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  1. that is correct, alot of the adventures start off with creatures and or locations already in the starting area.
  2. I agree completely about the need for Eowyn. Shes the best at what she does.
  3. i could see a goblin/halfling pack. I think for balance, it would have to have one team from each league that way both would get new star players.
  4. Just a warning: the second adventure from the base set (im sorry i cant remember the name) is one of the toughest solo adventures. Without having any expansions you will most likely need Lore, low threat, and alot of luck.
  5. Looks great, have you been able to try this out yet? Ive also been looking for a way to make a player draft. Id love to get a prolonged tournament with my buddies or at a con. Maybe a trophy or something to the winner.
  6. I just wanted to make a couple predictions and see what other people think will be in the future for this game. I believe the "songs" cards are going to be very sought after. I would say valuable, but im not sure how individual card values work in this style of game. i love these cards, hey are extremely useful, especially since they run on any resourse type and are cheap. Being able to change resourse generation so easy, is fantastic and powerful. These cards give options.....whole deckbuilding options. I imagine at some point we will see heroes in the future that actually have 2 resource icons to start.
  7. I love this idea. Thumbs up from me. Sounds like a great way to make the game more enjoyable for many people.
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