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  1. hello everyone Role: Player Looking for: Group Type of game: Face to Face, PbP, Voice chat program, Virtual Table, Etc. Session specifics: None really. Region: Massachusettes, USA Session and Timezone:i can play most times Game Style: I really like all of it.
  2. A list like that would definetely be a helpful tool for working around the vault.
  3. AluminiumWolf said: Real Men snipe with lascannons anyway. I am forced to agree with this comment, even though i acknowledge that scouts would use either the stalker bolter or the one in rights of battle.
  4. That sounds like it would be an amazing campaign. Tell your gamemaster he is a genius.
  5. When the player pitched the idea to me he was thinking a character from a ship that was lost in the warp because time doesn't always pass at the same rate within the warp.(Sort of like the book first heretic what happened with argel tal.) I was thinking that maybe tzeench could have caused this to happen with some devious end in mind possibly the space marine helping slay leaders of the other god groups possibly even their greater demons. After leaving the warp i figured his ship would be in a populated area of space where there maybe other space marines and they question and interigate him using a psyker to read his memories and make sure there is no trace of the warp taint on or within him. I don't know exactly how they would break the news to him about his chapter turning from the emperor and leading a galactic civil war. After all this the Inquisition takes hold of him and he is forced to join the deathwatch or die because of the sins of his father and brothers. Thats all the back ground i have for him right now.
  6. I would do one of two things. One option is to ask him to leave the group. The other is to kill his character and if he doesnt like it tell him thats what he wanted to happen.
  7. Don't forget that smaller titans such as warhounds tend to be used in pairs because they are the fastest and alone cannot compare to the larger ones. They also have better stategies if you use them this way. just something to keep in mind. p.s. If you have 2 one the field you can have one get destroyed in some epic manner.
  8. Hey everyone I was wondering if any of you might have ideas for lunar wolves stats for a black shield. One of my players really would really like to play one but I dont know what types of stats or abilities he should have. If any of you could help me i would be extremely greatful.
  9. i would be willing to give it a try
  10. I applaud the epicness of this and must say that was a grand scheme indeed.
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