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  1. I sort of disagree with this sentiment, but representation is great and Nathanial Cho looks very fun. I would have no problem with a black openly lesbian heiress, mob queen, business owner etc. (Actually, I'm pretty sure there is an heiress who is at least black in the Carolyn Fern book). Because representation is not bound by a fictional universe. I do not want modern tech creeping in or timeslips regarding weapons/items/etc but FFG has been really good about this. While I love that there is another Asian character (male specifically) I cannot get past the part where they both (Lily and Nathanial) know martial arts, albeit boxing is less of a stereotype. I still can't wait to play as him. I'm not Asian though, so I don't intend to speak for that community. I'm happy there is another Asian male character and that FFG is making conscious decisions to be inclusive.
  2. I concede that generally speaking by title is regardless of subtitle then... but I think even if that is the case, Empower Self is an odd duck because it specifies a limit 1 on the full title inclusive of subtitle. But this is irrelevant because it also has Myriad.
  3. I guess there's only so much Necronomicon even Daisy can handle... Disappointing though. Maybe there is a permanent coming down the line that lets you include more... 🤔
  4. Correct, but it's also NOT in the rules as far as I can tell. The subtitle of a card may or may not be 'officially' part of the title. In this case (as well as others potentially--what other cards do we have with subtitles besides story assets that are one-offs?), the cards in question are very much separate cards and objects. If you compare them to the dual-class cards, for instance, even though they are in separate classes they do not have subtitles so you would still only be able to have 2 copies of one version or the other (or the lvl 0). To me this implies one single item/weapon/etc being used differently rather than entirely separate items/weapons/etc. In other words, the faction color is about how something is used, whereas the subtitle represents a variation of a single object that is a completely separate object and could therefore have multiple versions of it in play. Granted, this is my interpretation, but I don't see a case where it is obviously clear that subtitles do not count as part of the title of a card for purposes of deck building. By title, to me, would imply that the Necronomicons are not identical by title precisely because they have a subtitle. EDIT: Eldan brought up a good point (though it's posted in the other thread) regarding the Archaic Glyphs/seeker sub-quest cards. And granted, I do think it was clarified that you can't have 2 of each version. I may be entirely wrong here, but even with the glyphs, I don't see why couldn't feasibly have glyphs with different things enscribed in them in the same deck. It does make some amount of sense, however, because you are specifically translating a set of glyphs or interpreting a set of specific dreams... It would be kind of silly if you translated a single diary and got 6 full diaries out of one. I don't try to use theme to justify rules often, but sometimes it helps when looking for rules as intended vs rules as written when there is no clear answer available. Someone should really just ask FFG, haha.
  5. I would think it would include subtitle. Even if unique, thematically it does not make sense. Each translation would be a completely different physical object much like the KJV and the NIV or AMP version of the Bible are. At least I’ve never seen them bound in a single edition... And mechanically the cards do not even behave similarly. I see no harm in including as many translations of the Necronomicon as possible. Any librarian worth her salt would have them all for comparative studies.
  6. No problem! Enjoy. It will probably be some time for scenario 2, but it's in the works.
  7. Oh it can be worth it. Your first action does not have to have a skill test involved (move, gain a resource, draw a card, etc), and you can have 2 copies in play. Drawing Thin and Take Heart are almost reason enough to want to fail a test, but paired with lucky, look what I've found, rise to the occasion, dumb luck, live and learn, lucky, or oops, or Rabbit's Foot (3) and things don't look so grim. Remember that the 3rd+ actions have the difficulty lowered, which means ANY test that is 2 or less (if you have 2 copies) becomes a near-auto pass as the difficulty becomes 0. It also will affect tests at the end of your turn like Frozen in Fear as they happen during/after the 3rd action. Toss in the fact that Stella gets an extra action when she fails, and Rogue subbed Survivors like Wendy can take Leo, Haste, Swift Reflexes, and Quick Thinking...and.. well.. that's a lot of bang for your buck.
  8. Hello friends, I know there is a lot of exciting news with the announcement of the new investigator starter decks, but we've also got a void to fill while FFG is on hiatus. To help, I wanted to announce that I have begun work on a fan-created campaign title In Blackest Pits. The first scenario (The Initiation) has been completed and is available at BGG and now also at Arkham Central (http://arkhamcentral.com/index.php/in-darkest-pits-campaign/). There should also be a TTS version coming with the next Super Complete mod or you can get the files from my steam workshop and set up yourself (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2031905027). Here's a bit of a synopsis for you: Enjoy! Further scenarios will be coming as they are completed. Any ratings/reviews/questions would be welcome at Arkham Central if you decide to give it a try. Edit: The Initiation is now available in the TTS super complete mod! Shout-out to Dran for his excellent work.
  9. Huh. That's interesting but how many of these are there right now? I mean Stella could use resourceful to pull a copy of her signature then, but she DOES get 3 copies (whatever it does).
  10. No doubt something that interacts with skill cards or committed cards to tests given Winnie's abilities. Hmm.
  11. My partner and I are going to do a mini campaign with the 4 scenarios on the 'dreaming' side of the campaign. Might tide us over for a bit. I still have work during the week so I won't have as much time to kill as some folks are going to have. But maybe that would work for you if you don't mind not playing the full suite first.
  12. I disagree. Novellas take much longer to write and edit than I think deck construction and some new cards take to design. Not saying it isn’t difficult but it does not take the same amount of time. I felt the novella pricing was completely fine. Stories are valuable.
  13. If they do include a scenario, I’m full steam ahead. I think the rumbled assurances about keeping campaigns in mind however might just be a nod toward xp cards being included for the decks. After all, if you grabbed a starter as a noob and didn’t have many or any other products, your upgrade options would be limiting the accessibility. I doubt there will be scenarios but boy would I love the heck out of these if there were. Without them I think I’m going to be fairly annoyed that either I will have to get them all for new player cards or just have a ton of repeat cards with no easy way to remember how many copies of each card I actually own. The livestream can’t come soon enough.
  14. My thought exactly. I think Mimi is correct with a survivor type class. Brute force seems like it is a perfect fit as well as stunning blow, not without a fight, able-boded...etc. Especially if his weapon choices are intentionally limited. I don't think we can really type him without a background story though. We've got nothing about his motivations. Guardians are out to protect others most of the time, rogues are less so (but with all the money options in rogue, I wouldn't expect him to go in this category unless he's 'throwing fights' or involved in illegal fights). I don't think we'll see a typical secondary. I would expect another trait based build. Maybe innate?
  15. I don’t think it says anything about the health of the game. During the AMA it was pretty clear it’s a strong product line. I almost wish this wasn’t “leaked” without having any details but on the plus side maybe we’ll see our fave investigators faster. Like Stella who I’m already considering a favorite haha. The speculation is driving me mad.
  16. He's new. Looks to be a boxer. Interesting. The term 'starter deck' has me a bit concerned. Is this going to be 30 cards that already are released? Am I going to want to pay $10 or whatever for an investigator when I already have all of the cards in the deck? Do I really want extra copies of some cards but not others? Having had just 1 core for a long time, the worst part about it is when I had multiple decks constructed, I could never remember if I had 1 or 2 copies of a given card and it became confusing to quickly locate cards (the set icon helps with this, but will each starter have their own set icon?). Are we going to see new cards that are ONLY released in certain investigator packs, thereby making us buy a specific investigator to gain access to a new card? So many questions. I would have preferred an investigator with a signature scenario to this (I think...I'll wait until I have more info before committing to this).
  17. X-men is the only Marvel I’m interested in if I’m honest. Well maybe I’ll have room by then...
  18. It’s a shame because I love Marvel but I can’t collect 2 lcgs. It would be my undoing.
  19. This is almost exactly what I did with the Jenny scenario I created (I called them signature scenarios). The problem is that if players don’t use that class or like the investigator specifically, sales could be largely variable. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources to make like 50 of these ha!
  20. It’s up on bgg but am waiting for the Arkham Central listing and will put a post up here. Ideas for scenario 2 are coming along but will probably be some time before that one is ready to test at all. Hoping people enjoy scenario 1! Maybe it’ll give some people something to do while socially distancing and waiting for news.
  21. Sefina Rousseau was launched in the card game, so there is already precedent. It's completely possible we'll see more.
  22. Uh... not guessing who they WILL be (probably 2 male, 2 female), but who I want would be: 1. Sefina (but she is an artist.. you can fit that in Kingsport easily) 2. Gloria 3. Patrice 4. Lola I just find the women way more interesting in this game. If I had to pick 2 dudes, it would be Darrell and Carson
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