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  1. "Bertram cannot move onto a tile containing a monster" Does that means that he cannot enter a tile with a monster on it, or, that he cannot move when there is a monster on the same tile has him ? Or both?
  2. I meant on the strategic side, is it really important to be able to summon the agent. Or, I can just use the plot deck and be happy with that. Is summoning the apogee of the plot deck?
  3. Is it really bad to select a plot deck in a campaign that you can't summon the agent. I was thinking about using Rylan or Tristayne in the Nerekhall campaing. But I'm not sure if it's a good idea since they both have summon restriction. Will I miss something important?
  4. Haven't done that yet, but the older model of the 777 came with a Plano 3504 for the bottom right section. So i'm going to order that from amazon and see if it hold everything.
  5. Yeah, so I decided to go ahead and sacrifice a box and try cutting the parts manually. It works well. And yes, there is the little round part at the bottom. You will end up with a 2mm extrusion, but the cards still hold fine.
  6. I just bought the 7771 too, and I got the same question. "For the trays with the tokens, cards, etc, did you physically alter the barriers in them to make the cards fit?" I was thinking of cutting the barrier manually too, so the card could fit.
  7. I noticed on some cards it's written: this card does not refresh as normal. (quest, encounters) Can someone define "refresh as normal". Do regular cards refresh at the start of each OL turn?
  8. Ah, ok then... It seems it cost a lot to summon an agent then. I Wonder if it's Worth it since they cannot re-inforce, and the master monsters they replace can re-inforce. About the Warlord 3 card, it's written in the rules that regardless of the rules an agent can never be reinforced.
  9. "When an agent is defeated, the overlord must return the plot card that summoned the agent back to his plot deck. The card may be purchased again." Not sure about this sentence. Does that means you have to spent tokens to purchase the card once more and then spent tokens to trigger it. (3 tokens + 2 tokens) Or just spent the tokens to trigger it once more? (2 tokens)
  10. Well, some of the D1 expansions are still availables new in stores for 60$. As for the older ones, I saw them between 60 $and 200 $ depending on the language you choose . Buying minis separatly was costing way too much. I saw some Ice wyrm at 40$!!! This is ridiculous. Imagine all this money not going into FFG wallet. That's probably the reason why they decided to re-release theses.
  11. I don't know, it look a bit too high for me when you consider an expansion like tomb of ice with 6 heros + 21 monsters + tiles, tokens, rules, etc was sold for 60$. Descent + all expansions had a total of 48 heros and 25 monsters groups. That means we can expect between 8 and 12 of these packs. Which represent a lot of cash
  12. Looks like they fixed the press release. Now that's way better. ...With fifteen figures...
  13. I hope it's a typo. When they say monsters groups, I understood it was going to be: all the beastmans needed to play,etc If it's just 1 beastman mini, it's going to be terrible. Simple. Old ones will be errated with new ones text. If most of the monsters are reworked, it's going to get messy. 3 pages of faq only for monsters and heros.
  14. Question is; if many monsters and heros have been rebalanced, how will they FAQ/Errata this?
  15. 4 Heros and 3 monsters groups ! At this rate it's going to take a while collecting them all, and a lot of cash too. Looks like it's time to sell all these D1 expansions. I would have like if they announced that 1 year ago. I would not have hunted down all these D1 minis.
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