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  1. Speaking of backstories... now we have 2 investigators with no official story. Someone at FFG must realize we want to know every detail about Sefina and now Stella. Give me novellas or I will be forced to literally dream up head canon (Nobody wants that).
  2. "Drifter" indeed. Ash Can is actually a native of Kingsport so he does fit in locally in this case too, but does he really ever 'fit in' anywhere?
  3. Oh boy, with Innsmouth Conspiracy and Under Dark Waves, things are about to get real fishy.
  4. Or since she’s a mail carrier maybe she has extra mobility or can take a free draw or resource action for someone at her location. Look what came in the Mail for you Wendy! A brand new old hunting rifle! And by came in the mail I mean got lost in the mail... ooops! I expect a tactic or seeker off class. Shortcut just makes too much sense.
  5. Yes! She looks awesome, and more representation for black trans people/gamers. I hope they bring her to the LCG. Her backstory is Kingsport-y so I don’t know if it would tie on with Conspiracy...
  6. Thanks for asking Mimi! I'm actually very close to submitting scenario 1 of my campaign that I'm working on. I'm just working on some typo clean-up and I think it'll be good to go. I've gotten mostly positive feedback on the most recent version. You are more than welcome to give it a run through and let me know what you think. I like reading your posts and analysis of cards etc, and I would be grateful. I'll pm you the print&play files after i read through them gain for final typos. I actually didn't use Edmund in the campaign because we already had a rogue and with double the investigator decks, the cross-over made it difficult to keep building/changing decks. But I think balance-wise, he's in a good place. I designed him prior to Finn, but they fill similar roles. I don't know when/if I'll be releasing updates to my custom investigators because there are just a small handful of the 8 that I'm struggling with. There are probably 3 or so that just don't feel right. There's nothing wrong with them, but they don't feel like they offer a solid identity to the pilot. Anyway, I'll pm you the scenario print and play files later today. I have TTS (table top simulator) but I still haven't fully worked out how to design a scenario mod on there.
  7. That would be bizarre, haha. I was pretty shocked that plaid hat lost DoW though. It’s kinda what they built themselves on. Anyway, jokes aside, I wonder if we might see an Arkham Files adventure book game? I think FFG got that line from plaidhat too?
  8. This deck stands up better in multiplayer where you really have someone else available to handle the enemies. I created this lvl 0 deck to start from, but I'm actually thinking a magnifying glass may have ended up being more useful than the Occult Lexicon (which was kind of my emergency enemy management and barely saw play). The text to the side outlines some of the strategy, but a few cards were replaced since it was written. Connect the Dots was a fun idea, but it was just too resource expensive to bother with, and was replaced with a 2nd inquiring mind. https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/342530 The idea is to use the archaic glyphs guiding stones in concert with her free spell actions from doom to rocket through locations by picking up a ton of extra clues using torrent of power fueled by alchemical transmutation charges, inquiring minds, and enraptured to continue putting more charges on guiding stones. Similarly, you'll eventually be able to pick up arcane insight to lower the shroud on the target location further, and time warp to redo a botched attempt. And if another investigator has a copy of the Skeleton Key, all the better... My end deck looked something like this: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/467220 The biggest issue is that picking up somewhere around 6 clues in one free action is completely overkill if you are playing in 2 player mode, where most locations only spawn 4-6 clues max. Marie is one of my favorite mystics... it's actually a pretty close tie between her and Luke. Those free spell casts just feel so good, and Knowledge is Power is amazingly powerful no matter how you build her. NOTE: Don't forget that Forbidden Knowledge can be great at using to clear allies with doom on them. No matter how you build your deck, if the doom is going on allies, having a copy or two of this card to take our Renfield, the Initiate, or Alyssa at the last moment is very handy.
  9. The only Marie build I’ve used is fairly unconventional and essentially turns her into a clue getter only. I can link a deck build that I had if you are interested but it’s not your typical build for mystic that will be more flexible and cover all your bases.
  10. I hear all that but then why not just create a new competitive Arkham files lcg? It feels like that would be practically an entirely new game to me. Maybe AH LCG 2nd edition. But I wouldn’t buy it.
  11. They are just so fiddly, and I don’t think there’s a lot of people who love this game that would want overlord stuff. A lot of people are solo players it turns out (not me) but it would not even really be playable by that subset.
  12. I have less interest in overlord packs than hidden betrayal mechanics if I’m honest so I hope it’s not that.
  13. Plus, maybe rogues will get whips. YUS. 😆
  14. I think the key as stated is that rogues are more or less self-interested. Good people, bad people, lawful or not, that’s what they have in common. Thus is why, despite the resource cards and well connected flavor, I don’t foresee Charlie Kane as a rogue. He’s actually always portrayed as as decent guy and a politician that genuinely cares about his people.
  15. I don't really know how escape room puzzle creation works, but if Matt and Jeremy had a hand in the puzzles (which I wouldn't put past them), I don't see why it couldn't be that. No confirmation that they did though. It is specifically Arkham Horror Files and presumably someone would have had to put work into the design. I would love to try it, but I'm closer to east coast. I also think that it reasonably could be something else, but as for what, I'm not sure. I suppose it could just be booster packs of faction cards. Like a pack of only player card assets for survivors, a pack for guardians, etc. Cards that maybe they wanted to have level up but couldn't really find enough space within the cycles to include? This is all complete speculation at this point though.
  16. Oh turns out it may just be escape rooms lol. That I can’t go to because they are nowhere close? https://hourglassescapes.com/games/arkham-horror-escape-room-seattle/?fbclid=IwAR31AkCugYYwYDAy9DF06_h20qF0_elBsCKoriyZLXfZ5CrOpO4AWmUq4Kk
  17. Highly doubtful but as they stated they have been hard at work’ I’m hoping for... maybe a scenario pack that is specific to one particular investigator and maybe also includes replacements?
  18. What’s that Mr Cultist? Did you say you’re out of ritual knives? For the low low price of your sanity (and a sawbuck), you can be the new owner of this Hungering Blade! Guaranteed to complete your ritual even if that means you feed the eldritch powers yourself!
  19. Maybe Monty is the “new product” lol!
  20. Could be part of it but I don’t think that’s entirely it either. Maybe when we replay I’ll be able to tell once the whole cycle is out. And all honesty, I know y’all love some Patrice but maybe it’s partly her too. I’ve said it in other threads but she starts to feel very samey to me. But I’m using Norman in the waking world. Only time will tell.
  21. Yeah it definitely represents Dream Quest well. I can’t tell if it is mechanically or maybe it just feels like the pressure is off. I didn’t think I really liked the unkillable ever-present returning monsters like harbinger and specter, but maybe that’s what it is? Anyway I’m ready for some ancient one encounters haha.
  22. Oddly I feel like they’ve been not so great? Not terrible and certainly fun but I feel like they’re missing something. Probably just me. However I think these final 2 will be stellar and both Matt and Jeremy picked one of them as their current favorite scenario on the AMA. Very excited.
  23. If we get a 6th investigator, I anticipate it being Trish or maybe even Silas with there being 2 survivors because Silas is such a given. Trish could be almost any faction and neutral would be fitting as well if they do something really weird with her.
  24. Dream eaters seemed relatively easy to me if I’m honest until Dark Side if the Moon. I think the bigger issue is that the player cards are maybe not the best for players with fewer card options. But that’s just a feeling I have and not based on much else.
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