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  1. If you are still looking for someone I would be willing to participate in a game of BC. I am currently playing one during sunday and have a good idea of how this book works and all the odds and ends of it. If you still need someone to play let me know I should be free during evenings although I am pacific time but that should be a problem unless we start really early.
  2. Thx alot for the info ill have to talk to the Gm and see what he wants.
  3. So we started a game of WH40k:BC and I wanted to be a CSM-Champion. So i decided to take Lesser minion or sure strike just because I thought I could pull crazy stunts with them but there seems to be some disagreement between me and the rest of the players including the GM. These are some things I am hoping that some people could answer for me so we can get our facts correct. 1.) Say I were to fail a loyalty test with the said minion and lost control it it stated by the book and I am not within my range of the demon to control it with my own character. What defines the END of the Encounter for the demon. EG - I leave him in a shuttle with hostages (yes we have hostages) and leave the shuttle to do something. What would have to happen to end the encounter so the gm no longer has control over the demon. 2.) How do stats like Intelligence and perception work when they are at 10. The example in the book has the servitor at 10 intel but has it ordered to go and kill someone. With an intel of 10 what would my pet be able to understand if i were to order it to do something. Is it limited in its actions based on its stats like a normal player character would be. 3.) Any other conflicts that you may have had that might help me out would also be thoughtful. I just want to know what the BOOKS definition of all this is. I know it can change from game to game based on the plyed but I just want to know the REAL rules on the subject.
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