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  1. I also just had a thought that maybe you hadn't considered. When the The Turning leaves Sadie on a space with a monster with toughness above one, she will be forced to fight it. Regardless of whether or not her will check will pass. Also, I had a suggestion from my boyfriend: Maybe, while Sadie has the "Beast Within" magical effect, she should not be able to enter locations. This would give you a reason to switch forms, and also makes sense thematically... Nobody is going to sell a rifle to werewolf. Or allow them into their roadhouse. I would say to apply this only to stable locations, but then you can still nab clues as a were-thing, which is the main reason why you enter locations to begin with.
  2. Good points Aquas. And actually I did think there was a sanity cost. I mostly decided to give Sadie the knife as a way to lower her total equipment value without providing a giant boost in firepower (since she'll already be quite strong). The pass condition will need to be looked at further without the sanity cost I thought it had, but I did want to note that the casting modifier is -2 and her max lore is 4. This is a less than 50% chance she will successfully cast the spell every turn. Additionally every time a moon monster moves, until she passes her personal story, she will transform (and transform back). The problem I see here is that there's no reason for her not to just cast the spell again as soon as her turn is up. This wasn't as big of a problem to deal with, in theory, when I thought there was a sanity cost for the spell. I don't want a character that has a permanent advantage from this spell. What I want is a character that can tip the scales using this spell, but at a cost. Any suggestions on how to limit the use of Inner Beast without making it completely useless? I don't find the "nightmarish" issue very convincing (thanks for that though Dr. Faust), but Sadie's will also isn't that high so if she wants to engage in combat, there's going to be some risk there anyway. And nobody really wants to waste clues on combats.
  3. I do understand how it function Dr. Faust. My main concern, is that you would typically want to use her as a spell caster, which makes having high lore a liability as you may end up with a horror check that would drop your sanity by 2 or (if you got a terrible roll) 3. And on top of that, then having to cast shriveling which would scoop out yet another sanity. Sure, you could go in with your lore low, but with a -2 to a cast (as per dread curse or some more difficult spells) your chances of casting spells is significantly lowered and you will loose the casting sanity regardless of whether or not you succeed in the cast. I, personally, wouldn't want to risk cast dread curse with only 1 die to roll. Because that means if I failed, I would be down 2 sanity and still have to deal with a failed combat check. But maybe that's my personal problem. I'm just not THAT much of a risk taker. The dual were-wolves sound interesting, haha. The payoff for Sadie's "attack" during moon monster movement, is obviously that she can't decide NOT to. She looses control and will end up wherever the mythos decide she ought to. Failing her PS could be disastrous if she ended up with agoraphobia, lol. But I think it's fair, as she is fairly powerful.
  4. Here's another of mine. She is very different... and bends the typical rules/archetypes of this game quite a lot. So there may be many balances required, but I've also come to the conclusion that it's just the nature of the beast. Attempting to create a character around a "magical effect" is pretty tough. But I think she's ok. If her style is not your cup of tea, I would suggest just not using her instead of trying to re-tweak her. That being said, I am open to suggestions so long as Summon the Beast is her focus and her story remains similar. Also, just a note. I grant that she is very good overall. But I do want you to remember that many of her gameplay choices may be eliminated by "The Turning." She is forced to move around the board some turns, and this may trap her between monsters she is unable to handle, or place her away from her intended destination. When this occurs, she will need to adjust her plans. I am open to lowering some of her stats (lore for the PS if you think it is easy, fight if you think the maxed out 7 with inner beast is too high though I think it is pay off for the unpredictable movement, or even speed to create more trouble regaining her footing after The Turning has moved her). Basically I just want your thoughts.
  5. I will check back on this later, as I have quite a bit going on atm. But, I like the idea of the ability... my issue is that her only combat oriented stat (and her highest stat to boot) is Lore. This ability would fit better on a low lore investigator. Some horror checks are rather easy to begin with (-1, -2) and this means that Sister Lucy will always have a chance to take sanity damage (sometimes more than 1 per horror check). And if she is prepared to fight it (with spells presumably), she will likely take even MORE damage than if she minimized her lore and used a rifle. Especially considering spells cost sanity to cast. I do like this thematically, but I'm not sure it fits with a character whose lore is so high. Perhaps lower her max lore and consider making her Will her high stat and upping her speed. This being said, we then have the issue that will has become a fairly useless stat. Consider making her spell checks Will roles, and her Horror checks lore rolls with damage on success (with a lowered max lore). It's entirely possible, Sister Lucy has been "blinded by her faith" in the sense that she disbelieves that the horrors around her are possible as she has never known any "lore" other than her own religion. And would therefore take less stock in them. All in all, more than anything, I don't like that this makes Will pretty useless as a stat because this also gets rid of one of her weaknesses (as it stands, it is only max 4 and paired with lore her combat stat). I am interested in why you swapped the stat pairings for fight and lore though. This allows her to have high fight and will, which is a potent battle combo...but neither stat is particularly good with her, and she never rolls will for horror checks anyway. My recommendation: Keep her lore high, and use lore for her horror checks instead of will at a cost. So she has a choice to use her will (which is worse) or her Lore (an advantage for a cost). This also makes it so will is still important (if she'd rather not pay the cost). The cost could be as minor as spending one movement point during the move phase, or as major as paying a spell. Just don't make the cost sanity, or the ability becomes useless again. Or take a cue from Wendy and allow her to automatically pass all horror checks while she is either blessed or in a specific neighborhood/street area/other world.
  6. I will play around with this. I will test with the prior PS, and if it does not work well, I will try her again with something similar to yours. I liked the idea of having to spend trophies thematically, but maybe there's a reason why the original investigators with trohpy related stories don't normally have to. EDIT: Just a heads up, many of my images have been updated and shifted around so the direct links in this thread may have disappeared. Once I get these 3 Investigators finalized, I will start my "gallery" thread for finished characters where you will be able to find the final products.
  7. These are the end decisions about Eunice's PS that I will be playtesting her with: Pass condition: the same. Pass reward: Lore +1 Eunice may choose to return a spell to the box to gain +2 when closing or sealing gates. In addition, each time Eunice casts a spell, she may now choose to either keep it or return it to the box and draw a replacement. Fail Condition: If Eunice does not seal at least one gate before there are 8 Doom Tokens on the doom track, place <fail> in play. Fail Penalty: Each time a gate opens, Eunice must immediately pay one sanity or discard a spell. Does this work better? Is the amount of Doom too lenient? Do I need to specify how to track this (I don't think you will forget who sealed what as it is pretty important)? Also, she now starts with $6 and 2 clues, instead of $4 and 3 clues. This gives players the opportunity to make use of her second ability if they choose to forego the caster-route. Or at least the choice to put it off until later in the game for a boost in her early game.
  8. Thank you very much Aquas. That was incredibly insightful. And you've convinced me pretty solidly. Also, the rest of you have pretty much convinced me to tone down her fail to affect only Eustice. I may adjust the personal story flavor text to better reflect this, however it may not be necesarry. The impending awakening of the AO might just be enough to snap the reality-shaping effects of her Geometry, while leaving the regular powers of spell-casting in tact. In my head (I know, unsupportable), most spells (especially cast by untrained investigators) are never really possible until the ancient one begins to stir anyway. Thank you very much for all of your feedback. She will begin play-testing along with Anna Anderson ASAP. I hope to bring you more investigators with quality flavor and theme.
  9. @Jake: I do like the idea of giving the player an early option to swap spells for a skill. This is a change that I think would enhance her replayabilty as well. @ Dr. Faust: I originally did think that giving her another focus would be really optimal. As you say, prior to passing her PS (which is intended to be farily difficult), her "cool thing" is potentionally a burden if she starts with a particularly nice spell. Thematically, too, it is fitting with her history as a Geometrician. But as this is likely my favorite custom character of the bunch, I don't want to succumb to oversight and accidentally overpower her. In my games, whereas having too few focus can be a serious hinderance, having more than 2 is usually not that great of a boon. This is particularly the case with characters that have less than 6 as a max on their tracks (because min/maxing is less rewarding), or when their fight/flight stats are already easily optimized. @ Everyone: I did wonder how you would play Impossible Angles in regards to one-off spells like Greater Banishment; or activated spell effects like Inner Beast/Opening the Third Eye. In the case of the former, should she STILL replace the spell after it is cast? In regards to the latter, it would seem that she should probably cast the spell, retain the effect for the remainder of the turn, and then discard/replace it. But I'm not sure. Also, do these out-lying occurences need clarification on the Investigator sheet? I'm afraid it might become a little too wordy. Maybe I ought to insert something such as "Whenever Eunice successfully casts a spell at the end of the turn remove the spell from the game and draw a replacement." This would alleviate issues of how-many-hands-is-my-mutating-spell-occupying, as well as addressing activated spell effects (Inner Beast). The only question is regarding the one-off spells. This wording suggests that the card would not be replaced (?) as it would be discarded prior to the end of the turn due to the original wording on the spell (it is removed from the game immediately). Thoughts?
  10. Thank you Jake. I am torn on this issue also. Thematically, it is everyone's reality that is at stake, not simply Eunice's. But yes, if one player does not pull his weight or pass his story (or as it stands now) has significant delays, everyone is punished. I don't really see the punishment as that terrible. Again though, it may be warranted to provide a die roll for each player at least. Something like, pass a will check or loose either one sanity or one spell. Would this be sufficient? Or I could up the pass to balance the force of a fail, perhaps pass a will check and recieve one spell (or a clue?) for each other player. This would create a choice for the player to pick a character that can personally influence each character with her story. The spell idea might be bad, as they can then pass them all to Eunice to recycle, however. Hmm. Lots of things to think about.
  11. Thanks, I will think about this. And also, thanks for the lovely encouragement. I used 8 as a placeholder while I'm balancing and playtesting her. Very valid point. Thematically, it makes more sense for the fail to occur if/when gates are being places, rather than terror increasing. This is the main reason I chose doom over terror. But there may be a mechanic I can figure in, in regards to gates, that would be worthwhile considering. I just figured that even if she failed, at 8 doom, there really wouldn't be THAT many more turns/gates left to open before the end of the game anyway. So it wouldn't be too incredibly punishing for the players. And yes, not sure if you understood the pass as intended, but it lets Eunice choose whether impossible angles discards her cast spells and replaces them or she, instead, has the choice to keep the cast spell. This effectively allows her to pick and choose the spells that are available to her. The wording may be a little off. That also allows her to be a spell cycler for the entire group should you choose to use her that way. Possibly rotate out all of your utility spells for some magical firepower before the AO wakes up and trade them back for the final battle.
  12. Another Investigator ready for critique: (just a note, I'm working on spell users first. There will be high stamina characters in the final pack).
  13. Another update about the pass/fail condition: What if I changed them to these: Pass: Upon completion of the Task (Genealogical Research), if Anna has 5 Sanity ignore the reward on the task and place <pass> in play. If Anna has less than 5 Sanity take the reward but place <fail> in play. Fail: Put 1 Sanity token on this card from the bank each time Anna fails a Horror check. If there are ever 3 Sanity tokens on this card, place <fail> in play. This way, Anna will not receive both rewards, and additionally she must have 5 sanity at the end of the last Encounter to received her pass. I would try your task idea, but I really simply do not think there's enough room on the card to explain it.
  14. I just recently purchased BGotW as well, and my game was full of corruptions and cult opportunities. I don't know how much it helped, but I removed all other expansion Mythos and Otherworld cards before play. Additionally (as per Julia's previous comment about custom content), I was using Angelina Everett from the custom made Lovecraft Country expansion. She begins the game wish Endless Greed (when it activates, you are instructed to gain $4 and draw another corruption). By the end of the game, Angelina had 9 or so corruptions including one that had her offering Cult Memberships to other players. She's a very fun character to play with, but perhaps a burden to your team (I haven't decided). Either way, I think most of the corruption related things that happened were a result of her and the smaller deck sizes. You could always cut down the location encounter decks as well to provide more frequent opportunities to join the cult, if you'd like.
  15. I have a suggestion which isn't an entire variant, but rather a few house rules: 1. If there are particular investigators that seem to be making the game easier than you want, try removing them from the selection. Alternately, try playing a game with all 7/3 characters or 3/7 characters. 2. Allow one of EACH subtype of Environment to remain in play. The environment subtype can only be removed if another of the same subtype replaces it. The stacking of multiple stat nerfs can hit you pretty hard, but it's still pretty random. This is actually how I play all of my games, as I wasn't aware that there was only supposed to be one Envrionment card in play at all times. The other option is just choosing and Ancient One that is harder than the ones that you normally deal with. I have a few AO's that really get under my skin.
  16. Thanks, that makes more sense. I did notice that the ally stays in effect for the remainder of the turn, so it seemed really odd to only really be able to draw one during the arkham or otherworld phase. That makes her much more usable.
  17. It's good to hear from the creator himself! My only issue with Tara was that the way her special reads makes it seem like the allies only come into play when an encounter causes her to take sanity or stamina losses (not combat). And even then, the benefit (at most) allows one or maybe 2 extra dice for the encounter to be added after the result fails (not a complete reroll) and only if the encounter is related to the stats that the randomly drawn ally enhances. Just seems a tad too situational, though I love the concept. And I love that you made use of the trope. And while I love poetry (and prose poetry), I couldn't find the connection to the bizzarro occurences at the heart of the game. Instead of wrong-time-wrong-place, it read to me, because of the form, that Frankie had just lost his mind. Either way, I really enjoyed the additions. And you inspired me to begin a set of my own. So thank you. (PS I have not actually printed out all of the components or tested a game with them as of yet, but I've made fabric maps of both Lovecraft Country and another custom Expansion board. I found it to be a very easily storable solution to the issue of storing custom boards.)
  18. I just played a game with some custom characters over the weekend. I had a chance to play Angelina Everett from the pack of 16 custom investigators found on boardgamegeek, and, boy, was she fun. I'm pretty sure we lost the game because of her, but her playstyle was really great and very innovative. She has a utility function as she starts with the Endless Greed corruption and a fair bit of cash along with the ability to invest into businesses in Arkham. It costs $3 to invest in a location, and for every 3 locations she invests in, she gains $1 on upkeep, and when she gains 6 investments, she passes her personal story. Everytime the doom track hits an even number, she makes a lore check and if it fails, she looses and investment. (The only issue I had here was that given enough time, it is nearly impossible to fail the PS since there are only 5-6 chances to lose investments before the ancient one awakens, and you must lose them all to fail) I ended up picking up Alchemical Process along the way, and she became a money farm. But she couldn't trade any of it until after the PS was over as endless greed prevents giving away money (it aslo triggers additional corruptions). Before she finished the PS, she had about 9 corruptions on her.... And wow, she just felt like a real "character" with a personal struggle while I was playing her. But because of all of the investment management, she didn't make a lot of progress in other areas. She'd be more useful most likely if playing with vortex boards where she can remove their influence while investing at the same time. Portal diving with her really cuts down the chance to pass her PS. Either way, I had a lot of fun.
  19. That's a pretty fair and interesting idea. The only concern I have is for text room on the pass condition. But I like the idea that should you choose, you could forsake her story to complete the genealogical research task. But the biggest problem I can see is that the choice is not forced unless you discard the original task on completion of the PS task. Otherwise, you would just do the PS first, and if you had time (or if you had enough errand characters to pass it off on) complete the task afterwards. But that's an idea. If you pass, then the genealogical research task is lost (thematically she wouldn't really need it anymore).
  20. Advice absorbed. Lots of good observations here. I think we also generally have a difference in playstyles. I find turn/time management essential for winning, so very often I do not bother completing tasks unless there is already a clue there to pick up, or the task will result in being able to seal a gate etc. 1). That being said, I have wavered on thinking her pass condition too easy as it allows a pass in 3 turn in the best case scenario. However, if a gate opens at the graveyard, or you have to lower her speed by even 1 to attempt a sneak, the amount of turns will increase. 2). Anna's sneak is really quite bad. And her speed isn't so great that you can max your sneak and still get around. This means that sneaking by monsters will likely not be a great solution to avoiding the failed horror rolls. You will have to rely on her willpower 80% of the time. Yes, her willpower is high, but her fight is pretty miserable until she can optionally use her will post personal story success. Her spells may give her a bit of leeway here in either department. 3). I think the fail condition is fine, as it is, to some degree, about managing what the board throws at you (which I prefer), over something like Monterey Jack's which you have nearly complete control over. I like the fail condition to feel like something you have to actually worry about. 4). I do believe that you are right about the pass being to easy, or fast to resolve should the best case scenario occur (monsters appear in places you can avoid without adjusting your speed, and a gate does NOT open in the graveyard). I am trying to decide what would be a fair clause to add instead of the sanity clause. I could replace it with the 5 clues concept, which I think might overall be better. You will need more turns to acquire clues, and therfore more chances for horror checks before being able to complete. 5). I really cannot think of a benefit to failing. Unless there's something about the core rule that I'm missing, I think you misread "The Paralyzing Truth" to read 'devoured' instead of 'delayed.' The only other thought I have is that you are assuming there is a way to get Anna's stam and sanity to 1 at the same time, which I'm overlooking. The idea of occasional delays caused by combat (and possibly by encounters while passing through the otherworlds, to me, is a VERY good reason to try to not fail. You're right in that the obvious choice is that in order to play Anna, you should really focus on her personal story from the get-go. But, to me, sometimes the 'fun' of Arkham is dealing with the repercussions of falling prey to the very unpredictable clutches of the board. Besides, if you want to have the option of NOT doing the personal story, you could either play without personal stories or you could just opt to use a different investigator. But please do tell me if you think adding a "spend 5 clue tokens @ X location" as a pass result would make a difference to you. I think that it would, but I also don't want to make it impossible to play Anna (for fear of horror checks) before you pass a lengthy PS. She only starts with 1 clue.
  21. I don't know the answer to this question, since I'm new to the forums. I do know that many people use the investigators from the custom expansion Lovecraft Country available on boardgamegeeks. There is ALSO a set of 16 other investigators in a pack there as well. Out of these, I still find some of them imbalanced, or their stories a bit lacking. But that is my personal opinion. Out of that pack, I picked out Alexander Thorne, Angelina Everett, Freightcar Frankie, Henrietta Brooks, Josh Labotnik, Julia O'Brien, Molly Babbe, and Tara Campbell. That being said, so far, I find Tara lacking. Her ability doesn't come into play often enough (though it is fun thematically), and she is awful at pretty much everything that matters until she finishes her personal story. Frankie has a pretty vague and lame story imo, while being fairly decent otherwise. Henrietta, Molly Babbe, and Alexander Thorne seem to work well. I haven't used the rest. Angelina looks REALLY fun, but you must have the Black Goat in the Woods expansion to even be able to use her (which I don't). Other than these, I haven't really found many that people consider to be standard. And these are only 'faux' standard because the passion and hard work behind them is notable. Along with the expansions found on boardgamegeek. My own personal preference suggests that nobody from other mediums (IE books, comics, tv, pop-culture) should make the list. Usually their own home will always allow them to shine in their best light, and throwing them into Arkham just seems like a waste of opportunity.
  22. Thanks, Dr. Faust. Can't wait to play-test her. I did have a question about environments though, if any of you can field it. My group has always played that one of EACH environment can be in play at the same time, and the card of each sub-type in play does not get replaced until another card of that sub-type is drawn and put into play. Is this correct? Or is there only ever supposed to be ONE environment in play? Because this may possibly effect investigators I create in the future when designing or balancing them.
  23. 1) I have a few of the same concerns about her story as well, but I won't know exactly until I play-test her. Her fail condition seems just as easy to fail, imo. Three failed horror checks can come about quite easily and before she finishes her task. Especially if a gate opens at the Graveyard (a location in her task). One of my goals with this set of investigators is to make their personal stories more relevant, as usually there is very little incentive to go out of one's way to pass them. And with "Living Proof," it appears to me that "The Paralyzing Truth," while certainly something you want to avoid, will not be overly crippling. If you continue to pass horror checks, you will have enough sanity to pay the double cost. It's encountering multiple enemies in the same turn that will become a problem. 2) I would argue that her 5 stamina, max of 5 willpower (plenty of characters have 5 fight), and the cost is of 1 stamina per use (which she has no way to regain) will make her into a very destructive force for a few combats...but then she'll suddenly find herself in a very dangerous situation. If her willpower is maxed to make use of "Czarina" she will have 0 fight and 1 stamina. She will be forced to retreat to St. Mary's. 3) As far as Resilience, I suppose with all the tactics related to will/fight and potentially lore (due to spells), the mechanic is there to allow the player a little more consistency for Anna. Story-wise, I see it as either her actually being Anastasia (who was raised in a very demanding fashion and climate) or as being incarcerated in an institution for 10 years, thus making her resilient. Let me know if any of this solves any of these issues for you. I will continued to consider them as I eventually play-test her. Also, thanks for your feedback.
  24. Edmund has been finalized and I will add him to a new thread with my finished/playtested Investigators. Here is the next investigator I am working on. I really like her as is, but I would like some feedback as well. I have not playtested her yet, so throw me your thoughts.
  25. Thank you for the examples, and I see what you mean about replayability. I like most of these suggestions, though I am still stuck on what to do with his ability. In terms of "stealing information" thematically to represent the clue token for cutpurse, I was actually implying in the previous post that Edmund may thieve his way into the clue by finding himself suddenly in possession of a strange address on a piece of paper, or an ambiguous note about a peculiar artifact or piece of lore. Not so much that there would be an 'additional' conversation. But I always assumed clues could be tangible objects as well, not just the result of a verbal discussion. Possibly, I could cleave the ability into two separate ones. Cutpurse, which would gain money upon meeting a named character, and Eavesdrop, which perhaps could gain one clue on a single successful evade check (sneak check?) per turn. The problem there is that, then, with careful consideration, it may be possible to activate both abilities in the same turn. Cutpurse, as is, leaves the player with a choice of one over the other. Kocking off a max sanity will also help translate Edmund into a higher risk character as the horror checks alone can become quite an incentive to use the silver key, since if you fail your "evade" check you are then forced into taking damage (which Edmund only has a max of 4) and then into combat and, therefore, a horror check. I like this as it puts additional pressure on finalizing those dangerous runs through the streets. I'm at work but this has helped quite a bit. EDITED 9/9/13: I just play-tested the edited version of Edmund, and he seemed very balanced. The best thing about him is that he never has a wasted turn, because he always has something he can do (at a risk). Combat was still tricky enough. And his personal story pass condition (which requires only one gate trophy) is balanced by the fact that in order to finish it, you must have an event at the Silver Twilight Lodge, an unstable location. This means, that if a gate is open there, regardless of how many gate trophies you have, you must close it, or at least pass through it, to meet the pass conditions. I will post the updated version in a new thread for anyone interested in trying him out, but additionally, I will likely be making a few more ivestigators, which when finished and tested will be added there as well. I am attempting to create original characters with stories that feel at home in Arkham, as I am not a fan of bringing in characters outside of the setting (IE, comic characters, anime characters, television characters, etc). So if you're intersted let me know and I will likely add them to this thread for feedback and perusal. Once I have a collection of varied investigators, I will likely upload them to boardgamegeeks officially for use. Investigators in progress will likely be posted here for feedback from players and interested parties. Thanks!
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