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  1. Thanks guys I love these replies. Together they provide a very comprehensive perspective. I'll dwell on them a little and come up with something for my player. Cheers!
  2. So a player (Matsu Berserker) wants to become the Emerald Champion as their ninjo. I totally love this. It's almost impossible to resolve unless the campaign goes on for a long time but it will create interesting intermediate plot hooks nonetheless. I'm trying to think of some common "routes to success" in Rokugani society. Let's say in our world, if a kid wants to be a the president, he/she will probably go to a good prep school, then a prestigious university, probably as a lawyer, economist, etc. build up a network of politicians and business owners, etc. What do you think are some of the routes to success if a Rokugani wants to become the Emerald Champion? I think going through the rank of the Emerald Magistrates might be one or becoming an esteemed Daimyo in one's own clan could be another. But I'm not so familiar with the existing lore of previous Emerald Champions and the necessary process through which one is chosen. Appreciate the help!
  3. I would guess the Core Book presenting Conquerer is more friendly to new players picking up the game. But I do agree that I'm yearning for more weird/extreme schools in the future
  4. Granted the adventure was tough for beginners. Not in terms of NPC level but in terms of navigating Rokugan's politics. Kudos on running it
  5. I know right especially when my core book is a soft copy as well. I haven't seen this option. I'll check but I doubt that's the case. Thanks for the info though!
  6. The others have put up some really helpful answers. So I just want to chime in quickly to summarize some of the points. For players: Dueling needs not be deadly. Duels must be approved by the higher-ups, especially duels to death. Duels to first blood can be more common. Failing that is not quite as serious though. Players even have option to forfeit the deal if they recognize that the opponent is obviously better. I know they are new players to the system but honor is the name of the game here. Learn to play within its structure. Otherwise why are you playing L5R and not some Asiatic-themed D&D? With honor being the name of the game, don't feel bad if people humiliate or kill you when you do dishonorable acts. Starting characters in L5R are especially low-class within the samurai caste so almost anyone can kill them if they don't behave. This is what the game is about: navigating these social constraints to rise up the social ladder. For GMs: Don't hinge crucial plot decisions on a deal if your characters aren't good duelist. If you want them to befriend good duelist NPC, signal that clearly. Make dueling fails gracefully i.e. even if the character loses, the plot can move along and still be interesting Stress what the game is and is not about. Of course each group can play the way they want, nothing wrong with that. But a vanilla experience of L5R is that of a strict social order where honor is stronger than steel and a false word can kill faster than a sharp blade. Make sure you know what type of Rokugan you want to experience, and make sure you communicate that profusely with your players.
  7. Kinda wish I could get these PDFs for free if I already purchase the hard copies but that's just a minor gripe
  8. I agree that the magistartes campaign usually works well for new players because it's very d&d like in style. But I am a personal sucker for a clan-focus one. Let me warn you it's not the game we normally play. You'll need to decide on the scope of your campaign though. In other words, what do you mean by clan focus? You can play it like a Game of Thrones RPG with your character working together to further the interest of their family/clan. In this mode the scope is medium (a boodline/family) You can also play it like a personal family. For example, the Sound like Crows podcast for example follows the adventure of a few brothers in a quest for venegence for their mother (different systems though) In Rokugan, it can be a quest to regain honor for a fallen family branch. In this mode the scope is small. You can also play a high level campaign (see the alternate campaign style in the book) in which your characters are daimyo of the Clan, making key decisions against another clan. The scope is large here. My personal opinion is that a new group of players may work best with a small (and maybe medium) scope because the politics at large in Rokugan takes a little getting used to. The personal ties, on the other hand, are much easier to sympathize and make it easy to get into characters. You can build off from there, introducing more and more L5R aspects into your game at a comfortable pace.
  9. Yeah I'm a sucker for the Kuni Purifier too. Their aesthetics mostly. They seem like the kind of no-nonsense character that I like to play and then suffer through the experience because the character's such a dogmatic hard ***. Other than that, I'm gonna say the Kakita Duelist. I've always loved swordmanship and the Kakita has the best fashion
  10. Well that makes sense. The Sacred Arrow does seem to allow for this delay magic weapon activation. It's a cool combo if more can be done with it. But I can foresee perhaps some smart use of the mechanics by the players. Thanks!
  11. Can you explain which rule allows for this use? I've wanted to do the same thing before but I rmb finding no supporting mechanics
  12. Yes this works. The immediate background of the character is usually more malleble and contained. It will change your player's intention about the disease a little but it's certainly more believable and possible to be influenced by your player's character
  13. Fair enough. I just mean the question and answer are still relevant for people who wonder how to combine these two techniques.
  14. @easl they do have special access to a rank one Air invocation as part of their curiculum. This will allow them to take Yari of Air right?
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