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  1. Stonewyvern said: Forgive me if the rule is in the book and I overlooked it, but I'm curious if the player skills (Sprint, Tackle, etc...) are usable only when a player is committed to a match-up or if they can use their skill at any point thereafter (and if so, I assume that is only for Standing Characters). Thanks for the instruction! The player skills are used only when the player is committed.
  2. darkwing2k6 said: so to clarify only the last "commited" card is "active"? i cannot use any of the previous committed cards UNLESS it has an out-of-turn ability eg guard example- i commit my human ogre as first card, opponent commits his first card, i then commit my second card,human blitzer. can i only use the human blitzer to tackle? or can i still use the ogre to tackle and does the ogre still receive 1 cheat icon every round until the end of match phase? Only the committed player is active.. correct. You place the player, you activate any "when played" ability. You use his skills (optional except cheating).. and then he's done - unless he has a response ability that activates later in the round. So for your second example.. the human blitzer uses his tackle, the human blitzer might then get to use his response ability... and the ogre does nothing more.. no tackle, no 2nd cheat token.
  3. bruce_wayne said: i have a question about the skill called Dump-Off. Dump-Off: If this player would become the ball carrier or drop the ball, you may move the ball to a friendly player at this matchup. What's the meaning of "drop the ball"?? is only aplicable when your opponent use Tackling, or can be use with Passing? It's only used when tackled. Pg 11 - Player States - Downed: "If the player is the ball carrier, he drops the ball." Also, for quick answers, I'd recommend BoardGameGeek as the place to ask. These forums are great, but not as populated.
  4. Necro said: Hello, i've got a question. The conditioning coach of the Wood Elf says: "...exhaust this card to reveal one cheating token. Add the token's Star Power to..." What happens if the drawn cheating token dosen't show a Star Power but rather any other symbol? Does nothing happen or do i draw until i draw one with a Star Power or does the cheating token works normally e.g. send off the pitch. I've been doing it that nothing happens - all the other tokens have a star power of zero.
  5. okorz001 said: My understanding of page 15 was that players collect all their improvements from all matchups and then the select a single star player (and one team upgrade and one staff upgrade) from this pool. The extra improvements are discarded and returned to their original decks. Looking at it again it seems that a player selects one per matchup, not per week. Is this correct? If so, I better understand your argument. You can keep one upgrade of EACH type per PAYOUT zone on a highlight. so if your sideline 1 a single star player.. and you win the middle for 2 star players. Then you'd draw the 1st one and keep it for the sideline... then draw 2 more and pick one of them to keep for the middle. Unless they're divided by a slash.. in which case you pick one before drawing.
  6. adiaze said: Just a question on the fifth round of the game, when we reveal Blood Bowl tournament, do we still have to roll out the other highlights? So fifth round is a) Blood Bowl Tournament only. b) Blood Bowl Tournament plus 4 highlights Thanks. It's treated as a normal week with 1 highlight per player in addition to the tournament
  7. Hamster2000 said: okay this is clear but following situation: A simple Highlight. On the one side for example a Skaven Thrower (has no abilities) with the ball on it. On my turn I play the Human Blitzer and tackle the Skaven Thrower. The tackle was successfully. Where does the ball go? On the successful tackle, the skaven thrower is downed and the ball placed at midfield. That complete the tackle.. THEN, the human blitzer activates his response and gets a Pass Icon. He can then take the ball from midfield and move it to himself. Let's say there was a linesman with the thrower and the tackle gets shifted to the skaven lineman. The lineman goes does. Then, the human blitzer can still activate his Pass icon and move the ball to midfield. Or let's say it's a human blitzer and only a skaven lineman and the ball is at midfield. On a successful tackle, the blitzer can move the ball to himself from midfield. That's what really makes the human ability sick. He gets the pass icon on any successful tackle. Against a ball carrier, the ball will end up in his hands. A successful tackle against any other player will shift the ball one location towards him.
  8. madprof666 said: can a downed guard use his guard ability to become injured and removed from play? No, downed players lose all abilities and skills. From Pg 11, Player States (Downed). Downed players lose all abilities and remaining skills, but retain any assigned cheating tokens already placed on them. madprof666 said: can a player who can give the ball to another player when tackled (i forget the ability name) give the ball to a downed player? The skill is Dump Off - and yes, you can Dump Off to a downed player. A player has to drop the ball at the moment he's downed (unless he has Sure Hands) but there's nothing in the rules that stops a downed player from getting the ball via Dump Off (or because the ball carrier gets moved to a different match up via Throw Team Mate or Sewer Go Map, etc).
  9. Mordechai said: DaveNYC said: . Downed players lose their abilities. Please, I haven't found that on the rules. Can you help me giving me the page where you have found it? Thx... pg 11 under Player States - Downed. Last sentence. "Downed players lose all abilities and remaining skills, but retain any assigned cheating tokens already placed on them."
  10. AVJax said: We had the following situation in the blood bowl tournament last night. Dwarf - 10 Star power Orcs - 10 Star Power Skaven - 8 Star Power (with the ball) Elves - 6 Star Power. Who wins and how is it sorted out for runner up etc? Per the rules it looks like the Skaven would be the winner as there was a tie and they had the ball but they weren't part of the tie for 1st place. any help or clarification much appreciated. Andy J This was talked about in a previous thread started by Koala404 http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=202&efcid=43&efidt=569081 The problems seem to arise from the rules talking about highlights (only 2 players) to tournaments (up to 4 players) without a lot of clarity in what rules apply to both - and how they might apply differently from 2 players to 3 or 4... and also because winner/win and loser/lose have their "general" meanings but can also have specific meanings for payouts and various card effects. I posted this on the FFG forums which I think clarifies the "logical" way to apply it (I can't say positively it's what the designers intended but I think it's a rules 'gap'.. that the designers assumed it was clear when applied to 3 or 4 players at a tourney. I don't think it was intended that - to use your example - the skaven would rocket from 3rd to 1st because of the tie while they posessed the ball) Note: Full credit to Koala for his suggestion of using 'ranking' instead of wins/loses. Note: this is to clarify what happens at tournaments... for highlights, the rules are perfectly clear. 1. The teams are ranked in order of their Star Power... highest to lowest.. 2. If two (or more) teams are tied for Star Power, the team with the ball ranks higher (better) than any other tied teams. 3. The First Manager decides the ranking between any/all tied teams that don't have the ball. 4. The teams that Rank 1st and 2nd are considered "winners" and get the First Place and Runner Up prizes respectively. (exception:2 player game) 5. Teams that Rank 3rd or 4th (or 2nd in a two player game) are considered 'losers' and each get the Lose prize. So, in your example the First Manager decides the ranking between the Orcs and Dwarves for Winner and Runner Up. The Skaven rank 3rd and the Elves 4th - both of them collect the Lose prize. If your example was the same except that the Elves had 8SP also, the Skaven would Rank 3rd because the ball breaks the tie between them and the Elves. The first manager gets no say. If All 4 teams had 10SP, and the Skaven had the ball... the Skaven would Rank 1st and the first manager would decide 2nd,3rd and 4th.
  11. And in a 2 player game, 2nd place gets Lose.. not Runner Up.
  12. We've played it that each coach has 8 cards that round. It doesn't say anything about discarding down to 6 cards.. and using the timing on pg.8 Maintenance Phase, you draw your 6 cards before you reveal the Spike! card for the week.
  13. I think it would work fine. It might make for a long game though. With 6, I was thinking I might run 2 concurrent 3 player games. Same headline/tourney applies to each group - different highlights obviously. Maybe switch group assignments each week to keep it interesting. But it's rarely an issue in our group... it's rare we have 4 people available to play, let alone 5 or 6.
  14. A little overpowered if you can use it every match up or more than once a match up. It takes most of the downside away from the cheat skill. I doubt that's what FFG intended.. but it IS an accurate interpretation based on the card wording. Fortunately, in my playgroup, we're all agreed that it's only usable once per scoreboard phase. It'll be interesting to see the FAQ on this and a few other issues.
  15. Plenty of hopes... No rumours yet though that I've heard.
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