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  1. I've just received my new Boardgame. Thanks a lot and very good job !!!!
  2. I have received this mail, thanks... I'm french and my english sucks, so i don't always understand all of what it's said ... :/
  3. azaeyl said: Hi there, My friends and I are enjoying aGoT very much currently. There is a point of contention which we request be clarified by fantasyflight - I've done a quick search but not come up with anything. In short, salladhor saan removes the ship strength of non-baratheon ships if bara is being supported. In each of the situations, does it also remove the bonus from the Order token? Eg, bara is defending and is supported. Tyrell has 3 boats with a +1 move order. Salladhor Sahn is played by bara, loras is played by tyrell. Is the combat strength of Tyrell now 0 or 1? Similarly, if Tyrell was being supported in this situation with one boat and a +1 support order, is the supporting strength 0 or 1? We would very much like an official ruling on this, please! Regards and thanks in advance The text is clear enough : the ship strenght of non baratheon ships. the bonus from the order tokens are not concerned by the Salladhor Sahn's ability.
  4. jhagen said: Just had a 6 player game this past weekend: i was Martell and had a special (*) consolidate token in a castle where i was attacked by Tyrell. he played his house (4) card where a footman is destroyed. and i had played my house card that i had lost the battle, noone was allowed to occupy the space. i still had to retreat. I was then left with a consolidate token in a territory that had neither a power token or a unit in it. here are the interpretation questions: 1.- Can my consolidate power token resolve? 2.- Could I have left a power token in the territory i left because of that retreat. Tyrell has a house (4) card that instantly destroys a footman. what would happen if that footman was alone in the embattled area when tyrell attacked and LOST the battle? (Referenced in example on page 20 step 5 of the rulebook) 3.- would the territory be then considered vacant and all support orders cancelled? 4.- what if the attack from tyrell was unsuccessful? would a token there be allowed to resolve? (consolidate, march) Sorry but i'm french... 1. No, you're consolidate token can't resolve : You lose the battle, so according page 21, 4.clean up "If the combat was won by the attacker, remove any Order token the defender had assigned to the embattled area (if one remains) as well as any Power token in the area (which would exist if the defending player had previously established control there, see page 24)" If there was a power token in the area, it remains because the opponet hasn't take the control of the area. P.24 : " A Power token on the game board is returned to the Power Pool only after an opponent takes control of its area. " 2. No, you only can left a power token on a area after one on your a March Orders. p.24 : "Important: A player may only establish control when vacating an area with a March Order. Events that would leave an area vacant (such as negative effects from a Wildling victory) does not permit a player to establish control after the last unit is destroyed." 3 & 4 : Mace instantly kill the last troop : there's no battle, he can enter the area without fight. The House Cards are discarded.
  5. nachof said: I have a couple of questions after my first game with Martell (second game overall, but first was a 4 player game). 1) Tyrell attacks, Martell plays Arianne, and loses. Tyrell can't advance into the area. What happens to that area? If there is a token, does it remain? If there is no token, I assume that control is lost (because Martell has to retreat anyway). 2) Tyrell attacks an area that has a Consolidate Power order token. Martell plays Arianne, and loses. Martell retreats. If we assume that in (1) Martell keeps the token he had there, what happens to the order token? Can it be resolved later even without troops there? What if Martell later moves troops into the area? 3) Tyrell attacks, plays Loras. Martell plays Arianne, and loses. What happens with Loras' ability? I assume Tyrell either can't move the token and has to discard it, or can move the token and it's not resolved anyway because there are no troops. Is this correct? Another interpretation would say that Loras' ability means he keeps his token in the source space, but a strict reading of the card doesn't seem to support this. Thanks. 1. The area isn't conquered, so the token remains. 2. If there is no troops, orders can't remain and are lost. 3. The area is not conquered, so the ability of Loras doesn't match. "If you are attacking and win this combat, Move the March Order token into the conquered area (instead of discarding it). The order March may be resolved again later this round."
  6. jhagen said: consolidate power tokens can be placed in any territory (excluding seas) that have a unit token in them. I think that we can place consolidate power tokens in seas now...
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