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  1. The way I've viewed it is that the increase would all total be a single tier increase, i.e.: basic to intermediate, intermediate to advance, and advanced to arcane.
  2. Then it is up to the GM. But again say it would be reasonable to assume that in that case learning time would be double the minimum just so you can learn something.... and probably with a master or at least a tome/scroll as a guide.
  3. It doesn't matter what class/archetype they are all subject to the chart to advance in spells.
  4. Easy way to think of it is as a math equation: (Base MA X Multiples) + Base MA = Final MA. So in your case case it's: (10 X M) + 10 = FMA. And as Kushala said it's 50 DP per multiple.
  5. As cdcace said, you can only choose one damage of all the martial arts known. BUT in the case of Thai Chi supreme, the power bonus can be added in addition to what ever is said as the base and stat bonus for another style's damage.
  6. Mercy of the GM, but I would say double what is listed as the lowest for the initial spent to get started. Normally though mage characters start with a couple spells they can use and go from there.
  7. A scourge is a type of whip with multiple thin strands used for striking and some are tipped in metal. I haven't seen any set stats for it, but maybe take the whip base stats and modify from there?
  8. The GM is right any fumbled spell is lost though the severity of the fumble could cause more problems. There is a Meta in the Arcane Exxet that one can get to ensure shields are still cast even when one fumbles, "Secure Defense" pg.97 of the Arcane Exxet in the Arcane Esoterica section.
  9. I have not played that many campaigns of Anima, but my favorite so far has been my first, a level 14 mage with mastery in darkness/umbra and fire/time. Bhial Khane. Last surviving member of the line of Khane, he had watched his family raped and tortured by members of the Inquisition that were hunting for the akawened mage in the village, Bhial. Through the course of the camp my character and the party we went against a group of beings trying to resurect a fallen god, and a summoner trying to become a god. Also curupt section of the Inquisition. Also my character successfuly harnessed the essense of a demon to increase his own abilities via an artifact. Though an encounter with an unstable hybrid elemental took my characters left hand, I was able to get a replacement made from Ghestal wood. By the end of the camp we had killed the god, the wanabe, and the Inquisitors. Also my character married a Duk'Zarist princess.
  10. Yeah, Those who Walked Among Us has the info on the races in general. As to the specific ones, I would say they are leaving it up to the GMs to tailor them as needed for their campaigns as needed.
  11. Actually there is a thread in the general area that has the full translated spell list and I think one about that has a link for the pdf about the changes between core and core exxat also I know for fact that you can find the pdf for changes on the chiper studios forum.
  12. On the cipher studios forums someone has done a sci-fi setting for the game that covers all that. http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php?topic=4207.0
  13. The +100 bonus is a mix of the +10 and the bonus characteristic. The characteristic bonus is that each level you can choose 2 skills to add their characteristic bonus to, one being a physical skill, and the second being a mental/spiritual skill.
  14. Hello everyone, I've made a new tech tree for one of my character in a camp and this one is based on Starkiller from the Force Unleashed Games. And yes, I know a mentalist character would be a good idea for this concept, but I went with a tech ditching the mental aspects of the force.... ANYWAY.... I know that this "tree" is gonna seem too big, but it designed so that it CAN'T be mastered normally. Technically it is 3 trees in one, and the lvl requirements can be crossed by getting different techniques from different areas. So a lvl 1 from general, and one from light side/dark side, and then they could get a lvl 2 from any of the 3 areas. So here it is, let me know what you think: Force Powers Once long ago, in time immemorial, a group of travelers came from beyond the stars to Gaia, their reasons for coming are lost to the ages. But while here, they discovered that almost all that reside on the world had the ability to tap into a vast energy know to the travelers as “The Force,” though to those on Gaia it was known as Ki. They taught those they deemed worthy what they knew before they left. As ages past, much of that knowledge has been lost, but a few schools were able to maintain the cores of their teachings. Number of Techniques: 20 Total MK Cost: 1410 Generic: Level 1: Force Barrier: Energy Shield 300LP Maintained MK:20 Cost: Agi 4, Dex 4 (1), Pow 4 (1) Total 12 (2) Force Push Long Distance Attack (Single) 30ft Impact 12 Cost Alteration: -1 MK: 25 Ki Cost: Agi 6, Dex 6, Pow 6 Total: 18 Force Pull: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft Impact 12 Attract Disadvantages: No Damage MK: 40 Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5 Total 15 Burst of Speed: Initiative Augmentation +50 Limited Additional Attack +3 Maintained MK: 35 Ki Cost: Agi 9 (1), Dex 9 (2) , Pow 9 (1) Total 27 (4) Force Whirlwind: Trapping 12 Maintained MK: 50 Ki Cost: Dex 6 (2) Pow 6 (3) Total: 12 (5) Level 2: Force Repulse: Area Attack (Single) 15 ft Impact 14 MK: 80 Ki Cost: Agi 4, Dex 4, Pow 4 Total 12 Force Shield: Energy Shield 1000LP Regeneration 250 Maintained MK: 80 Ki Cost: Agi 10 (3), Dex 10 (3), Pow 10 (4) Total 30 (10) Force Phantasms: Mirages 6 Phantasmal Illusion PsR 180 Maintained MK: 95 Ki Cost: Agi 6 (2), Dex 6 (2), Pow 6 (3) Total 18 (7) Force Speed: Initiative Augmentation +100 Additional Attack +2 Additional Defense +8 Attack Ability (Multiple) +25 Dodge Ability (Multiple) +25 Movement increase +2 Maintained Disadvantages: Exhaustion -2, Tied to Weapon (Lightsaber), Predetermination MK: 100 Ki Cost: Agi 36 (9), Dex 36 (9), Pow 36 (10) Total 108 (28) Level 3: Force Aegis Energy Shield 2000LP Regeneration 500LP/Turn Block Ability (Single) +200 Cost Alteration: -1 MK: 150 Ki Cost: Agi 36 (11), Dex 36 (11), Pow 36 (11) Total: 108 (33) Light Side: Lvl 1: Force Valor Basic Additional Defense +3 Block Ability (multiple) +25 Maintained Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light) MK: 20 Ki Cost: Agi 9 (2), Dex 9 (3), Pow 9 (2) Total: 27 (7) Light Side Armor Basic Armor Augmentation +4 Maintained Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Light) Cost Alteration: -2 MK: 30 Cost: Agi 5 (1), Pow 5 (1) Total: 10 (2) Lvl 2: Force Valor Advanced Additional Defense +6 Block Ability (multiple) +50 Attack Mirroring Maintained Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light) MK: 90 Ki Cost: Agi 24 (8), Dex 24 (7), Pow 24 (8) Total: 72 (23) Light Side Armor Advanced Armor Augmentation +6 Quick Recovery Maintained Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Light) Cost Alteration: -2 MK: 75 Cost: Agi 11 (2), Dex 11 (1), Pow 11 (2) Total: 33 (5) Lvl 3: Master Force Valor Additional Defense Unlimited Block Ability (multiple) +90 Attack Mirroring Mirror Esoteric Abilities Maintained Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Light) Cost Alteration: -1 MK: 175 Ki Cost: Agi 36 (12), Dex 36 (12), Pow 36 (12) Total: 108 (36) DARK SIDE: Lvl 1: Sith Lightning: Long Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft Elemental Attack (Air,Darkness) Damage: (2 X Base Presence) + Pow Bonus Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Air/Dark) Cost Alteration -4 MK: 50 Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5 Total: 15 Force Scream: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 60ft Trail of Destruction MK: 40 Ki Cost: Agi 5, Dex 5, Pow 5 Total: 15 Lvl 2: Force Choke: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 15 ft Trapping 14 Maintained Disadvantages: Damage Reduction: No Damage MK: 75 Ki Cost: Agi 6 (2) Dex 7 (2), Pow 6 (2) Total: 19 (6) Arc Lightning: Long-Distance Attack (Single) 30 ft. Area Attack 15 ft. Chose Targets Elemental Attack: Air, Dark Damage: (2 X Presence) + POW bonus Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Air/Dark) Cost Alteration: -5 MK: 80 Ki Cost: Agi 8, Dex 8, Pow 8 Total 24 Lvl 3: Force Storm: Additional Attack +3 Long-Distance Attack (Multiple) 30 ft Elemental Attack: Air, Dark Greater Prolonged Brand Area Attack (Multiple) 15 ft Chose Targets Disadvantages: Predetermination, Elemental Binding (Air/Dark), Exhaustion -2 Cost Alteration: -1 MK: 100 Ki Cost: Agi 27, Dex 27, Pow 27 Total 18
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