. Verpine, a personal favorite are coming out in the strong holds of resistance book. Otherwise I'd like to see the following in no particular order. Givin, Draethos, and Umbarans.
  5. Picked up mine, along with a copy of Far Horizons from my FLGS. Already like the little section concerning artifacts of the force, though I haven't had a proper read of it yet.
  6. Regarding the Original Question: After about four months of playing in a fully realized game that use aspects of all three of the currently available rulebooks (EotE, AoR, F&D Beta). This is with both a GM & Group new to the system, we've had not serious problems and outside of one disconnected PC who's missed a number of sessions due to RL concerns the game has been quite successful. My instincts and experience tell me that assuming that everyone's keeping track of their own stuff, then two of the three is the best combination. At this time in my game the group has basically eliminated their obligation and it's sources and are contemplating taking on duty. The morality mechanic was easy and fun to introduce as far as I was concerned as I like that kind of Morality Tracking system. Now as GM I've been keeping track of the various numbers myself as well as my players keeping track, so some of the issues with accounting may accrue. Kudos to FFG and the Playtesters for making such a wonderful game that even a group of D&D hounds can dig on a Star Wars game.
  7. I tend to agree with the viewpoint that Mando Armor is just heavy battle armor. The various widgets and extras being attachments or add on equipment. For example one of my players wanted a wrist-mounted flame-thrower using the attachment in Dangerous Covenant. I house-ruled a pistol sized flamer weapon for him to use and it only took five minutes of comparison to get something that seems to work. Regarding the force rating 2 issue. I'd only say yes to that if you as a GM were granting a starting "Boon" to all the players as I've done n my current/first game of EotE. Two characters chose a free dedication talent, one chose to have a extra-force rating die, one wanted integrated weapon systems, (Our murderbot.) and the final player used his boon to gain a cloak for the PC's starting ship. TL;dr: Know what you're player's think something is. Then try to work with them. No on the extra Force Die unless all your players get something comparable, and even then I'd only do it for a first game to get some excitement going for it. Though I have two or three players that aren't as big of SW fans as me and the others in my group.
  8. Thank you FFG. I've played the old d20 RCR Rules and want to specifically thank you for the way you've included spaceships and planetary vehicles in your books. A huge list of recognizable and less-well known ships across the board. For a person who primarily got into Star Wars through the original trilogy and the X-Wing/TIE Fighter computer games this was a stroke of brilliance.
  9. The initial lines seem to cover the gamut of natural possibilities pretty well. Though here is what I'd add onto the line. EotW: Nuclear Apocalypse This is a natural go-to that I'm sure has been mentioned here at least four or five times. EotW: Post-Apocalypse Fantasy due to the return of Magic. This has also been mentioned above in terms of EoTW: Ley Lines. I've always found it an interesting concept and like the sci-fantasy feel. EotW: Future Earth This is pretty vague, but the idea was inspired by the later sections of H.G. Wells "The Time Machine" after The Traveler leaves the Eloi and the Morlocks in the past. The basic premise is the group of PC's get transported to a future earth, though given the nature of the book's feel that may not be in the general flavor of what FFG is going for. Another Interesting RPG that FFG is trying and probably going to sell me. My Wallet thanks you in advance.
  10. Thanks for the work on these, both the color and B&W versions. I find them extremely useful in my games.
  11. I gotta say I agree with the above comment by H.B.M.C.
  12. There is also the advancement cost thing....You'll be able to advance easier in a wider variety, but that was mentioned with jack of all trades comments. I've been thinking about this, and I make a difference between unaligned and undivided. Members of the Black Legion and Word Bearers as a whole are probably worshippers of Chaos undvided while The Night Haunter's legion is unaligned. I'd say work on a gifts table for Undivided, using the existant gifts table I'd treat them mostly the same however and leave it to an In game RP decision on the player's part which he/she wanted.
  13. add-on. Venkelos has a good point...I'd like to see some pychic powers beyond the Telepathy, Telekinesis and Divination disciplines that all the books have in varying degress. I never had much luck re-figuring the DH pyschic powers, but I don't own the DH book so...grain of salt.
  14. I'll freely admit this comes from my being a fan of the series of RPGs, but I'd like some vehicle stats in this.....Nothing crazy as I'm perfectly willing to buy a supplement for the heavy and super-heavy stuff, but Chimeras, scout walkers, that sorta light stuff would be loved. Beyond that.....A new sector....I'd love Cadia but I think that's shooting a little high...so something related to the Margin Crusade or any ongiong conflict in the Ixniad Sector would be awesome.
  15. I agree with the sentiment that while these two RPGs are simliar in over all feel (The FFG youtube video for deathwatch specifically mentions band of brothers.), they are actually potentially very different in feel. I'd say OW is probably closer to the actual band of brother's feel in that you're dealing with relatively normal people in a combat situation. The IG is Easy Company while DW is more like Seal Team Six or Green berets or whatever other Elite Unit you could mention. I agree that there are inherent limitations in the idea of military games, but a good GM and group can get around it.
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