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  1. Evil Ewok said: Form of government into Republic (researched in the round before). Researched or changed in this turn after anarchy?
  2. Yes it is everytime you have an ability in a specific turn, like Battle, you can use it only in YOUR battle turn.
  3. Sometimes it could seems so unbalanced but probably depend to how many player are playng. I played many and many times F&F and i saw some problem. Some modern wonder are impossible to made in a 2/3 player and in 4/5 are hard to pick all. In max 3 player do a militar victory prob is easy but sometimes an hard scientific work can made you some problem, defend with wall and let attacker use first a card is an amazing advanta (nice units thx research and nice defense is a perfect combo). Resolve these problem is possible due the Era: you understand that some great person are too strong, e.g. Marie Curie you can use one resouece to do atomic bom; but if i create 3 deck like wonders? Depending the date some are ancient and some modern. This will be nice. Then the wonder we use to change era when someone do 3 research of 2lvl medieval and 3 for 3lvl modern so everyone can see new modern wonder. Now we have 4 wonder every era. No one can build wonder of an undiscovered era or past era What do you think?
  4. TemTemSefekh said: So: Queen Elizabeth, Monarchy, Sailing, Start with a coin and gain a coin per city built (by GB) and Stonehenge. With a start tile with say three water squares, two forest and two mountains next to the start square. Not bad but i think that it will be better if you give Monarchy, Monarchy because with Sailing start Isabella and remove stonehenge at start (egypt ability). Or you can choose Richard the Lionheart for Brit. If i can give you some other empire to the espansion probably i will see Japan with Tokugawa Ieyasu, France Napoleon (military) or Luis XIV (economic), Mongol Gengis Khan, Montezuma Aztec, Nabucodonosor Babylon.
  5. Bucko said: To the makers of Sid Mir's Civ boardgame… Please please change this in the game! You simply cannot win a battle when all your troops are wiped off the map! Army barracks for training your soldiers cannot bring victory to dead bodies lying on the field of battle. Army generals need to be taken into battle with you (and risk dying). Yes i'm agreed with you but if you try the game without your home rules you will see that another victory become impossible. I like the mechanics to do battle, and i suppose that militar bonus are some unit that you can't see, (like walls your defense in the city). Now the expansion is so balanced, probably in 2/3 player the game is so fast to find modern wonder but the battle are very fast and easy.
  6. i have two question to ask you: The first is about the walls of the china when my capital city become a metropolis. In wich side i can put my defense bonus of my metropolis The second is about the Great Person Archimede. he give me 3 culture point when i research a new tech. And what happen when i keep a new research due my investiment coins?
  7. Fnoffen said: The battle bonus from Great Genarals and Barracks and such is ONLY added AFTER all units on both sides have been played and resolved. It is NEVER added to ANY unit during batle. In other words it comes into effect when the total strength is tallied up at the end of combat. You simply add your combat bonus to your unit strength total. And when i'm playing a battle where my bonuses are too much of the enemy and the enemy have no units to play but i have some units in my hand i must place down all my units or i can hide my cards?
  8. I have the italian rulebook because i bought it and the complete game in italian language (and I'm italian) so if you want some help you can ask me. For the other 2 question i can't answer you...
  9. So the Egyptian can use this ability more times (once per turn) for a building searched right? And if i had understand the Germany use the ability for ALL serached units during the tech phase (the end of turn)
  10. Hi guys, Me and my friends have a question about the bonuses of German and Egyptian civilization. They say that after the relative tech search they can use a city action to build a free unit or a free building. This building/unit can be built more times? and how it's the right sequence to use this action? there are differences between Egyptian and German bonuses? We need HELP!!
  11. wootersl said: You are still not understanding the combat. It does not matter how many units you have when determining who wins. What matters is the total strength. The number of units does not matter. For the wonders, it's basically this. You have the 4 ancient wonders on the board in the following order: The Colossus The Hanging Gardens Stonhenge The Oracle Someone builds Stonehenge. You flip over the next wonder and it's Angkor Wat. You push The Hanging Gardens and The Colossus down on the track and add Angkor Wat. The board should look like this now: Angkor Wat The Colossus The Hanging Gardens The Oracle And if a player don't have units when determining who wins? Player 1 defend a city only with a total bonuses of 16 (no units) Player 2 attack and have 3 units= total 12 and no bonuses WHO WIN? And about the wonders: so the Errata don't change nothing? i have to flip the next wonder and we can build the next wonder normally...
  12. Fnoffen said: Battle resolution is simply like this: Whoever has the highest unit strength, including any and all combat bonus, at the time all units have been played always wins, regardless of how many or few units he/she has.Thus in your case, where the attacker had 6 strength and the defender had 8 the defender would win. In case of ties (where both players have equal strength) the defender wins. The rulebook say: Then, each player tallies up the strength of all of their surviving units, adding in the value of the combat bonus card (if they have it) The word ADDING is wrong? or i can ADD a total strenght of 0 (no units on the table) with 8 combat bonuses to win? last question: the errata says: The following rule was omitted from the rulebook: “After building a wonder, draw a new wonder card from the wonder deck and add it to the market, placing the wonder marker that corresponds to it next to the card. What i have to do when i build a wonder?
  13. Hi guys, after some games we found some problem with 2 rules. The first is about the battle resolution. Our question is: when one player (1) won the battle againts a city (2) and killed all the figures in the enemy battle hand but the attacker have less combat point, the player (1) win the battle with less point? (example player 1 have only 6 strenght on the table and the player 2 haven't figures but have 8 combat bonuses points, 6 of the city and 2 of one barrack. who win?) when i go with one scouts to an enemy square with a building what i can gather? the icons of square or of building? and with a wonder? i hope that anyone can answer me.
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