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  1. The more I think about Gloria, she could really be anything (probably not guardian). If she can take 0-5 insights, everything she'd want thematically is already covered plus options that make a lot of sense that she'd be excluded from (delve too deep, truth from fiction, cryptic research, deciphered reality, delay the inevitable[how fitting is this?], drawn to the flame, forewarned, sure gamble, fortuitious discovery, "Fool me once..."). I have a thematically very similar fan-made rogue clue-ver that uses insights to pad her ability to get clues and stay on brand for the unusual-powers-rewriting-reality trope, and it's remarkable how many of those are just awesome fits.

    I've sold myself on this idea, but she would likely still be part mystic or seeker. But I could really see her as a survivor or rogue with access to 0-5 Insight cards.

  2. This happens to me every once in a while, but not as often as I'd like. I try to get outside of my wheelhouse as much as I can but there are a lot of cards that I just like using so much I struggle to find really new uses for cards that I've written off.

    I think the one I MOST want to see someone find a solid use for is Guidance. I have NEVER used it. I like the idea, but when the goal of most scenarios is sucking up clues, I can't realistically think that I'll often have situations where my seeker will want to give an action away. Let alone at their own location. Let alone someone who hasn't gone yet. Usually if I can't take advantage of my actions, I don't really want to go first because it typically means that I'm pinned down.

    I have very much enjoyed Practice Makes Perfect. It's great for seekers (deduction) or mystics who might make int checks like Marie (enraptured). Daisy can use both to good effect.

    Act of Desperation was probably my biggest 'I've-been-sleeping-on-this-card' moment, but I think most people at this point realize how good it actually is.

    Alchemical transmutation as fuel for Torrent of Power in Marie was fun.

  3. On 5/22/2020 at 4:23 PM, CaffeineAddict said:

    Finally arrived today! Tomorrow, the campaign finally finishes...!

    Just curious, did you order through FFG? I use Team Covenant subscriptions, and mine has bee in a 'processing' status since March due to the shutdowns. I'm curious how things are going with them and if they are back to business as usual or if the packs are going to take longer for them to get.

  4. 28 minutes ago, CaffeineAddict said:

    Had my shipping notification for Weaver of the Cosmos this afternoon. Finally going to be able to finish the campaign!

    I feel ya! I am so ready to take apart my decks haha. I need those player cards for other campaigns!

  5. Whether it was a good model or not, I also feel like NotZ was created as an intro into the game. The campaign as a whole wanted to show you what the game was capable of and the scale of difficulty. Most players will be able to bumble through a scenario on easy. Vets who come back to a scenario over and over (with a larger player card pool) and build their deck to combat the specific encounters in that scenario are going to find it way easier.

    Scenario 1 gives you the average difficulty intro to show you how to play, scenario 2 shows you that the optimal 'win' is not always what you're aiming for (the story continues, and the scenario pushes you to do as well as you can. In other words, you do not simply lose or win, you progress.), and the 3rd scenario shows you the sort of impact your previous actions can have and that there are multiple ways to win a campaign.

    The other thing the core campaign does is provide you with the encounter sets that are used to construct core recurring themes that will appear in future campaigns. When you leave NotZ, you are not done seeing crypt chill and ancient evils. It is the only set FFG can pull encounters from to build into other expansions because the core is required to play the game. Everyone who has Dunwich will have at least one core, everyone who has The Circle Undone will have at least one core.

    It does, however, have some of the hardest scenarios to win optimally with scenarios 2 and 3.

  6. 2 hours ago, CSerpent said:

    But that doesn't work, does it?  They're never in play.

    Well crud. You are correct. My error here. I misread the codex as it is one of the tomes I've yet to use much. Thanks for the catch, that will help prevent me from making this mistake again. It is hard to say, but I think we still would have been okay since we were only on turn 9 even if we had pulled them all. 

  7. We also just played Read or Die today We went in just after Threads of Fate during TFA as we were in the Miskatonic area already. It was very entertaining, but I think it could be very hard for certain builds. That being said, my deck assisted by enemy distraction Rita crushed the scenario pretty handily.


    Part of it was due to luck as I recovered tomes that were useful, but without the tomes in my deck to begin with, it was thinned allowing me to find and play Empower Self (Acuity). I actually have come to really love this card on Daisy. Yes, it is 1 out of 30 cards, but if you have a search deck using Mr. Rook, it's actually easy to find. Use my 5 int instead of 3 will on will tests? Don't mind if I do! +2 to a Int test each round without obstructing my hand slots (where I keep my priceless tomes)? Yes, please!

    Long story short, I had Empower Self out turn 1 which helped with all of the treacheries. Rita tripped up all/any enemies while I snagged clues using upgraded deductions and practice makes perfect to enrapture/deduce my way to the tomes. After about 2 or 3 tomes, I started using Rook to find them and get them in play. I pulled a copy of the Otherworld Codex and, though I couldn't play it that turn, used a knowledge is power to dump an ancient evils. Then I used Armitage for resources on some card draw I didn't need, put out the codex, and dumped an ancient evils 2 more times and a beyond the veil after that. Astounding revelations let me add further secrets to rook which helped me find my tomes more quickly.

    Those ancient evils are nasty in this scenario though. Never been so happy to have that codex.

    Ended up with 6 tomes out and finished the scenario in turn 9.

  8. Agreed. Though, honestly, with some out-of-the-box thinking, I could see Gloria as both a seeker 5/Rogue 2 or a Survivor 5/Seeker 2.  (Seeker has a lot of tomes...and truth from fiction just feels appropriate to her plight)

    I have a feeling she won't be either of those, but I have a heavy impression that survivor is fitting as she never seems like she wanted to have the visions/writings she puts to paper despite profiting off of them. From prior games, I believe the impression is that she does frequent Velma's and carries a concealed weapon (rogue), that she is looking for answers and trying to suss out whether she is in control and channeling/ferrying out existing stories (seeker) or if the mythos is, instead, writing her into its predestined plans (mystic). The only role I don't see her as is a guardian to be honest. But I feel like the rest of your thoughts are in line with mine Allonym.

  9. In general, I agree with everything you've said here. However, and I suppose I should have mentioned this more explicitly, I am reconsidering Daisy partially because of not having used her for a while, and partially because I particularly do want to go outside the normal or even optimal deck builds and try to make use of the new tomes to the best of her ability. I generally agree that putting multiple tomes out is not needed, but it can be fun and make her extremely flexible.

    I don't want to build her like other seekers because I've done that to death to some extent and she makes some less-than-stellar cards that are easily passed up by seekers something that at least COULD be used. Seekers have some of the best cards in the game at lvl 0 and it's very hard to take something as clunky and action inefficient as Esoteric Atlas over a couple of pathfinders and/or shortcuts, but if anyone could do it, Daisy could.

    I actually explicitly took Esoteric Atlas to teleport the relic out of scenario 2 of TFA, and it was really fun. I held onto a Knowledge is Power all game so I could snag the relic, exhaust the atlas, then knowledge is power to tele through 2 diferent sets of hunting enemies and got to the entrance. Was it necessary? No. But it was kind of neat.

    So I guess to better frame this question, imagine that you were FORCED to go hog-wild and build 8(ish) tomes into a Daisy deck (with the possibility of actually considering using Daisy's Totebag). 

    I see what you mean here as far as not having resource issues because typically seekers don't really have that problem in general. But when you're juggling tomes and totebags, it could come up.

    (I am running 2x Delves; if you're interested in seeing what I'm going with so far, here is my deck: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/765756) I'm not trying for an optimal build. But regardless, this question is less about how I should build a deck, and more just a conversation starter for the kinds of decks, perhaps, that only Daisy can make work. What tomes, allies, events, etc do you take, and which ones do you pass over? Scroll of Prophecies or Old Book of Lore for instance... or both? Leave the Atlas at home in favor of a pathfinder or two, and bring along a medical text instead to cover a slightly different support?

    (Note: Daisy with the Otherworld Codex, Old book of Lore, practice makes Perfect and deductions/enraptureds, plus Mr. Rook really has quite a few ways to take advantage of research cards)

  10. Hello all,

    Like many of you, I think we are considering Daisy decks once more. For me, though, I haven't really used her since core. There are a lot of tomes out there now, especially exp tomes (esoteric atlas, old book of lore, encyclopedia, otherworldly codex) and some of the 0xp tomes have their place. I'm running her in a TFA campaign, and I must say that the medical texts have come in handy.

    I'm just using the standard front and back, but it got me wondering what tomes and how many do people like to run in a Daisy deck? Do you take 4 tomes with 2 copies each? Do you take 8 tomes with 1 copy each and rely on Mr. Rook/Eureka/Research Librarian to find the one you need for the situation? Is there one tome you ALWAYS go for first? 

    I've found her to be pretty resource starved and takes a bit of set-up though usually you get those actions back in the form of other tome actions. Astounding revelations help for sure if you're running search Daisy. Do you guys take Unearth the Ancients or crack the cases for resource management? Or are you just very choosy about which and how many tomes you put out? 4 tomes plus Daisy's tote can cost 5 actions and 14 or so resources. 

    Just wondering. I've seen a lot of talk about her lately and which cards her parallel version opens up with her deck-building, but I'm curious how you run her. She is very powerful no matter what, and you don't usually need to run anything to boost her intelligence much, so unlike other seekers, you don't really NEED to have a magnifying glass or fingerprint kit (unless you are in a 3-4 player game). 

  11. The bit about parallel investigators in the scenario guide for read and die make it seem pretty likely we will only be getting print-and-play quality. I’m fine with that. They didn’t charge a fee for the PDFs. What I’m curious about is how often and how many of these will be coming? With no profit on them it seems like a low priority project.

    I also wonder if they’ll have time to develop once covid is not causing delays.

    The limited encounter cards may make it easier to create resource wise, but they’re going to have to be pretty clever to combine existing locations and encounters into new scenarios.

    I would expect to see Lola/Minh using Carcosa and Leo/Ursula using FA and Diana using TCU. Beyond that things get murky.

    But for class options I’m betting we’ll get Leo, Lola, and Diana.

  12. Just be sure you have the encounter sets to play (from Dunwich legacy deluxe box) before you go and get stuff printed unless you are just interested in the parallel investigator option. 

    It looks impressive as a design that does so much with so few new cards, but since Daisy is a core NotZ investigator it’s important to note Read or Die requires Dunwich legacy cards.

  13. Sister Mary + Olive will be interesting (whether she is taking her or another mystic is). Depending on the bag and deck builds, you could use Olive to weed curses out on a less important test or boost your tests a lot more effectively.

    Really enjoy the idea behind bless and curse. It seems so simple on the surface, but there's a lot of interactions to consider.

    Momentum seems like a crazy choice for Amanda's ability, making each test even easier, but you may have to commit something to the first test due to her 2 value stats. And level 2 deduction is pretty crazy...


    EDIT: Can we talk about the new Seeker 'identify' asset for a moment (Cryptic Grimoire)? You have to add 10 curses to the bag to identify it. Sure, some flip back, but think about how often you will get like 3 or 6 in the bag and then draw them and have to remove them only to spend more actions adding more to the bag on your next turn? At the very least, it will take over 3 entire turns to place enough curses in the bag... and that's if none are removed (and also if nobody else helps you put more in). 
    How powerful do you think the upgrades will be?

  14. 2 hours ago, CSerpent said:

    Just played on TTS using Preston and Diana.  A full-powered Decoy was great for Preston's first Act as Envoy.  I really liked the mood and theme, and the Role mechanic is great!

    Just a few issues:  

    I agree with Watno that there were too many enemies.  I lost because an Act enemy spawned on Diana while three Hunters were one location away, even though I'd killed four and left two evaded at the beginning.  Then another spawned to finish off Preston.  And none of them are lightweights.

    It became moot quickly, but it wasn't clear to me what happens if someone is eliminated.  Their Act stays in play, but you can't advance someone else's Act.  So how do things advance at that point?

    Diana as a blade wielder instead of a spell-caster would have been an additional problem had she lasted.

    Thanks! I tried to make it as clear in the scenario guide as I could without giving too much away, but may have bungled it and left questions unanswered. It sounds like you have it correct though. When an investigator is eliminated, their Acts stay in play. So if the investigator had finished their Act before being defeated or resigning, it still counts as meeting its objective. There are a few exceptions with a role or two where in order to pass the final objective, you must be present in general or at a specific location.

    Basically if you don't complete all the objectives, you don't get the 'best' resolution. However, if you make it to the end of the agenda deck,


    Carl is impressed by your wherewithal and his opinion is much higher than if you both are defeated or resign or a combo thereof. Carl is encouraging everyone to see their unique task is complete and pushing that at any cost, but Carl does not value the team mentality that you often need to ensure a mission is successful.

    So lasting out the remainder of the scenario while collecting victory points is a good alternative if you find that someone goes down too early (or, if you want to, you can turn tail and resign). This is meant to be a unique challenge of the scenario.

    As with the FFG scenarios, in terms of the overall campaign, not getting the BEST outcome doesn't mean you've failed or will not be able to progress. I'm hoping players enjoy the experience and are interested in replays enough to overcome the obstacles that gave them the most trouble.

    I had difficulties with the numbers of enemies too when I started playtesting this, but testers were giving me the opposite feedback, so although I did lower some enemy health during testing,  I decided to err on the side of a challenge. Current feedback is that the 2nd scenario is easier, which may not be a bad thing. But I need more playtest feedback. It's hard to walk the line between too easy for vets and too hard for new players. I'm hoping there will be a bit of both throughout the campaign. 

    With the initiation, it can also come down to encounter card draw. There are no lighweight enemies per se, but 2 health enemies are prevalent instead of 3 with the exception of hired gun. You're going to want to remove the hunters more often than evading them or they can pile up. In which case, you can back yourself into a corner and find that you are action starved until you deal with them more permanently. 

  15. Yes. No issue here unless you complete the objective. Some however immediately advance when conditions are met and others require you to spend clues. If you spend clues, as long as it doesn’t say to immediately spend them, you can also delay spending them until you are ready to advance.

  16. On 4/13/2020 at 8:51 AM, Watno said:

    We played this standalone with 4 investigators and while I was quite impressed with the story and the ideas, the scaling seemed off.

    Because we had 4 investigators, we had 4 acts, but each of them had an objective that scaled with the number of investgators itself, so we didn't need to do twice as much as two investigators would, but four times as much. It also seems like the Acts would be very punishing when playing investigators with unusual focus for their class. Killing 8 enemies would be close to impossible for Carolyn, for example.

    To me, it also seemed like there were too many enemies and the Learning Curve treachery seemed super punishing.

    Admittedly, we were playing on hard, but we also had standalone decks with xp, and we didn't come close to winning. I have a hard time seeing this being doable for four ibestigators without xp.


    I really loved the car driving around though, it seems like you can do a bunch of cool stuff with that.

    Thanks for your comments (this only just showed up on the board today even though it says it was posted on 04/13, weird)! Surprisingly, you're one of the first to tell me the scenario is not too easy! I do hear you on the scaling of the acts, but not all of the acts scale on player count, and it can also be much easier to defeat 8 enemies when there are 4 players because you don't have to do all the damage yourself (presumably there's at least 2/4 that can handle enemies to some degree).

    Carolyn actually has the option (at least in the most up-to-date version, which I think is uploaded) to take the Offering Role as well. Admittedly, she is probably the extreme case of not being suitable to the Act for the role taken based on her class, but it's still not impossible with the help of Alice Luxley. The majority of others probably won't have too many issues. 

    I've had players with 0 xp complete it with 4 investigators, but there will be some acts that you can assist other players with and some you can't. There are also acts with some roles that overlap in locations a little which makes committing to each others tests etc easier in some cases (Invoker and Occultist for instance).

    I hope you had some fun with it and am sorry if you had a negative experience (especially if it was because you had a Carolyn playing as the Expendable in 4 player, that sounds like a real challenge). I do find that the scenario becomes much easier after you've played a blind playthrough, which was one of my goals. I like scenarios that you can learn and get better at because it affords more replayability I feel.

    In some ways, the 4 vs 2 player count makes it easier to accomplish both Expendable and Envoy Acts because it ensures you will see more enemies in play. While everyone has their own Act deck in this scenario, I find that it is still best to use co-op to accomplish your goals. Sticking an Envoy and an Expendable together, for instance, can be very useful as the Envoy can evade more enemies and do minor damage while the Expendable finishes them off. 

    Again, I'm pleased as punch and appreciative that you had the time to give it a try. I just hope you don't feel like it was a complete bust.

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