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  1. The app is unusuable on my Samsung Galaxy tab A (SM-T580) as some elements will render off-screen. The back button also doesn't function correctly (v1.03), which leaves the app in a locked state when these two issues are combined.
  2. I'd like to able to access custom variants in the app. Currently only accessible on the web app. I'd like to be able to EDIT custom variants after I've saved them. When I create a custom variant, and limit the pool of ships, it makes ALL of those ships available to ALL players, instead of having players choose a faction from within that custom variant.
  3. It's inexcusable, and truly insulting to all the hard working people at FFG who designed an impressive looking 2nd edition. Imagine how betrayed the cardboard designers are feeling right now
  4. I worked in QA... If I ever got something this buggy, it's never the programmer's fault - it's always some parachute in director/PM/executive forcing my beloved programmers to do a 5 day task in an afternoon. Listen to your developers, people - they know more about their field of expertise than you, even if you drive a fancy car and have a corner office
  5. I made a custom variant to play using the web app. I can't access custom variants on the Android app, the feature simply isn't there.
  6. I get that you might want the install size to be low, and that download-on-demand might be a good way to mitigate install size... ... but FFS, they didn't think to KEEP the data on the phone once downloaded? It's mind boggling how such a stupid decision could be made for such a simple application. I worked in mobile game development for years, and I just feel sick to my stomach when I think about what sort of awful development environment it must take to turn out an application of such incredibly poor quality that the Play Store is automatically filtering it out of searches. Absolutely disgraceful. There's some people to blame, but I can bet you it isn't the QA team or the developers themselves; it's arrogant and thoughtless executive decisions that lead to rubbish as stunning as this.
  7. There is a lot of streamlining to pare the game back to its glorious basics; While I loved the sight of those Huge ships on the table, I always finished my games feeling like the Epic ships eroded away at what makes X-wing so great. Will Epic format receive revision, and if so, how will Epic ships be simplified to speed up play?
  8. That looks amazing! What a great test piece for some airbrush practice; practice I sorely need...
  9. The Mission Control Preview isn't working, and thus missions cannot be shared. I've tried multiple browsers, devices, epic, dogfight, lots of text, no text, minimal text. It simply does not work anymore, I've been retrying a few times a day for 3 days, and always get the same result: the popup saying it's preparing the preview, then the popup disappears and nothing happens. I can leave it for hours, it makes no difference.
  10. I'm also experiencing this - looking at other threads it seems that it's just flakey as ****, try again later... Update: I've been trying for 2 days, still doesn't work.
  11. Just for the record, we capped the forces at 40 points on the table at a time, with reserves able to deploy at the start of a new turn, provided that adding that unit to the board didn't take either team over 40 points of deployed figures. The game was a blast, the Empire took some nasty losses in the first turn, but they reinforced with an ATST and it was on for young and old again. Turned out to be a very close game that the rebels won on objective VP. I enjoyed it, as the reinforcements tended to balance out swings of luck and keep everyone playing (we had 3 players per side).
  12. Hi guys, My friends and I are playing a campaign that incorporates IA, X-Wing and Armada. It's focussed on having fun, so a bit different to tournament list building. We're about to have our first game of IA that goes above the standard 40 points. Has anyone done this before? Would you suggest that we just deploy everything, or keep 20 points off the table and deploy them when units die, such that a side never had more than 40 points on the table at a time? Cheers for any suggestions
  13. Gallows, that set up is amazing! I live in Australia, and I'm finding it very hard to find these RAACO boxes out here - do you have part numbers or anything required to put your kit together? It's brilliant, thanks for sharing!
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