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  1. Bah, posted to wrong thread, and doesn't look like I can edit/delete.
  2. For completeness, here are the other questions that were asked (and answered by Corey). Q. If Locusts are moved as the result of Order Cards such as "Sit Tight" and "Ambush", does the Locust take cover after it is moved (if it has a Take Cover icon)? Q. If an AI card gets a few locusts to target "you" (not "nearest COG figure") and you bleed out after the first locust attacks you, what do the rest of the locusts do? A bleeding out active player still makes all choices on the card, and if the AI card refers to "you", the card instead targets any other COG of the active player’s choice. (page 21) Q. Who wins if the COGs accomplish the mission but all COGs bleed out? (e.g. if you drop a grenade in your area and blow everybody up, including yourself). A. If all COGS are bleeding out, they lose the game (regardless of if they are fulfilling the victory conditions). Q. Do ammo tokens also include grenade tokens? More details (inc. answers) here.
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