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  1. I would expect restrictions on 5/6 point characters to limit them in a way that still makes 4 dice totals the maximum. 



    Ewok Scout - Hero - Non-Unique - Yellow - 6 points - 6 Health

    May only be used if starting character also includes at least one of: Threepio, Leia Organa, Wicket or Chief Chirpa.



    This! Excellent idea! :)

  2. You always activate Characters one at a time (since they are seperate actions) and according to the rules place their die in front of their character. Following this you should always know which die to get rid of when a Stormtrooper dies. In other words: don't lump all dice together when it's from more than one character or support and this should never be a problem. (upgrade dice still go with the character they are attached to which is why that particular ruling above was necessary)

    Yeah, the problem occurs more likely, when you discard to reroll a random amount of dice from different characters. It is just more comfortable to reroll all together than rerolling consecutively. But i see the necessity of it in several occasions.

  3. Example:

    You have 2 stormtroopers A and B both activated and their dice are already in the dice pool.

    A has 1 health left, B is unwounded.


    Your opponent has a triggered character also with only 1 health left and with a combat die showing a damage symbol in the dice pool.


    Its your turn and you discard to reroll your two stromtrooper dice. Afterwards 1 shows a damage symbol, 1 shows a blank.

    Now its very important how you distribute theese dice to your stormtroopers:


    Can you choose which die is distributed to whom? Or do you have to use exactly the die, that was affiliated to each stromtrooper before the reroll (which makes tracking while rerolling a couple of dice at the same time fiddly)?


    If the damaged stormtrooper A had to take the 1 damage die and the unwounded stormtrooper B had to take the ressource die, your opponent could kill stromtrooper A resolving his damage die.

    Then, the damage die belonging to the killed stormtrooper A would also be removed which prevents you from killing your opponents character in response.


    If you could distribute the stormtrooper dice as you wish, you could give the undamaged stromtrooper B the die with the 1 damage result, which allows you to kill the opponents charcter after he resolves his die.


    So, how this situation has to be resolved?

  4. I am angry about this C&D debacle, and I signed this petition and commented that it was a stupid thing to shut down NRDB.


    That said, I don't think people should go crazy and boycott FFG about this.  The reason is twofold:

    1) If you like the game, play the game.  If they do things that are really money gouging, you can change your attitude based on that, but this seems more like the left hand (the legal department or whatever) not knowing what the right hand (organized play, marketing, whoever) is doing.  There are alternatives, and as much as I prefer NRDB, as long as they're not trying to monopolize community and deckbuilding sites, it's a pretty rash action to go starting a boycott.  Some have said that that is just the path they're taking, but they haven't taken it yet and it's only been a couple of days, so lets see what happens.  If you enjoy playing netrunner, there's no reason to put your cards on ebay or vow to never again support the game.  Relax.  Don't sacrifice your enjoyment for this.  Nobody needs a martyr over this.


    2) A boycott is a pretty strong tactic to use.  The player community is really strong for netrunner.  If FFG were to do something really nasty or money grubbing, a boycott could be a useful tactic.  If everyone who's willing to boycott the company goes saying they'll boycott them over every situation that looks like it could be bad (It's unresolved!), the community loses some of its power.  It loses it a) if people leave, and b) if FFG feels like the angry element is going to act before negotiation and thus are not going to seek compromise.  If you're really fired up about this that's not a bad thing.  Just relax and try to save the last card you can play for when you really want to play it.


    I am angry about the C&D, but lets be adults here.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't be angry, but it means we should not act rashly.  There is no benefit for anyone in taking the most radical stance first.  There is benefit in signing petitions and appearing mature and reasonable in discourse.


  5. Hey Mav,


    really great work! I appriciate, that you share your stuff with the community! :)

    I just started getting into EoE. I plan to play the Adventure from the beginnerset with my playgroup. Unfortunately the firedrive links to the corresponding maps are down.

    So i want to ask, if you could reupload these maps? I would highly appreciate it!


    Thx in advance!


    Btw.is this a custom pdflayout of your "echoes of the past" adventure or can you get this layout framework to create own adventures online?

  6. Played mission 1 + 2 (2 player game)  and i can acknowledge, that both are pretty well balanced.

    Appreciate your work so much and i am hopping, that you will continue your project! Even though there is so few  feedback (but i guess many people appreciate your outstanding efforts too)!

    Excited to play misssion 3 in the following days.

  7. Yeah, I will try your missions again, after i pass my exams next week.

    I asked, whether spawning 3 or 5 drones when setting up the map, because (for one player) there are 2 Enemy A spawns. And similiar to the reinforcements card, where A and C are ignored, they should be also ignored on the maptile cards, right? That would mean not to spawn 5 drones...

    Anyways, I love your creativity and efforts you invest in this project. Cant wait for more missions! :)

  8. Fourth game:

    I died again.... sigh. All maptiles in a straight line (16A, 12A, 13A). I managed entering the last maptile while using roadie run, with 1 drone left in the middle map tile. Then 4 dronespawns within 2 turns, direct in my face (entered same area). All clumped together in 1 area, so i moved one area and threw my grenade. Wounded all, but no single kill. Locust activasion step: all attacked (and healed) as a result i died again... :(


    I think its better to completely ignore Locust A and C spawns (instead of alternativ spawining locust B) as they actually doesnt appear in the mission.

  9. Act  I: Ashes

    Mission 1: 14 years before e-day

    I did setup act1 mission 1 rihtg now. I will be playing as Fenix. Every spawn (no matter if it is ABC) is a B spawn right? Regarding a 1-player-game I should also spawn 2 Drones (the more powerful locust, because locust type  A is unavaiable) at maptile 16A and 13A in the the Mission-setup-step, right? I will do so and see, how it will work! :)


    Regarding "Reinforcements", should I only spawn a locust B or should I spawn 3 Locust B (because there are no locust A and C in the mission avaiable and in this cause I have to spawn the most powerful locust instaed)? I will spawn 3 Bs for thisgame, sounds better for balance in my opinion. AND of course: more enemys more fun ...


    Fisrt game - review:

    The mission is great, plays quick and you have a ton of ammo. Its a better introduction map to new players than emergence. I played very risky and felt very confinent. As a result from that behaviour i died at the map exit of stage 1 . Will try it again... :)


    Second game - review:

    Played very offensive again. Maptiles in following order: 12A, 16A, 13A. There was a big corridor regarding maptile 16A and13A adjacent to another. Killed 2 of the initial 5 drones. In turn 3 I moved into maptile 16A in full cover, tryed to kill Drone 3 (also full cover) - just wounded it. The following locust activation step  activated all 3 drones and regarding bad dice rolling I died to heavy huammerburst fire. :( Guard and dodge didnt worked out, sadly.  Anyways I will setup again... ;)


     Third game - review:

    I died again. This game i wasnt able to move a step. I died in my starting area. I used all my ammo was able to kill 3 drones, but the drone activation and spawning were so heaviliy that the 3 drones (spawn at the map entrance) were able to get close to me (1 adjacent area) and finally killed me, as 3 of them could shoot at the same time. Wow this scenerio is tougher than i thought. Hm, maybe general event 4 (reinforcements is a bit too tough in a 1-player-game. Also the 5 initial drones from seting up the map is a big deal for one player.


    Some tough things to overcome  for a one-player game:

    - 5 initial drones

    - general event "reinforcements" (spawning 3 drones at the same time)

    - the long corridor with a lot of LOS (especially for the locust with no range restrictions)  causing from adjacent maptiles 16A and 13A


    Hope my gamereviews are a help for you and for possible balancing.

  10. I am no native speaker so please forgive my bad english! :)

    With "create" I meant "gaines" (like the hammer of dawn). So imagine, that he pick up the ammo from his huge ammo belt each round. Instead of gaining he can drop ammo (for other COGs).

    But I am also totally fine with the proposal of your son. It is a simpler solution but sounds fine!

  11. Love your project. Cant wait to get more custom made scenarios. Hope you will continue this project. I especially like, that you provide us with printable mission cards with amazing graphics! :)


    My proposal for carmines ability:

    "Can create one pistol ammo token at the end of his turn. Instead he can drop up to X pistol ammo tokens (only usable with pistol weapons), where X is the number of his actual pistol ammo tokens."

    I think it should be also fun for a player to play carmine (with a unique ability). I think the filler/weaker theme is fulfilled regarding the heavy usage of pistol weapons, while he can also support other characters with pistol ammunition (which allows advanced decision making and player interaction).

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