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  1. They are, but they also appeared in CWG era stuff like Rebels and comic books. In fact the ARC didn't show up until after it was in Rebels. So again, I'm not saying they can't use clone wars stuff, but so far they haven't used anything from Clone Wars unless it showed up in a CWG era source first.
  2. Lots of people said the same thing about Epic X-Wing and ISD's, yet per FFG we will never see a ISD in Epic X-Wing. So I wouldn't count on a SSD in Armada or a AT-AT in Legion. It could happen, but there are plenty of issues with both that no one should assume it will ever happen in either game.
  3. That assumes they are actually allowed to. There is not a single ship in X-Wing that hasn't been featured in some GCW era source, prior to them being put into the game. A lot of people believe that FFG doesn't have the rights to use Clone Wars era stuff. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it's possible.
  4. That's true, but that's also like saying a mile is longer than a foot. X-Wing mini's look decent enough, but they would be very easy to paint with some sort of mass production system, which means they are completely and utterly incomparable to Legion models.
  5. Like was said above... Unless it comes from FFG then we don't know it there was one or not. However I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was one being play tested, because it would really be kinda stupid not to see if they could get it to work. But even if there was one play tested that doesn't mean they have any intention of actually producing one, because the play test very well could show that a SSD just doesn't work in Armada.
  6. I mean if you think this is IA Skirmish 2.0 then there's just no way to have a rational discussion of anything involving Legion with you.
  7. It was said in one of the Team Covenant interviews from GenCon.
  8. Well that's not completely true... If I don't want to play against someone who's using IA models in their Legion list, there's nothing you can do to make me play. You may think that makes me a prick and you're welcome to your opinion, but that doesn't really change the fact I don't have to play you. I'm not saying I'd refuse to play someone who uses some IA models for a friendly game, but both players have an equal say in what gets played and what doesn't. I mean if I don't want to play against someone who's running list X, then I don't have to play them, provided it isn't a tournament. I mean the whole point is to have fun and if there's something about your list that makes the game unenjoyable for me then why play? Naturally there's the question of if there's anyone else who I could play, and ideally there should be some compromise. But the idea that no one can tell you what to do isn't really true, since both sides have to agree to play, then both sides can tell the other what to do, and if an agreement can't be reached then no game happens.
  9. Again, feel free to do whatever you want at home or friendly games, but that will most likely not be allowed at an official event. We could debate endlessly if that's fair or not, but the fact is, that it's FFG's event so they can make whatever rules they want. If you don't like it, that's not really my problem. You either play by the rules or you don't, and if you don't you stand the very real chance of being asked to leave. No one from FFG has ever said there will be AT-AT's in here, and I'd personally be surprised if they do add them for the very reason I quoted. Because it may very well be too big to work on the Legion table. I'm not saying it won't happen, just I don't expect it to happen.
  10. FFG has tried it before with Dust. That means FFG actually knows if there's much of a market out there for such a thing at the price point they'd have to charge for it. If they sold enough of the Dust premium to justify the cost of producing it they'll do the same thing for Legion. At 2-3 times as much for premium, I'd be surprised if it did, but only FFG knows for sure. The Dust core set was $80, same as Legion, the premium was $240. That is simply untrue. Sure the ICv2 list shows X-Wing is selling more than 40k but that list doesn't tell the whole story, not by a long shot. It's not actually based on sales numbers and doesn't include things like the GW stores in the US or in Europe. Plus comparing X-Wing or Amrada to Legion is apples and oranges. The only other product you can compare to is Dust Premium and the difference in unpainted vs prepainted is already established, it's going to be 2-3 times as much.
  11. I don't know how many people watch any of the Extra Credits youtube videos. But they just started a new series called Extra Sci-Fi, and for the first one are going through Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It's a pretty in depth look at the book, both the tropes it used and created. I highly recommend giving it a try.
  12. There's a ton of IA models out there, and even if they were compatible in terms of size, 98% of them aren't in Legion yet, so you couldn't use them due to there being no unit cards or rules for them. If you were going to make up your own cards/rules for them, then there's nothing stopping you from using them now because the issue won't be the difference in size, it will be that you're making up your own rules.
  13. Well regardless of people's opinion on the matter... It's now canon that they can shoot with the S-Foils closed.
  14. What's a good Jedi team? Right now I have Barris, Ahsoka, Luminara, Mace and Old Ben, with Barris in the lead. They do ok, but really lack any sort of punch. So what's some other Jedi I could start to farm to make the Jedi team better?
  15. I don't think you understand what those big boxes are... Those are not core sets for IA, they're expansions. Just happen to be big expansions with a full campaign, as opposed to the small boxes which are expansions with mini-campaigns. There's only one IA core. In fact the only game to get a second core set was X-Wing and that was largely done to release a new rule book and tie into the new movies.