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  1. Hi, was wondering if Call of Cthulhu was exclusively a 2 player game? Specifically, is there no solitaire play, cooperative gameplay, or additional players or teams, strictly just 2 player only? If there is anything outside of 1v1 format, what is it and what expansion does it come from? Thanks.
  2. There is but only in certain scenarios. Green-Eyed Boy's Investigator Guide's special rules mentions it… typically no unless the rules of a scenario say otherwise.
  3. Ksdas said: The most important thing is that they will heavily test new expansion before release it. What customers really want is a game which brings both sides great and fun experience, Not some shinning components with bad desgin flaw. Although FFG is good at artwork but their games usually have longer FAQ than Rule book….And they usually fix flaw in further release or not try to fix at all. Do hire some professional Quality Assurance Agreed: whether at Innsmouth, Egypt, or other worlds, major design flaws drastically hurt the value of the overall product. FFG definitely took the Forbidden Alchemy fiasco seriously when making the second expansion, Call of the Wild (albeit I miss somewhat the ABC plot format; feels weird without).
  4. Awesome, Brine. Thank you for the clarification. That's what happens when you speed-read.
  5. Played finally with my friends a Keeper session of Call of the Wild, and albeit fun, a huge question arose about Scenario #1's A Cry for Help: is attacking ally rules too limited or are we missing something crucial, even when having found out who is the guilty suspect. Bob Jenkins was using a Sniper Rifle, Amanda Sharpe wielding her Care Package, and I had used Bank Notes earlier as Jenny Barnes to trade with the old man for his Colt .38. All of these weapons state they attack mosnters. The rules state that weapons specifying attacks against monsters may not attack allies. From what we had read, nothing lifted that rule as Scenario #1 except a broad ruling in the Keeper Guide that investigators may attack allies (but says nothing about as if they were monsters), nor when the villain is revealed if they count themselves as a monster. We literally could not stop the culprit unless we could have walked up to them and did "No Weapon" attacks, which I accept the game is harder for investigators but really just seems at this point to laugh in the face of logic. Can anyone explain to me where we may have misread the rules, anyone else is experiencing this dilemma, and/or if people are just house-ruling that weapons really do hurt allies, as that is sensibly what a weapon should do? I am soarly confused.
  6. Tromdial


    Easily the most under-rated game ever. I've given up hope recently for an expansion and have instead opted for playing Gears of Wiz-War and Wiz-War Zombicide to spice my gaming nights with friends. How well this game mixes with other games is remarkable.
  7. Brine said: The dark druid is holding what I just assumed was a torch of some magical nature. That's how I painted it. I was going to make the flames blue or green, but chickened out and stuck with orange. I also thought Mandy was holding a telescope, but the pre-paint picture makes me think it is a flashlight. Is it possible that it is a flail or whip of some kind?
  8. I finally got to play my first game of Arkham Horror, solitaire style, using all expansions (and wow did I have to make room for that…) Anyway, I lost but I thought I put on a good fight: had 4 out of 6 seals and was making for my 5th before Azathoth devoured all known reality. Along the way I had some questions on how to play that I could not find in the manuals: 1) Tommy Muldoon came across a Moon-Beast. Because of his Pass condition on his Personal Story card, I wondered if I could fail my horror check on purpose, thus being devoured and claiming his Pass condition and selecting a new investigator. Is this legitimate, or do you have to roll and if you succeed, you keep your successes no matter if you want them or not? 2) When does a new investigator come into play after an investigator is devoured before the Ancient One awakens: immediately, or at the beginning of the next turn, before the upkeep phase? 3) William Yorick's Secrets of the Dead ability: is that 1-for-1 on the trophy or the toughness of the trophy? 4) When a Rift moves along a white/black arrow, does that trigger a Doom on the track or only when the arrow is monocolor that shares the same color as the Rift's symbol? 5) I went to the Historical Society and a janitor gave me the option to go to another location and draw two new location cards at that location, choosing the one I prefer. However, there was also a Gate present at the same location I could travel to. When traveling there do you ignore the remainder of the sentence of drawing the 2 cards and just go through the Gate, ignore the gate, or do both with the draw being first? 6) When a monster appears in an investigator's space, what happens (appearances from Other World encounters especially)? 7) Does the deputy's paddywagon "teleport" not just anywhere in Arkham, but also Dunwich, Kingsport, and Innsmouth too? Does it ignore train and boat fares? 8) When a Gate is sealed and monsters sharing its symbol on the board are returned to the cup, does this include those in the Outskirts? 9) If I ever run out of tokens, can I substitute tokens or is there a maximum limit (once you're out, you're out)?
  9. I would prefer an animation but if they could pull off something like An American Horror Story would be wonderful too. I feel like a mere beggar most of all, just gimme something like The Thing or In the Mouth of Madness, and I will watch it a hundred times (yes, I probably almost have watched those two together that many times).
  10. Everything said about Mountains seems reasonable. Do you think though FFG would ever back an Arkham Horror cartoon? I would honestly love to see it happen, and yes, Dr. Faust, I absolutely agree with the character potential. A series could even be done on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim or SyFy. To Eiterorm, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Jones_(Pirates_of_the_Caribbean)#Design_and_appearance
  11. Was wondering what forumers thought of this tidbit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_the_mountains_of_madness#Film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillermo_del_Toro#Future_projects The difficulty seems to be backing and the prospects of their being an audience, but with an acclaimed director like Guillermo del Toro really, really, really wanting to do a Lovecraft film (just look at all the guys work and his input with the Lovecraft documentary, A Craft of Love), I wonder if FFG would ever have the interest of endorsing a film or series of film projects? My guess is once Pacific Rim becomes a summer blockbuster, del Toro may get the weight he needs to revive At the Mountains of Madness's development. For those interested in Lovecraft inspired films that do exist, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovecraftian_horror#Movies_and_television The legendary John Carpenter directed two of my favorite Lovecraft inspired films: The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness (regrettably have never seen Prince of Darkness). Some other unmentioned films that have Lovecraftian tones in them are The Pirates of the Carribian sequels (2 & 3) and Altitude. Hellboy too is very Lovecraft inspired. Again, FFG endorsing Lovecraft mythos would be a great hook to its board games. Furthermore, an inspired series of cartoon adaptations would be likewise incredible with casting of some of the AH characters, much similar to the direct to dvd Hellboy cartoons. With Arkham Horror, Mansions of Madness, Call of Cthulu LCG, and Elder Sign and a series of books, does anyone else think this is a marketable idea?
  12. Ddrumss2112 said: 9-Jack-9 said: I was thinking how cool it would be if the Terminator got into ancient Egypt. Like, Arnie rocking a big headdress and such. You guys ever think about that? All the time… Anyway, I'd love to see some mini expansions (between the PODs and boxed expansions in size). Sort of like the PODs with one big monster, or a couple small ones. They could do stories like "The Haunter in the Dark" or "The Hound" that way. Also, mini expansions for the boxed expansions like for Call of the Wild they could do "The Color from Out of Space" containing the normal POD stuff plus the color miniature (it would make great use of Call of the Wild's well tile). I'd also love to see a "The Horror in the Museum" official scenario. For a boxed expansion I'd want one that was "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"/"Ther Horror at Red Hook"/"The Shunned House". They're all strong Stories that would be fun to play, and I think they would all use town/street tiles well. Speaking of mini-expansions that give a figurine, I'd love to see an Ancient One sculpt that walks across the board. Extremely hard to kill and is definitely the highlight of the map. Need certain cards to do big damage to it, like whatever wards off an awakened Ancient One. Has both a Keeper and a cooperative mission. The base would also be transparent (save for the corner pocket with the stats token) so you can see what cards are underneath it, as it covers an entire square tile. Because of Call of the Wild, this idea can be fully realized, but also an Ancient One walking atop the "roof" of the building and busting through the rafters and snatching investigators would be epic.
  13. I'm sure the question has already been answered but I am unaware of it: can anyone divulge to me all the possible points one can acquire or lose when having finished a victory in the Arkham Horror game? Specifically also is their any positives or negatives when playing with expansions, a combination there of, and/or with heralds/guardians/institutions? Thanks.
  14. Julia said: Better: (if you specify width = 600, the image fits perfectly the window) Thanks for doing this! That's incredible! Kudos to whoever made this!
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