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  1. My current storage setup (with all expansions) is as follows: One large box hosts two expansion boards and all adventure cards. One large box hosts the other two expansion boards and all adventure like decks (board and dragon cards). One large box has the filler piece flipped upside down and hosts all figures except NPCs and toads. The dragon tokens are in a bag outside the boxes (bag from Carcassonne). All other components are located in the main game box. I might actually not be able to fit all large cards in the main box and will maybe move some of them to a small box. It is not sustainable to have the adventure cards in the main box, it is better to store the smaller decks there in my opinion. When i shuffle i usually put the cards in different piles one by one and then "randomly" pick them up and add to the deck, repeating a few times. If I do not feel like doing that i can spread them out on a flat (and smooth) surface and mix them up (they will not all be oriented the same though). On smaller decks I use random.org to randomly pick an order to place the cards in. When you dice with death you use 3 dice for death and 3 dice for yourself and compare the result.
  2. Just finished a game of three players; Minstrel, Warrior and Troll. Only the main board and no expansion mechanics except the Thieves' Guild ending and adventure cards. The early game consisted of trying to gather gold and objects in addition to strength and craft. When the Troll started heading for the crown everyone had gotten hold of a Talisman and a lot of gold. The minstrel was the only one that had gotten a mule, but had to try to get in from the outer region with very low stats. The Warrior tried to get in after the Troll but got unfortunate die rolls so he only had reached dice with death when the game ended. The finishing stats for the Troll was: Strength: 6+6, Craft: 1+2, Fate: 0, Gold: 7, Life: 4 Spells: Healing Followers: Disciple of Darkness, Gnome, Prince, Torchbearer Objects: Orb of Knowledge, Chalice of Shadow, Talisman, unused Self-Portrait In addition he managed to collect the following from the other players: 2 Talismans, Fate Stealer, Holy Grail, Pharaoh's Crown, Shield, Axe, Ring, Runesword and 4 gold To make things more interesting we houseruled so that he may not take any Talismans before other objects. The Minstrel had the following stats: Strength: 2+4, Craft: 4+0, Fate: 3, Gold: 7, Life: 4 1 point of craft trophies The follower Theurgist of Light And the Warrior had: Strength: 4+5, Craft: 2+3, Fate: 0, Gold: 4, Life: 5 4 point of strength trophies The follower Dark Theurgist
  3. Yes, it was likely you that I got that idea from, but I failed to credit. Anyway, the reason I wanted to play it was for the flavour, and to increase the effects of the time card. Though to use this rule you pretty much need to have the regular movement at night to balance things out (and it adds even more to the theme). We aren't done with the game yet, we are saving it for later for the first time. An other rule involving the time card we play is that it does not affect the dungeon. And the dungeon is detached from the main board which makes it only accessable through adventure cards and not escapeable through the entrance. That rule is from when I did a halloween special with the blood moon as the base. Fogity
  4. That is strange, I am pretty sure I have read that the Grim Reaper is not supposed to enter a board (at that time, the Dungeon). Well, then I do not have to houserule the Reaper at least.
  5. I just got The City as a birthday present last week and I am going to play i tomorrow for the first time. I want to play with most of the other expansions to, so I will be using the Time card in the game. To spice things up I intend to make this affect the city in the following ways: a) Shops are closed during nighttime, no entering. b) The streets are vacated during nighttime, movement in either direction. This makes the city work very differently during the night than the day. Basically make it work as a normal region at night. Do you, after playing The City, have any comment as to wither this is a good idea or if it is a bad idea. I also wonder how you like to play with the NPC and additional boards. Officially the Grim Reaper is not to enter any of the boards but the Werewolf can. I am thinking of allowing the Reaper to move onto other boards as well, I se no big problem with allowing it. Thoughts greatly appreciated. Fogity
  6. The generic term for both "battle" and "psychic combat" is just plainly "combat". So battle could have been called physical combat instead, that would ease the confusion.
  7. I am curious as to what the Thieves' Guild alternative ending is about. Anyone with the game caring to post the card or write it down?
  8. Here is the link to the document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Asqs6S6tgwNadDBnTGdYQVQ5MkMyejhiNEVKRmh1V1E I have divided the document into four sheets (if there is a problem with switching sheets I can divide it into several documents instead). The first one is a 7 by 7 grid of every space with the full description copied from the game board. The second sheet contains only the names of the spaces in the same grid arrangement. The third one contains a sorted first column with the names of the spaces and the description on the second column. The last sheet contains a list of every unique space sorted in the first column and in the second column the coordinates for that space according to sheet 1 and 2 (for example the Village would be A1 and City G7). If there are any problems or you would prefer to have it in another way do not hesitate to ask. Have fun!
  9. Hello galphner, As the board essentially is a 7 by 7 grid where each region comprise a layer around the middle square (the outer region being the largest and the inner region the smallest), I think that a spreadsheet probably would be the best way to show it. But I do not know how well that would be handled by the screen reader. Would you be able to read a Google Docs Spreadsheet if I where to create one or is a plain text document better?
  10. Fogity

    box organization

    Those slots are usefull for the small decks of small cards. When I only had the base game I placed Purchase cards in one, Talisman cards in one, Alignment cards in one and Spell cards in the remaining three. The space beneath all of these slots are used for the Strength, Craft, Life and Gold counters. I have seperated the large counters into one of the slots and put the dice in the companioned one. This is of course up to taste and I have switched around the components after time, I will have to rearrange for the City expansion soon.
  11. Fogity

    Gold Cap?

    Gold is capped at 30 unless you use the Merchant's Guild alternative ending. But you could of course house rule a higher cap or unlimited access.
  12. EvilEdwin said: The Silver edition states: "PLUS - Talisman Prologue PC game (Desura key)." What's the "Desura key" part about? Desura is a digital game purschase and download service similar to Steam, it contains mostly indie games. You will have to create an account (free, the games cost) and you can then use the programme to download the game.
  13. I expect there to be an ending for each one of the guilds. For me the evidence for it is very strong (three guilds, three endings) and it fits in with how things have been done in earlier expansions. In regards to what they could be I would imagine them all be revealed as I have a hard time seeing how a hidden varient would pan out. The assassins guild just screams wanted posters, so I would guess an ending similar to warlocks quests for those. The thieves guild is a bit harder, though it could be something like only having one talisman in the game so you have to steal it from one another. But who knows. I would rather see more guilds then a new ending boss, especially if you could combine them for a guild extravaganza!
  14. Although I would bet on the top-hat man to be the spy, when thinking about it the "barmaid" could actually be the spy as she would then be under cover and having a dagger. But as this is Talisman the spy would probably look very much like a typical medieval spy character.
  15. Really nice card and a worthy winner. I think it catches the essence of Talisman both in mechanisms and story.
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