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  1. Julia said: Since no replacement investigator can be drawn, I guess the Keeper wins simply by eliminating the only Investigator in play I forgot about that. If there's only one investigator and he/she is killed after the Objective card is revealed, the keeper wins regardless of what's printed on the Objective card.
  2. Playing 2 player "Fall of Huse Lynch" with my neice. Of course I am playing as the keeper. My question is: The Objective 1C card states, "The keeper wins if 2 investigators have been killed.", my neice is the only investigator, does this mean I have to kill her, she starts the following turn with a new investigator and then I have to kill her again? This seems like a little much for a story where the keeper only has 3 monsters max at any given time. Or does she only have to be killed once given the single investigator circumstances?
  3. I think the game is fine the way it is. To add or adjust a rule here and there is one thing but to completely overhaul the rulebook is just going overboard. Tide of Iron isn't a simulation that's supposed to be completely realistic in every aspect. It's a game. A very good game and it's fine the way it is.
  4. I'm having a hard time understanding how anybody could get offended over the fictional storyline to a game. It's a game! I'm pretty sure the Arabs weren't stoked when GMT released "Labyrinth: The War On Terror" but that's fine with us. Then FFG releases a paragraph of story fluff that depicts America as the fictional villian and everyone freaks out. I don't get it. It's just a game. Guess what, most of the world doesn't like America for real. That's for keeps.
  5. Some times I can't beleive what I'm reading. Americans are too engrossed in the false sense that they are the moral backbone of the universe. It's a game! I'm Canadian and I wouldn't mind a game that depicts Canada as the evil villian(I can barely keep a straight face while typing that).
  6. My God! Some people are real pieces of work. If you don't want to buy a game cause America is the fictional bad guy in the game, then don't buy the game! Sit at home, watch CNN, kiss the screen when Tucker Carlson comes on, and belive you rule the universe. It's a game! Get over yourself. I'm Canadian and I wouldn't ***** if there was a game where Canada was the ideological enemy. Hell, I'd even play it! It's about time there was a game where America isn't the "hero". Then again, that's just my opinion. I am allowed my own opinion right? P.S. I only read the first few postings on this thread before I got pissed off. So if the whining yank corrected himself since then, I apologize and ignore this post. hahahaha
  7. waging_war


    Nanich said: So units in entrenchments will not be pinned? What about units in trenches? Will they be pinned? Don I only have the base game so I can't really help you with questions regarding expansions. If I had to take a guess I would say no, units in trenches would not be pinned but that's only a guess.
  8. waging_war


    Nanich said: I have an overrun question. The rules say that a tank can over run a hex with just squads, but the movement cost is +1 for each UNIT there. The question is what is considered a unit in this case? Are the unit figures? So if a squad has 4 figure it would cost +4 to over run? I think each squad is a unit; therefore, a squad with 4 figures is still only +1 to movement. The other question related to entrencments and trenches. The rules say that tanks can not enter these. The question came up that if a tank can not enter them, how can they overrun units that are in them? I think that the tanks can still overrun. My thinking is that the trenches are large enough to fit squads, but too small to fit a tank. Don A unit is always a squad, not the individuals in the squad. To overrun a hex with 3 squads costs +3 movement. If a tank overruns a hex with 1 squad in a pillbox and 2 squads outside the pillbox, it costs +3 movement and the 2 squads outside the pillbox are pinned. The squad inside the pillbox is unaffected. Squads inside pillboxs and entrenchments add to the overrun movement cost but are unaffected by the overrun. Squads inside a transport within the overrun hex are also unaffected by the overrun(as is the transport) but they don't add to the overrun movement cost(the transport does). I hope that helps. It's a little confusing, feel free to message me.
  9. VolksCamper said: Tide of Iron: Total War Edition is fantastic. It includes New Rules for transport of AT guns, Early war tanks, more SPGs, Katusha rocket truck, Nebelwerfers, field artillery models, AA guns, model airplanes, plus large campaign maps with area play mode option , plus realistic painted Tank models in the original TOI scale, with stacking changed to only 1 heavy vehicle allowed per hex... and gun ranges increased, while movement rate decreased.and Close range = half normal range. That version, which is only available to me, has become my favorite game. My 2nd favorite game, is the original TOI,with all its pecular funny rules or lack thereof, like CF, truck blocking, AT guns not allowed in entrenchments, no halftrack panzergrenadier assault option., auto destroyed passengers when transport is destroyed, complicated off board artillery sequence, auto spotted LOS to all units in cover, premarked Opt fire allowing opponent perfect intelligence of when and where not to move... and the initiative only once per round, rather than after each cycle of both players completing one action phase. If you didn't like it, why did you pay for it?
  10. KlausFritsch said: waging_war said: Does anybody have a working, play-tested, house rule for an ability which allows engineers to repair damaged vehicles? No, and I do not think there should be one. In rounds representing only a couple of minutes, even Scotty could not repair a damaged Sherman. Ya, I thought about it after and decided it was a bad idea. Tanks would be invincible if they could just pull back, get repaired and take another run at somebody.
  11. Pacific Theater is definately the next stop. Jungles(i.e. Guadalcanal), volcanic **** holes(i.e. Iwo Jima), etc. I just hope it doesn't grow to incorporate naval engagements. That's when A&A mini's went to ****.
  12. You take 3 actions, then your opponent takes 3 actions, then you, etc. Until there are no more actions to take on either side, then proceed to the command phase. That's why you're given the option to fatigue a unit as an action. If you don't want to move or attack, you fatigue 3 units, your opponent takes 3 actions, and so on. By the way, definately not a stupid question. Newb question - yes. Stupid question - no. The format is so different from any other war game so it's hard to grasp at first.
  13. Does anybody have a working, play-tested, house rule for an ability which allows engineers to repair damaged vehicles? Have they added this ability in any expansions? (I only have the base set)
  14. Axis & Allies Europe and Pacific 1940 played together is phenomenal. When I first set it up(took 1.5 hrs!!) I was awe struck. Although it's not a war strategy game, I've been playing Twilight Struggle alot lately. I've also seriously considered buying GMT's Case Yellow but haven't buried the hatchet yet.
  15. I'm gonna stick to what we decided yesterday. Forests, buildings, etc. only block LOS at ground level. A squad on Lv1 hill has LOS to a squad on Lv1 hill even if there is forest between. It just makes more sense.
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