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    So, Patrice is absolutely amazing (I've played only a few games with her),...OR ...

    Very much this. Julia is far beyond my Arkham Strategy abilities, but Patrice makes (nearly) every game a cakewalk. She gains clues as gates open (I think.. plus additional clues when the doom hits 8 or 10 or something) and anybody can use her clues for free, for anything, as many times per round as they want.

    She is literally a clue font. Even if you didn't chase down clues with her, Patrice could park her butt in the streets for the entire game and be MORE useful than most other investigators in a normal game (or Vincent at his best! :P)

  2. I believe my bet is on Luke, Tony, Zoey, and Minh. I did a ridiculous amount of pattern identification to figure this out to the best of my ability.


    The alternative was Tony, Roland, Rita, and Marie (I think?).


    Anyway, as Julia pointed out, we may even get new investigators altogether. I wouldn't expect that until between MoM and EH we've exhausted the list above.


    But when we DO get new investigators.... could we maybe hope for a new Arkahm Horror Big Box with the new guys???!?!?


    Anton Pavel is a little bit more difficult for me to properly assess. Again (as with all of them), I'm a big fan of the back story and personal story. With the latter, I'm not sure what the odds are that either Anton or any investigator will have an encounter with Anna Kaslow (probably quite low), but it provides an interesting side story to hold in the back of your mind (and how awesome will it be if it actually happens).


    Oh, I also just wanted to mention a new variant that I recently discovered that may make Anton's PS more accessible. I think it's referred to as the "citizens of Arkham" variant.  Basically, you keep the typical limited deck of allies for the sake of recruitng at Ma's and those that leave due to terror etc, BUT you keep the deck of other allies to the side as the "Citizens" deck. If you have an encounter in Arkham that lets you take gain an ally you can take the ally from the "Citizens" deck if you choose.


    I've never played this way before, but now that I have all of the expanions, I'm thinking of giving it a whirl.It's a shame to see so many cards and opportunities go unused.

  4. Soakman, I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed that report. Of course now it's going to need to be continued....since the investigators aren't dead yet. Looks like it's going to be next week before I'll get back into it.


    You're right, the "Vessel of the Mythos" corruption card would not be a good thing for Astrid, at all. I wouldn't want to see the Corruption deck get so active that it got into the red cards. It's nice to have it coming into play up to a point, but there is a limit to how much fun I would want to have with it. Interesting to hear your thoughts about some of these investigator abilities, specifically the Corruption card draw for Astrid in this case. I was trying to be "fair" by exposing her to the possibility of gaining a number of corruption cards, but maybe I over-reacted by including the Black Goat of the Woods. Curious that you've never seen the Deep One Rising track fill up. That's what awoke Cthulhu in my first game, and here it goes again in game three.


    Yeah, I get a little paranoid with the tracks and tend to overcompensate for them, haha. Luckily I've never had a game where it has been impossible to control, though I know that it can happen.


    I love the write-up and appreciate your  thoughts on the investigators. I'm not really sure I've ever played Astrid in a Black Goat session so it's always a good awakening to think about abilities in contexts that I had not thought about. Now I might have to try it... :D 

  5. Honestly, with some of the fixes and custom herald adaptations, black goat is one of my favorite experiences. Corruptions are just so interesting.  I like my investigators to come in shades of gray. Even just house-ruling that killing Dark Young  or being damaged by them or whatever inflicts a corruption is enough to see a bit more play from me as well.


    But yes, to the OP, if you ever just want a little bit of tweaking or just a tad bit more variety in your games without splurging on a brand new purchase, please do conisder the custom creations made by fans. There are some very passionate and talented players for this game. :wub:

  6. The Goat has some very interesting components and concepts, but fails to deliver and suffers from deck dilution problems. 

    Julia is wise in the ways of Arkham and I agree. But since you've got a bit of experience, (I'm never 100% sure if I agree with the majority who suggest DH as the first big box) I am a HUGE fan of the personal story components found in Innsmouth Horror and might suggest that one instead or as your 2nd big box if you decided to expand again.  Pharaoh is nice because it adds exhibit items and exhibit-related encounters in street areas. I love these mostly because when I get caught in the streets I usually feel like I lost out on a thematic encounter, but with Pharaoh that's not always the case. 


    But the king in yellow blights/herald is my most commonly used herald. So yeah, that's a great pick.

  7. Just a warning, tear down and set-up times only increase with additional expansions. You will have decks upon decks upon decks if you continue with expansion purchases. By the end of the madness, it's hard to say whether leaving everything in and increasing shuffle time etc is more efficient than breaking everything down into their separate components at the end of a session. 


    I'm always torn on this one, hahah.

  8. I just wanted to add my agreement here that while you can leave most elements of the expansion packs in with the base game experience, you should definitely separate out the Mythos cards.


    The reason is for things exactly as you are describing. The biggest problem is spawning gates in locations that are not in play, as well as spawning clues that are supposed to be in places that are not in play. It's not very difficult to separate out the mythos deck, which I do, but you can leave the other elements in for more flavor.

    Also, as pointed out above, I would definitely stick to base Ancient Ones for new players as well. Some AO's can be downright brutal even for experienced players.

  9. Also, Schmiegel, in regards to the corruption deck:


    While the herald + Astrid certainly creates a growing concern that the Corruption deck MAY run out ( :o ), I primarily added the corruptions as the cost for her ability due to the small negative effect the Corruptions themselves have on Astrid.


    For example, Jealous Guardian suddenly denies Astrid the ability to trade with other investigators (until the corruption is removed  by closing a corresponding gate). At the wrong time this could be game-altering. Some corruptions are definitely less problematic for Astrid than others without them coming from other sources as well, but it's a bit of a fun gamble I think.


    I've never seen the red corruptions come into play in any game I've played. They are much more interesting IMO, but I didn't know if it would be appropriate to have Astrid pull from the red half as some of them are quite severe. As I don't have a ton of experience with those ones, perhaps the ability could even be altered to pull a red card every other activation of her ability? Just some thoughts because I rather like how thematic Astrid can be. And though I cringe to think of anyone ever drawing the "Vessel of the Mythos" Corruption... how telling would that be, ya? ;)

  10. As a quick note: there are some components that many people leave in the game once they have all expansions regardless of whether or not they are playing with all the expansion components or even just specific ones. They do not really provide a barrier to entry and are just fun.

    Some of the components that really do nothing but enhance the game (you may want to consider using them in all games) are:


    Injuries/Madness: cards (these, although optional, merely provide a choice that will save you waiting around having stale turns while trying to heal up your defeated investigators)
    Relationships: These do nothing but provide a buff for you characters, but often enhance the thematic feeling of the game.

    Item/Spell/Unique Item/Common Item/Skill/Ally decks: The only issue you may have here is the dillution of "Elder Sign" unique items (which are quite powerful artifacts that can potentially win you the game). Obviously the larger the deck, the harder they are to acquire.


    Location/Otherworld cards do not need to be separated out unless you really want a non-dilluted flavor to your game. For example, feel like really witnessing a story heavily themed on the effects of the notorious King in Yellow play? Only include the base set and the King in Yellow cards.

    Mythos cards are the only deck you for sure do not want to dillute with extra cards. The biggest problem with doing this is that you will be instructed to place clues and gates in locations that are not in play.


    And as far as monsters go, you can include them all (most people do). Sorting them doesn't really provide any added experience as the monsters that come with each expansion aren't particularly themed for the expansion.

    Finally, just a warning, the game is very very fun, quite long, and has rules that are quite different from Eldrtich Horror. Do not make assumptions based on EH. For example, in AH, you cannot trade clues between investigators even though you can in EH. Read the rulebook thoroughly, and when it doubt, refer to the turn's phase order.

    I hope you buy it.  The came is virtually limitless in replayability and remains one of my all-time favortie boardgames. :D

  11. Oh no! Poor Anton! Trapped between R'yleh, a time-bomb, and horrible formless spawn! It certainly must be some kind of record! I'm not sure I've ever even had the Innsmouth Track fill in any of my games.  

    I will say that fleet-footed (Anton's ability) has some very limited uses but can be a great boon when needing to pick up a clue at a location while allowing you to rush off towards a rumor or what-have-you with his remaining extra movement. The ability is relatively weak because he starts with such a powerful artifact. Fleet-footed has saved me a few times, but I often consider it a small bonus rather than a powerful investigator mechanic.

    I love the write-up and I'm glad you're thoroughly enjoying my investigators. :)  I love hearing stories about what they get up to when I'm at my boring 9-5. 

  12. Nobody knows FOR SURE.. but you're probably right. It doesn't make Arkham Horror any less great of a game simply because it is not pumping out expansions. I haven't seen half of the cards that I actually have for the game (I just bought my last expansion over the weekend).


    And if that isn't enough variety, then there is a load of custom content created and playtested by dedicated players. I have one player-created expansion that I havne't even played with yet because I haven't finished creating all of the components (though I do have a nice cloth map for it, lol).


    I even have some pretty rad (if I do say so myself) custom investigators I created that you can find in my signature. These open up some options for unique investigator playstyles as well to add variety but fall in the same vein as the original investigators thematically.

  13. Great story, Soakman! Sounds like a really EVIL game :D As for Double Vision and Amnesia: have you considered retiring the characters?



    Oh Julia, it gets worse.  The way the game played out, the blight occured on the 2nd or mabye 3rd turn. Carolyn Fern was devoured turn 4. Enter Patrice. We seal 2 gates, but Patrice gets a lucky Elder Sign from a swapped luggage encounter! However, we are running short of clues and Patrice has plenty, but we need at least one on each investigator to seal even using all of hers because of the blight...


    THEN... the Nightmare Pool Rumor popped up. 2 of our investigators were in Other Worlds, and only 2 could get to the rumor to start working on it.  Next turn, one of the other investigators emerges and seals. Hooray! It feels like a turn-around, except for that dang rumor!


    Enter the environment mythos that makes you only able to travel around the board via the black arrows!  WHAT!!! We were going to solve the rumor!  Now the final investigator that needs to sacrifice sanity at the nightmare pool in Southside is stuck traveling AROUND the board from the silver twilight lodge! Talk about the WORST mythos to draw while Nightmare Pool was out!

    In order to counter act the additional sanity tokens being added by the rumor while the final investigators attempted to round the board, the two who were there had to go insane, take madnesses, and run back to the nightmare pool from the Asylum!  This is how we ended up with so many madnesses.  We simply could not afford the 3 successive mythos draws that would result from the failure of the rumor.


    So, to answer your question, we HAD thought of retiring our insane characters, but they actually had some very lovely items and clues (despite being everywhere, clue were becoming more precious and difficult to pick-up). For this reason, we kept them around (and it's a good thing because had we lost those clues, we would not have had a chance to win).

    Eventually it was down to the last 2 gate seals, 1 doom, and 6 open gates.  We were having surge after surge because of all the open gates and seals. And we were in position to win twice, but one of the investigators was rendered insane (because she still hadn't recovered from the Nightmare pool incident), and the other was forced from his explored gate into the streets!


    Finally the last gate opened, he woke up. It was madness.


    EDIT: We had the addtional option of winning via gates closed as one of our investigators started with the Walk the Ley Lines mission... but we just didn't have enough time and still manage the rumor.

    I WAS wondering though Julia (if you or anyone else knows), when you complete the Walking the Ley Lines mission, do you take the gates that close as trophies?  It seems powerful and an alternative way to win, but if you don't receive the gates it seems very unlikely you will ever have (in a 4-player game) 4 gate trophies + one investigator to close 4 gates and use those additional trophies for the mission requirements.

    Also, I have a joke for you! How many tickles does it take to make Cthulhu laugh?











  14. Arkham is indeed still around, but this forum attack is nothing compared to my last game...


    We were fighting Yibb-Tsil, so we were only permitted to ever have 5 clues at once, and since we were playing with the King in Yellow Blights... The terror lvl went up once from a mythos and lo and behold, the blight made sealing require SIX clues.


    Carolyn Fern was delayed and knocked around for the first 4 turns of the game and ended up lost in time in space...then an enviroment was pulled that caused all LITAS characters to test or be devoured! Carolyn failed, and for the greater good, elected to ignore her gathered clues so we could pull Patrice Hatheway....


    She was our only chance at sealing.... and we knew with Yibb-Tsil who had a whopping 88 health points or so and would have inconceivable combat modifier, our only chance was to put the beast back to sleep.


    By the end of the game, two investigators had Double-Vision (cannot pick up clues from thed board) and one had Amnesia (can only have FOUR clues at once). Somehow we still managed 4 seals with the aid of Patrice. But we were forced out of gates and into streets before being able to seal the final two.


    Sometimes, I swear the game has an awareness. It's like it knows what it has to do to win.  Even Patrice couldn't secure our victory.  :wacko:

  15. Hi everyone, I'm new at the forums and FFG's board games as well and I was hoping that the community here can give me a hand here because I am unsure if I am playing Eldritch Horror correctly...


    So, I listed both the situation and questions on the bottom respectively and can someone help me and my friends finally put an end to our confusion when playing? Please bear in mind that we are new to the game and I am hoping I will not receive excited responses.


    1. When exactly is the mystery card(s) supposed to become active? Do you pick a mystery when you start the game or do mysteries start appearing after following certain conditions? (this is a frequent problem me and my buds are having a issue with because it seems that every time we play the game, we start with a mystery before the action phase and I feel very unsure if this is correct)


    2. When are special encounter cards (one with tentacles) for the gods encountered? How do you encounter these cards? (So, we've played Cthulhu recently but it seemed to us that he was the only one we had dealt with special encounter cards "R'lyeh Risen". The other gods, on the other hand, we haven't dealt with these cards and we don't know what these cards are for, except for putting them in the box.)


    3. Once an investigator dies, can he/she play a different character? And when that investigator dies, when the other player takes his/her equipment, can the other player use the equipment?


    4. Any limit on how many items you can have? 


    5. When improving skills, can you improve skills indefinitely or is there a limit? (This seemed to be an issue when one of us were using Lily Chen's abilities)

    1. You start the game with a mystery, and a new mystery is only revealed after the mythos phase during the turn it was completed. This means that even after you solve the 3rd mystery, you must survive until after the mythos phase for the mystery to be considered completed.

    2. The special decks are special encounters that can be had as part of specific mysteries for that Ancient One. If you do not happen to draw that mystery, the deck usually won't be used. Some deck might be used during the Final Mystery when the AO wakes up, but I can't remember.


    3. Each investigator that dies is replaced my another investigator at the beginning of the next turn. However, if the investigator that was the first players dies, you must immediately pass first player to someone else (sometimes first player is affected by mythos cards). I'm assuming you understand the "injury/madness" encounters on the backs of each investigator that often allow you to take their equipment. So yes, once you have it, you can then use it as normal.


    4. You can  have any number of items BUT ONLY the +X bonus of your highest bonus is applied to your roll for each test.  Example: if you have an ally that gives you +1 Str, and a gun that gives you +2 Str, you only receive +2 str for your test, NOT +3. The other effects of items stack (rerolls, changing a 4 to a 5, "additional dice" effects, etc)


    5. You can only improve each stat by 2.  This is why each stat has a +1 side and a +2 side.


    PS. I'm not trying to be overly critical here, but you should try to reread the instructions when you have a chance. Some of these answers are specifically addressed there.

    PPS. LOL, looks like this was already answered in the other dupe post.  WOOOPS. My bad. ;)

  16. Thanks again Julia. I also think that a seal and a gate trophy would be a little too powerful, and I was personally hoping she wouldn't keep the trophy, but I couldn't find any references that would suggest otherwise. 


    I don't usually use Mandy and I think this playthrough was the first time I'd ever seen her Personal Story. Who'd know I'd have so many questions, lol.

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