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  1. Question: Are the test modifiers added before or after you take into account "additional dice." In other words, do you add all bonuses and modifiers together, THEN roll an additional die/dice? Or do you add your additional dice to your bonus and then apply the test modifier? For some reason I can't remember how this is done.


    Thank you!

  2. Just curious.


    I'm about to playtest a few of the investigators from my gallery and was curious which you would use for a generic playstest?

    Without having to do many playthroughs with each investigator (for timeliness's sake), would you opt for the harder ones (Yig, Cthulhu, Hastur, Shub?) the easer ones (Yog, Elder Things), a GOO with a sideboard, or decide based on some other factor (clue heavy vs. gate heavy vs. combat heavy?).


    Give me your thoughts! I'm likely playtesting my first game tomorrow, and whereas I want to make sure nothing is completely broken, my investigators are meant for players who want more variety, versatility, and new background stories. And being that they are difficult (for me) to edit, there may be some few wording inconsistencies on the version 1.0, but I do want them to be useable and fun.  Hence the playtest.

    Thank you guys!


  3. Given how neatly the expansions meld into the base game, they could really do 10 more expansions if they wanted to. Heck, I'd buy all of them - there are a LOT of Ancient Ones that haven't been ported over from Arkham, yet.

    I'd probably recommend cutting back on the Asset/Unique Asset/Spell deck additions since those decks are starting to get pretty big, but beyond that more content = better as far as I'm concerned.

    The unknown is how they would handle investigator additions as there isn't any precedent of a genuinely NEW Lovecraftian investigator since Arkham Horror stopped delivering new expansions (I vote Isabelle Barnes!). 


    But I agree; there is plenty of source material to work with.

  4. The two of us played against Azazoth with expansions up to Strange Remnants.

    We had six Rumor cards together with three Epic Monsters in play, then we drew the Mythos card and we both had to lose six health, needless to say game over.

    l have never played a game of Eldritch Horror like it, also it was my friends first and last game of it.

    Awww, that's too bad. But yes, sometimes the stars are just right.  <_<

  5. These are great btw. I think I have seen them before via BGG. Thanks for sharing here where others can see them before dl'ing.


    John looks particularly fun, but his passive bonus is worded a bit like you can either take the service OR take 1 clue instead of resolving it. I don't think this is probably what you wanted though? I don't know if I saw a different version of him, but I remember his ability being explained as working a bit differently. I think being able to keep a service for use later?

  6. Draw 3 select 1 is a staple way of selecting characters when there is a large choice, e.g. arkham, eldritch, descent, zombicide.

    It avoids issues with multiple players seeking the same investigator, allows more investigators to see play (as opposed to just playing favourites) and best of all adds a much better team building element to the game.

    This is what I use as well. Although there have been hands of 3 that I just shake my head and think ... "ugh, really?"

  7. Thank you for posting this clarification.

    I had a situation with the Asset, Sanctuary today.


    A high-influence investigator gained Sanctuary, but wanted to hand it off to another investigator who was Cursed.

    This cursed investigator did not have a confident Influence.


    I almost played that Sanctuary could be gained by the first investigator and passed onto the Cursed investigator who could then be rid of the Cursed condition.

    Instead, I had the Cursed investigator roll for the Asset, herself. Luckily the roll was successful.


    Sanctuary is a Service so it follows different rules and is activated immediately upon gaining the card. You can't ever trade service assets because there is no way to trade an asset that you haven't already gained. The only real question here would be if Charlie Kane could gain the service for another investigator. And that may be covered elsewhere.

  8. Akachi is a good character, but in my experience she can be handicapped by receiving a bad version of Mists of Releh during setup (the one that always makes you lose sanity on a successful cast is especially dangerous against Hastur, for example). Worse yet, she's usually crippled if she loses Mists.

    Additionally, if her sanity and/or health get low, it can be really hard for her to keep up on gates, and the fact that she's designed to ignore monsters as she closes gates can cause logistical problems from time to time.

    As for my top ten picks? Honestly I don't know. There are so many good characters with their own unique style of play, so it depends on our group composition, our adversary of choice, and my mood. It would be much easier to list the characters I don't particularly enjoy or find underwhelming (George Barnaby, Wilson Richards, and Finn Edwards spring to mind).


    Honestly, I find most of the men sub-par. I have a friend that loves Finn Edwards for some reason though. I also don't really care for Tommy (or is it Tony?) or Michael McGlenn (his sanity problems are just the worst, and his ability isn't necessary with his starting 3 influence). I'd stick with Norman/Hank/Skids... And honestly as unpredictable as Rex is, he's probably more useful than half of the other male investigators. It is definitely not a Man's world. Harvey and Jim are both pretty solid too though.

  9. 1. Agnes Baker

    2. Daisy Walker

    3. Zooey Samaras

    4. Mandy Thompson

    5. Minh Thi Phan

    6. "Skids" O'Toole

    7. Diana Stanley

    8. Hank Sampson

    9. Norman Withers

    10.Akachi Onyele


    Daisy is disgustingly powerful, so if we're going for "best team-up" I'd probably say Daisy, Mandy Thompson, Zooey Samaras, Minh Thi Phan.  The best 4-man group would probably sub out Mandy or Minh for a strong influence investigator like Charlie or Jenny. Out of the two, I prefer Jenny, but neither one are faves. You could also sub Akachi for Mandy if you prefer using Daisy's Arcane Insight for clue-gain, as Akachi's gate closing abilities are simply unparalleled.

  10. I use photobucket to host my uploaded images, then you simply press the "image" button in the text box, paste the direct url of the hosted image, and voila!

    However, please make sure the image is small enough before you link it so that you don't overstretch the thread or it becomes obnoxious to navigate the page.

    Can't wait to see them!


  11. Finished the Back for Astrid Lee. It may be difficult to read. I can't find a way to get the text any crisper, but it may be passable when printed. The quality will not be 100% as clean and clear as regular components, but they should be decent enough considering Investigators shouldn't require precision similarities as they aren't "randomly drawn." Even if you choose to do so, I suppose you could always use another method to pick such as rolling dice and counting down from the top of the pile etc.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a cleaner text image, feel free to let me know and I'll try to give it a shot.

    If you want the text alone to read sans the image because it is too difficult on these small images, let me know and I can provide that as well. Thanks! <3

  12. I have to admit, I'm much more interested in what investigators we will see three expansions from now*.

    We've got just enough investigators for two expansions, so for the third one they would need to release some new characters - for the first time in 7 years**.


    *hoping that there will be that many expansions

    **Innsmouth Horror, released in May 2009, contained the last new Investigators.

    My #1 (new) investigator candidate would be Isabelle Barnes. I always though she should be a investigator in her own right as she seems to have been involved before even Jenny. I've almost made her myself a few times.


    Maybe even Wendy's or Hank's fathers.



    Atlach Nachna (unlikely cause of the web spinner epic monster?)

    We do have both a rumor-spawned "Wind-Walker" monster and a separate Ithaqua Ancient One.

    Some of my top picks would be Nyarlathotep, Glaaki, and Daoloth.


    Yeah, I thought of that too. I always imagine that the "Wind-Walker" Epic Monster is simply some kind of extra-powerful Wendigo. Isn't Nyarlahotep also sort of the same as The Dark Pharoah? I get lost on some of the actual mythos because I don't really know where to read most of these. Are they primarily Derleth contributions?  

  14. Great idea about the expansion symbol Runko, but I want the investigators to be as accessible as possible. I know a lot of players refuse to buy the side-board expansions because they don't like the board mechanics, and they will have none of those components. I also don't have quality scans of the expansion symbols.

    I am going to include a OR option under starting equipment that allows the player to choose between a couple items in the case they do not have an expansion for investigators that include expansion components.

    And if you guys think of any questionable situations for an investigator's ability I will add an FAQ. The only investigator that will see problems relating to expansion will be Hosea as his abilities revolve around Tasks and character Unique Assets. And maybe Edmund as I can't recall if the Silver Key is a base game artifact atm.

  15. You need to supply the back to each card. Otherwise what happens when they are crippled / driven insance.

    These are coming. They're not yet finished. I'm collecting thoughts on the fronts here though while I'm working on the backs. When the files are available to download, they will also include standees to print.

    The backs will also likely include 2 sets of starting items. One for those without the expansions and a more optimal starting kit that will include expansion elements.

  16. @Lorinor

    Thanks for the response! Just some info (a lot of the identity of these characters will likely come through in their descriptions and starting items).

    Anna: She is intended to be resilient. Able to cast spells via her willpower and, shed physical injuries, and pack a wallop. Not the best at closing gates, but functions as a utility caster/front-line spellcaster to provide assistance when the others need help controlling the board. (Story-wise,she is based off of a real life woman who claimed to be the missing Anastasia Romanov. The time-line aligns with the setting of EH and whereas in real life, Anna Anderson was finally proven to be unrelated via DNA testing, for her entire life-time nobody was very certain. Anna had been institutionalized in a mental asylum for years and she looked very much as Anastasia would have looked and was the correct age. She was also strangely knowledgeable about her life. Since this is Lovecraft the question of her madness is unresolved, but either way the woman is resilient and stubborn as a mule).

    Sadie: I will likely change this to Deal-only.

    Anton: I feel a "on your space" requirement is too situational and would result in a mostly useless ability. Often times, you wouldn't bother going out of your way to a monster's space unless you could eliminate it permanently. The idea character-wise is that Anton is a Romani Acrobat (often referred to derogatively as "gypsy.") His connections via his cultural 'family' circles the globe and they have known first-hand eldritch horrors and pass down legends about them and how to stop/weaken them. It is this extended family, which Anton has contacted, that is "distracting" the monster during the reckoning phase.

    His passive ability is where the "acrobat" comes in. And yes, it is Health(Thanks! I believe it is Stamina in Arkham Horror). As far as I can tell, it wouldn't cause game-play problems as the game exists now. It might give the player additional options they had not had before, but I don't think it will "break" the game. I don't want to change it to "successful" as this is sort of arbitrary. Some encounters require no tests, others may do something positive even if you fail, etc. He doesn't appear broken to me, but will be changed if it turns out otherwise. I think it sounds fun and provides some interesting options.


  17. Sadie's Action ability is downright broken.


    You have nasty Dark Pact or Agreement, Blight, Curse, Haunted? Fear no more, Focus solves everything.


    I'll think it over, and I've been on the fence. I mean, it takes an action to remove which prevents you from doing other things, and the intent is it works only on Sadie. It's a lot like Wendy but has a cost, and in turn also makes her weaker because if she spends her focus, she also loses her passive ability's bonus. And she'll have less rerolls on other important tests.

    Besides Hastur's blights, I don't often get a lot of Dark Pacts and Banes. They're rare. The idea was to have someone who could get rid of the harder conditions on herself at the cost of a utility ability (imo, the utility abilities are often what win you the game, not the sustainability of a single investigator). What if it was ONLY Deal conditions (the biggest concern here would be "free" debts, but that is also now a thing thanks to Jenny)?

  18. I'm reserving this space as a gallery for when these characters are entirely finished. Crafting them without a Strange Eons Plug-in is difficult work, but I'm slowly brining over my thematic Arkham characters to Eldritch.

    Let me know there is desire for these, and help me motivate myself to finish them! I'm still learning so quality may not be 100% similar to the regular game components, but they'll do. :)




    You can leave feedback on abilities etc if you please. Not 100% set in stone on any of these, but we will see. Abilities etc will likely make more sense when the backs are completed. Additionally, if you're really curious about the backstories, you can see their Arkham counterparts with extended backstory at the link in my signature. 

    Note: These investigators will not include "signatures" at the bottom of the card back as I can't find a reliable way to imitate various actual signatures, but I hope that won't be a deal breaker for anyone, :P.

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Here is a link to the kit I used to make these investigators. A Big thanks to Albert Mason and his downloadable files @ http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/120632/custom-investigator-kit 





    My question is can i include this rule in the base game without it becoming unbalanced? 

    You can include it, and the game will become more balanced than it is without it.


    And honestly, you're intended to use it with components from JUST the base game after you have the expansion anyway. Focusing is meant to be another primary action.

    And I believe the Strange Remnants small box has the tokens, but I'm not 100%. Regardless, you don't need them, but you should use something to keep track of how many you have (Note: You may only have 2 on an investigator at a given time. You probably know this last bit, but just in case).



    i'm sorry but i have to point out the brilliant work done on those Arkham Horror investigators!

    reading through all of them, i want them in Eldritch Horror! Especially Edmund, starting with the Silver Key artifact, haha. those are amazing, sir. great work.

    a shame i never saw these before my daughter turned my arkham horror into her personal art studio.



    !!! :) Thank you so much! I encourage anyone and everyone to play with them and make them part of the ever expanding family of Arkham investigators. My dream is to read regular session reports where their names pop up, haha. They're quite a few years old at this point, and have over 650 downloads, but I don't see them mentioned in session reports very often. I'm curious where they are, and if those who have dl'd them are enjoying them.

    Anyway, I am, in fact, in the middle of a project to extend them to Eldritch, but it is going to take much more work than the original set since the amazing Strange Eons software is not compatible with EH. It may take me several months, but I'd keep an eye out. I'm doing my best to learn how to make them a reality.  :D


    My question is can i include this rule in the base game without it becoming unbalanced? 

    You can include it, and the game will become more balanced than it is without it.


    And honestly, you're intended to use it with components from JUST the base game after you have the expansion anyway. Focusing is meant to be another primary action.

    And I believe the Strange Remnants small box has the tokens, but I'm not 100%. Regardless, you don't need them, but you should use something to keep track of how many you have (Note: You may only have 2 on an investigator at a given time. You probably know this last bit, but just in case).

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