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  1. Ouch that hurts right in the wallet So none? We played a game with Imperial bastions and some necromunda stuff that looked good.
  2. I seem to remember hearing that as well.
  3. Unlikely. They never increased the point cost for X-Wing (until 2.0), haven't increased it for IA, and everyone knew it was going to go up for Armada before the game was released. The only reason it went up was because they didnta have the large ships out yet.
  4. It's not an aircraft, it's a repulsor vehicle, it is in many ways a fast moving tank. Thinking of like a fighter jet or a X-Wing is wrong. In ESB they were never that high off the ground. Also Rules beats Fluff every time. You quite simply can not give a special power to something just because you think that makes more sense, without a point cost or disadvantage of some sort, and what you want it to be able to do is completely ignore a 5 point upgrade. It already is immune to melee so that helps fit the speeder part of it. Finally height 2 is not that high in game, and I know for a fact I can throw a grenade at least that far. I've done it in the past, so even if the speeder was at height 2, I'd still be able to chuck a grenade at it. It's also not like they're going to throw them straight up into the air, so your "not caring where they land" is nonsense. They'd throw them in a arc to catch the speeder as it flies by. It's also not like they are easy to hit... You can't aim so you're taking raw dice. But again, the fact that I could actually do that, which means every stormtroper or rebel trooper could do the same thing... Doesn't matter, because the rules aren't based on what you think makes sense. They're based on what makes the rules work. You clearly don't think the T-47 is worth the points, and that's fair. But that doesn't mean it should get special rules or be able to ignore mechanics. In this case the T-47 could only do what you want, via some sort of special rule which means a point cost increase. Also it's almost a certainty that the whole point of impact grenades were to deal with things like the T-47. Lastly the AT-ST isn't really at height 2, it's at height 0-2, so it's not like it's immune to grenades or melee for that matter.
  5. Yes you need at least Force Reflexes and Saber Throw on him.
  6. Based on X-Wing, yes you could... Because you can spend a Focus token to convert Zero <focus> into Zero <hits> and still consider the Focus token spent. So it would work for Deflect... But that assumes they'll use the same logic in Legion that they did in X-Wing. It's the same lead dev so that seems a reasonable assumption.
  7. Here's the rules from page 22 of the RRG So you draw the line from the base to the base, so the height of the model doesn't matter. So in both examples, the defender is obscured meaning it gets some sort of cover.
  8. The rules don't allow for that. A charge allows an attack action and you can only ever make one attack action per activation. So even with Son of Skywalker you can only take two attacks in a given activation. So you can charge, which allows you to attack after a move, then use Son of Skywalker to attack a 2nd time... Then you can take your 2nd action. Although you're most likely better off taking a aim or some other action first, then charging.
  9. Other games have tried this and as far as I know GW, PP, Wyrd, ect... none of them currently require painted mini's. GW did one time require 2 or 3 colors but that just caused people to slop some paint on to make the requirement and nothing more. The result was worse looking then gray plastic. The best thing to do is have special awards for painted mini's but not require it, because quite frankly you don't need painted mini's to play the game, and it is in the end a game first and a hobby second.
  10. I used to paint with craft store stuff and I frankly never felt that my painted mini's suffered even a little bit because of it. Then I went to Reapercon last year and saw just how sad my stuff really was compared to what people did for that con. I've picked up a nice set of reaper paints and the difference is truly amazing. I can't recommend good paints enough. That said, well having a nice collection of them is great, there's no reason you can mix the colors you want using the nice paints. So if you can't find something mix it yourself. You may want to keep a journal so you know what you did so you can create it again. Myself I use Krylon or Rust-oleum as primer and I've always liked it, especially the krylon camo stuff. It's very mat and has a nice texture to it for panting. I'd never bother with Citadel primers, not when you can get as good if not better quality for half the price.
  11. It almost always takes 6-8 weeks from when something goes on the boat until it gets to stores. Since it's the 3rd week of Dec... That means you can expect it Early Feb at the soonest, and maybe mid to late Feb. There's almost zero chance of it being in stores in January.
  12. Read that and while I get tired of everything in this world being turned into some sort of politics... They had some good points, especially about how the rotten tomatoes score can be manipulated since it's really nothing but online polling which is notoriously easy to manipulate, especially since it's completely contrary to what the CinemaScore was, which may very well be more accurate since you can only get one score per person from it.
  13. That's all it's ever been really. None of the OT had any real hard and fast rules for hyperspace, other than you could "fly right though a star or bounce to close to a supernova and that would end your trip real quick." Then again we're talking about a movie in which a parsec is a measure of speed...
  14. Not sure if this was mentioned... But the books from that tree were on the Falcon at the end of the movie. I'm 99% sure I saw them in the drawer when Fen pulled out a blanket to cover Rose. So burning the tree didn't actually destroy anything, but rather was a way to get Luke to let go of his failures.
  15. I've never really tried the retreat thing. Does that let you use the characters again but use up one of your 5 chances?
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