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  1. Yes,this is important too. I am aware. Thanks for the hint. Maybe this conversation help others too!
  2. Yeah, the problem occurs more likely, when you discard to reroll a random amount of dice from different characters. It is just more comfortable to reroll all together than rerolling consecutively. But i see the necessity of it in several occasions.
  3. Thanks for your quick answers. I totally missed that exact ruling in the rulebook. So then in some situations you can't roll all dice together.
  4. Example: You have 2 stormtroopers A and B both activated and their dice are already in the dice pool. A has 1 health left, B is unwounded. Your opponent has a triggered character also with only 1 health left and with a combat die showing a damage symbol in the dice pool. Its your turn and you discard to reroll your two stromtrooper dice. Afterwards 1 shows a damage symbol, 1 shows a blank. Now its very important how you distribute theese dice to your stormtroopers: Can you choose which die is distributed to whom? Or do you have to use exactly the die, that was affiliated to each stromtrooper before the reroll (which makes tracking while rerolling a couple of dice at the same time fiddly)? If the damaged stormtrooper A had to take the 1 damage die and the unwounded stormtrooper B had to take the ressource die, your opponent could kill stromtrooper A resolving his damage die. Then, the damage die belonging to the killed stormtrooper A would also be removed which prevents you from killing your opponents character in response. If you could distribute the stormtrooper dice as you wish, you could give the undamaged stromtrooper B the die with the 1 damage result, which allows you to kill the opponents charcter after he resolves his die. So, how this situation has to be resolved?
  5. Signed! These fansites are multiplicators for the game! Shutting them down really hurts the community and correspondingly your company! Please reconsider your decision, FFG!
  6. Thx for your quick reply. I am using posterazor to create the corresponding posters to your maps. I am still wondering, how you make these awesome maps. Do you draw all by yourself or do you have some premade objects which you use to create these maps? (i am so noobish, i know
  7. Mav, is the scale of your maps compatible with the size of the charaktertokens from the beginnerset? That would be awesome, especially if my playgroup decides to use their characters furtheron!
  8. Hi Mav, your Homepage is overwhealming! For me, as a beginnner regarding the gamemaster-business its so awesome! I am not skilled enough to draw maps on my own, so i appreciate your sharing so much. These themed map packs are so awesome to include in a selfmade adventure! Again, so much props for your work. i hope, you will keep doing it!
  9. Hey Mav, really great work! I appriciate, that you share your stuff with the community! I just started getting into EoE. I plan to play the Adventure from the beginnerset with my playgroup. Unfortunately the firedrive links to the corresponding maps are down. So i want to ask, if you could reupload these maps? I would highly appreciate it! Thx in advance! Btw.is this a custom pdflayout of your "echoes of the past" adventure or can you get this layout framework to create own adventures online?
  10. I watched the videos with the sound problem and i enjoyed them much! No need to delete the videos in my opinion. I would watch the new ones with that issue if possible!!
  11. I already printed the maptile 18A and glued it on a thicker paper. Any paper recommendations, which fit best with the hight of the original maptiles? Is this a drone standing on a "treuka-pile" on your last pic? - i guess so, awesome!
  12. Played mission 1 + 2 (2 player game) and i can acknowledge, that both are pretty well balanced. Appreciate your work so much and i am hopping, that you will continue your project! Even though there is so few feedback (but i guess many people appreciate your outstanding efforts too)! Excited to play misssion 3 in the following days.
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