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  1. Scenario 2 of In Blackest Pits is nearly ready for playtesting. I'll be sending out files to those who playtested before. There's no obligation to test again, but wanted to put out unofficial notice here. My printer is sadly low on ink, and I'd like to run through one more test before sending anything out. Hope everyone is staying safe and COVID free. It sounds like Arkham Central got a few new scenarios all at once from other creators as well, so if you're stuck at home and have some free time, I think those will also be up soon.
  2. In general I agree. But almost every faction has some tools that you can use to either help yourself take it on the chin or get around your stats. Agility and Will are generally defensive stats (unless you are a mystic or a rogue). And combat and int tend to help you combat tempo issues. So if you can push through FAST enough, you may outlive your weak defenses. I don't know if I'd say you are at a HUGE disadvantage, it really depends on the deck and what cycle you are playing. I will say that in TCU low will can be a problem. And in TFA, agility is more valuable than usual. Just a heads up if you are planning in jumping into either of those next. I have a hard time playing Joe to be honest, likely because of the same reasons. But you can deck build around some issues.
  3. I haven't used Zoey yet in Dreamlands, but I'm still in the camp that this can make her way way stronger than she is intended to be. A free emergency cache every time an enemy engages her? If anything, I would think this would be a case of RAW vs RAI. But it's still not clear to me. It'd be nice to get clarification, but I think I'll just continue to use Zoey as if one enemy engages her.
  4. Are you implying that Zooey would get a resource for each swarm card? I'm not a rules expert, but as far as I know despite there being multiple cards, the whole stack only counts as one engagement (ie, they engage as a single entity) so Zoey would only get 1 resource.
  5. I just played a Luke with Storm of Spirits 3 and Dayana Esperance. That investigator is just so powerful with a gate box and the right events. I somehow pulled 3 elder signs and ended up with more charges than I knew what to do with. But yes, hitting swarming enemies is so satisfying with area damage. Guardians with grenades would also probably quite happy.
  6. Yup! Evasion is your friend as you wittle them down. That at least evades the whole stack.
  7. That's awesome. I'm glad to hear it's also challenging in some cases. It can definitely be a risk separating. What better way to find clues relating to murky depths than to assess why your thoughts are so clouded? I love it. Thanks for sharing a report of the play. I haven't tried it TCU adjacent, but it sounds like it could be a fun pit stop. Clever insertion there on your part too. There's no rush for the art, but I would love to see what you've uncovered. Some of it may be things that I've seen, but it is one of the more time-consuming parts of the process, so if I find anything I would be well pleased. Thank you for the time on your part as well. You've been a fantastic help. I plan to play scenario 2 a few more times in its current state before assessing whether or not to seek out testers yet. I'm on the fence about a few elements, but I want it to be a positive experience even in testing stages.
  8. Oh wow, excellent. I'm so intrigued by Dexter and Ursula should be well-equipped for The Initiation. Hope you guys have oodles of fun. 🙂 There's quite a bit of synergy between those two roles as well. You'll either be able to assist each other pretty handily or you'll be in each other's hair a lot with Imposter syndrome. If you even have a link to where the source image is, you can just send me a link to the art. Other good fileshare options include dropbox or googleshare.
  9. The latter. She loses the lowered cap and also heals 2. The danger is that if something makes you discard the key in some other manner, that healing does not trigger and it is a very expensive card over the rosary if it does not.
  10. That does sound fun! Just curious which investigators/roles you are? Without changing the chaos bag, I'm not really sure what would qualify for an easy difficulty spike. You could start with a couple of doom on the first Agenda, or depending on the investigators and how much it would matter, you could start with Imposter Syndrome in your threat areas (seems like it could be appropriate for the situation). I also, at one point while testing, had the bootleggers with 3 health and lowered that down to 2. Going from enemies with 2 health to 3 health makes a significant impact. But it's going to depend on how you're built as far as how much of a difficulty spike that would be. It will usually at least cost an extra action per turn if you're not evading them. And the bootleggers can be dangerous to leave unattended for long. An inconvenient Beep Beep later in the scenario may have them spouting clues somewhere you really don't want them to.
  11. Thanks guys for the comments! @Iuchi Toshimo Yes, playtesting for solo is pretty challenging. I absolutely respect the desire to true solo, but I can completely understand the difficulty of design balance respecting all player counts now. Things get particularly crazy with multiple Act Decks and non-traditional mechanics that fall outside of the 'hoover clues, spend them, repeat' scenario pathing. I know 'Where the Gods Dwell' has some issues solo too. I hadn't considered a solo player getting through quite so quickly when I wrote that Act flavor. Glad you had fun! And enough that you may revisit it with friends.
  12. Thanks Minlari! I appreciate the notes, and taking the time to let me know what you thought! I had almost gone that route with the Ordinary Truck that you bring up here, actually, but there were several runs while playtesting where we were overwhelmed by enemies, so I went the route of spawn specific 'reinforcements.' I think it can come down to which investigators you're using (to some extent roles, and how fast you can dispatch enemies) and also the player count. Distribution between treacheries and enemies in the encounter deck is fairly even, so it's possible that you'll see fewer enemies than treacheries but it's going to vary a bit game from game. It is scenario 1, so I didn't want to make it too difficult either, but we'll see how devious I get. I don't want to push players away by making things too hard either. Happy to hear you had fun (the most important part to me)! The 2nd scenario is in early development stages. It's also a bit of a strange one. I'm just hoping players enjoy it. I love reading feedback, and seem to get relatively small amounts of it compared to download numbers, so comment like yours are well appreciated and help fuel my flame knowing that others are enjoying it too.
  13. TCU is fine, BUT there are some scenarios that are extremely fiddly with a lot of things to keep track of. It kind of depends on how much that bothers you. It is also, imo, one of the harder cycles and it can be very punishing for investigators with low willpower. So keep that in mind.
  14. Mostly archives of public domain images or creative commons images, but anything 20s period or horror themed is excellent. I'm also looking for a high res image of Corinna Jones (one of Arkham's longstanding local arcanists). The less attribution requested by the artist, the better basically.
  15. Maybe the joke is that they didn’t post anything...🤔
  16. Could be George Barnaby? It's honestly very hard to say what is representative of who unless you know the artist was working from a particular source via the designers or the artist.
  17. It’s all speculative anyway. Artists are gonna draw people differently and with a cast of 50+ matches who can say besides the designers.
  18. I'm still somehow working as usual despite the environment because my business is classified as vital. Most people are just working remotely. I am absolutely not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I would not mind a work hiatus to push my own Arkham Horror fan campaign along. I'm really struggling with finding good public domain/free use artwork and I have a feeling the further I get in the campaign, the more that will be apparent. Work/Horror balance is a struggle. Beginning tomorrow, though we're getting 2 hours clipped off our work schedule... too bad we aren't actually getting any less work.
  19. Not too often, but I think Wendy is on something she can't take? I haven't really kept track.
  20. The developer seems like a fantastic guy. He got my scenario added in less than a week after I had finally managed to figure out how to create all the components. And he even scripted it to lay out properly. And that was just my issue. He seems to actively respond to most everyone and update.
  21. Luke is pretty solid for making interesting situations and out-of-the-(gate)box thinking.
  22. Hey friends, I just realized that Mateo can take Custom Ammo but has no access to weapons that use ammo. Interestingly, the card actually provide an out for this as it can be used on an asset with ammo any investigator controls at your location. So, just curious, has anyone made any neat Mateo Decks that pair with guardian where you just bless their guns for them in a supporting role? I don't know if I needed to start a topic for this, but as we're all isolating, I thought it might be fun to hear if anyone has had success with this. As a branching point, what other unexpected interactions have you tried that you ended up really liking? (I recently got to try a survivor/mystic combo that was able to use Scroll of Prophecies to ditch fortuitous discoveries and winging its while gaining other cards. That was surprisingly effective.)
  23. I probably won't get around to looking at the cards in depth anytime soon, but I'm excited to read Allonym's analyses. As far as who's my favorite? My favorite (for story/character reasons) is probably Stella, but to be honest, I am very very over survivors right now. I've played Patrice and my own survivor most recently, and Wendy in a TTS cycle... and to be honest, I want to play something that does not fail (purposefully or not). I am most excited for Nathaniel. I'm not a huge guardian fan in general if I'm honest. The reliance on heavily costed assets starts to feel very same-y to me, and Nathaniel is going to break that mold. I almost think of him as the guardian answer to Sefina. And Sefina is my most beloved investigator (especially until I get to see what they decide to do with Gloria). Events are just more fun than assets for me. Each one is situational and a response to a particular threat or puzzle, and when you use them well, you feel like you have chosen something meaningful for your deck. Assets are essential to most classes...but...what if they weren't? Enter Nathaniel. What I'm not super excited for is Harvey. We've been using card draw decks for seekers since core. It's great that we have someone who specializes in that now, but it's sort of meh to me. Additionally, I've been in situations, like recently with Bound Beast, where I did NOT want to draw cards. I like the idea that Harvey can support card draw no matter how he builds his own deck, but he does not have me excited. In order of desire to play them: 1. Nathaniel 2. Winnie 3. Jacqueline (Jacqueline and Stella are close... maybe by the time they come out, I'll prefer Stella) 4. Stella 5. Harvey But can I just say that I think Grimm's Fairy Tales looks like an excellent deck include for Agnes? She doesn't have a lot of competition for her hand slots... and what could be creepier as a pair than a Meat Cleave and a book of Fairy Tales (I mean a teddy bear and a meat cleaver is also pretty creepy)?
  24. It is obvious that they are trying to do better and it’s one of the reasons I continue to give them my money.
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