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  1. This is for me one of the biggest disapointment I ever seen for Descent series. FFG released lots of expansion, why they are working on campaign guide that contains only the "Base game" content? For me definitely not to buy. It is totally wasting potential of expansions...
  2. Guys, Descent have lots of bugs that irritates me. If this game remove all bugs that are presented in Descent and remove/change all irritating things on Descent that everyone knows (line of sight, large monster movement, stupid repetitive quest that are same with only small change)... this should be really awesome game, not just reskin of Descent but better game than Descent. Why everyone are crying that the game is only the reskin ? Is there anyone who is happy with Descent ? I think no. Maybe this game will be the right. But only the time will tell us. (Sorry for English)
  3. I would like to see a defense theme big box expansion. What does it mean ? Imagine fort, which heroes will develop throught campaing, quests like : If the heroes attemp to rescue kidnaped militia, they will have militia on their side when the finall battle begins (final battle - end of campaign), another quest sample: building wooden palise around fort, rebuilding destroyed armory (better armor, for militia or more trade card in trade step in campaing), protecting trade caravan, building balista... etc.. I image the fort as the 4 big map tiles connected together with many "unclockable"buildings, NPC which are unlocked throught campaing. Overlors plan is to conquer that fort and the Overlord will gain more power to final battle throught quest winning (win one quest - gain catapult on final battle...) This sounds realy interesting and original for me.
  4. They are stupid, there and on BGG are possitive reviews to pods and many people are asking to release co-op expansion. So why not ?
  5. I hope they will release big co-op expansion with all that pods and cover all expansions.
  6. Buy sleeves that FFG releasing. Try yellow for small cards and green for "big" cards. I have that sleeves and they are great.
  7. I dont like Eliza Farrows plot deck... My favourite deck is Alric farrow and Valyndra. But I have all basic decks without splig and also I have Valyndra.
  8. Q2: You can spend one surge per one ability. If is 2 same surge ability on monster card, you can use them both if you roll two surges.If you roll 2 surges and you have only one surge ability you can use only one ability, so second surge is ignored.
  9. Its nice they are planning to release animal based monsters in first pack. I realy like it .
  10. I hope they will add conditions from expansions to that monsters. Like burning to fire monsters.
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