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  1. That said 3x Ageless Mi-Go in play give Toughness +1 to all Mi-Go characters and not Toghness +3? I'm a Little confused.
  2. Hello there. I'm currently building a Mi-Go deck thanks to the new TTY deluxe expansion but I'm a little curious about handling the army of these extraterrestial beings. Quite a few of them have icon or stat bonuses. Are they all cumulutive ergo all are stacking as you get a more than one of the same creature in play e.g. 3x Ageless Mi-Go equals Toughness +3 to all mi-go characters? Thanks in advance. With best regards, Sven
  3. I checked my spam folder of course but there was no registration confirmation. I will PM you, Darkbane. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello there. I have an enormous problem registrating to the database. Done it three times. Never got proved. And as I can't sign in I can't ask an administrator. My only option is to tell about my problem in this forum. I have no idea what to do...
  5. Hello, I like to buy Mansions of Madness but the 1st printing has some misprinted cards. Is it possible to let them changed by FFG? Somewhere I read something like that but I didn't find it anymore. With best regards.
  6. But their are absolutely no restrictions for playing only with two players? Same game rules as for three players? I think it is possible with lesser players besides of being "funnier" with three and more.
  7. I figured it out by myself as I draw the Energy Rifle card yesterday.
  8. Today is our first game with REX and I wish to be prepared. Therefor I have some questions e.g. if you defeat a leader, do the winner receive influence as the leaders value? Their was an example battle on page 19 but I do not find a rule clarification of that purpose. With best regards.
  9. One more question: the Lazax units count as 2 strength per token but during the battle phase it is not too powerful? And their are two kinds of tokens, small and big ones. What are the differences? I do not have the rulebook at hand so I have to ask you guys. With best regards.
  10. The free content is great and the purchase content is worth every cent. Great work and keep it up, FFG.
  11. There were already nice ideas by previous posts but I have also some interesting ideas by myself. 1. More Location/Terrain cards with encounter features 2. Different Space Marine Chapters like Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, etc. 3. Equipment cards (besides Support Tokens) to gain different equipment for your Terminators like Armour Plating (more Hitpoints), Weapon Target Systems (increase Range for attacking), First Aid Kit (revive a dead Space Marine), etc. 4. A campaign mode There are tons of new options to increase the depth of this already awsome game. I am sure FFG will do a good job for the future.
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