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  1. That is exactly the question. When darkness appears and issues another effect, such as a Horror Check, does that count as part of the Darkness which is negated, or not? Clearly, Soakman has the same interpretation as my friend, but I'm unsure. I can't find a direct answer in the RRG.


    I guess the point is that a light source does not remove darkness, it simply negates the one single effect listed in the rulebook under darkness for the player with/near the light source. I agree with Julia here. In the case you suggest here, the investigator would still have to make the Horror check, but he would be able to spend clues if he had them.

  2. My 2 cents on Rita: I simply think that the guy who approved the art didn't read the backstory, that's it. FFG usually is very good at representing both males and females, and people from different ethnicities in their games, so, I think this is a mere oversight. An unfortunate one, but here it ends

    It's also entirely possible that the artist was not given the backstory at all and simply told to create portrait art for a 1920's creole athlete (or maybe given the pre-painted miniature for a basis, which definitely seems light-skinned). I have a feeling if there is an issue at all, it was, at worst, a communications issue between the artist and the design team. At best, she was just always intended to be a lighter skinned poc.



    Rita Young is "kinda" black. People complain because her skin tone is inconsistent. I think it's a valid complaint, not to whitewash poc characters.

    To be fair, Rita young isn't "kinda" black. She is black. And she appears to be a light-skinned black woman. Light skinned black people have their owns set of cultural hurdles to navigate, and imo, also deserve representation. There are challenges no matter who you are, but mixed race or light-skinned poc sometimes have trouble belonging to any group and often are mistaken for white (to some advantage, but also to some disadvantage and cognitive dissonance). I think it's very interesting that some people say that she's been whitewashed as, imo, her portrait was always hard to see as her AH image was always in a dark locker room.

    Can't tell if you were willfully missing the point or what. I call her a poc in the next sentence and the quotes were facetious because my point was about the debate on it - which is, is she black or not? is she changing color or not? I wasn't picking a side except to say it was a valid concern for some. Now you can miss this point again and straw man it up, I'll leave you to it. But if you're going to attempt to explain the struggles of people of color to someone, you are REALLY talking to the wrong guy.


    I'm not willfully missing the point at all. I read and heard exactly what you said. In my opinion, she isn't being whitewashed. Her background story clearly indicates that she is black. She definitely is not white now. Is she lighter? As I said, it is hard to say as her original portrait was in the dark and the artist has changed for all of the portraits.  And as pointed out above, according to FFG's own fiction, she appears to be of creole descent.


    I'm not trying to "explain" anything to anyone. I'm just stating an opinion, and in my opinion, I see value in her simply being light-skinned as well as dark. But maybe we'll see otherwise if Akachi or Jim ever make it to MoM 2E as there would be no reason to whitewash one and not all. If they all end up lighter, I think it becomes more concerning.

  4. Very good points. I also thought about your outro for insane conditions, and I agree heavily. Once, I managed to perform a victory by ....

    dragging Carolyn Fern away from the portal in the end of the Cycle of Eternity, breaking a whiskey bottle, and sacrificing her to the all-mother Shub-Niggurath!

    It felt epic (for me) but because there was no outro, it really just felt like a tableflip moment to the players as a whole. We were so close to winning normally and I found myself sort of giving them reason to suspect me intentionally because I didn't want to see them just end their turn and I win with no way for them to stop me and not even a proper ending to the story.

    I love that I literally had to shove Carolyn away from the portal (as both my teammates were trying to solve the final puzzle which had them on the same space), but in another situation, it could easily have ended with very little strategy on my part or struggle on theirs.


  5. I believe it IS predominantly white right now (my source comes from a podcast that features reports on diversity in literature; I don't have a direct source/study atm, but I could scoop up some tangential studies if I dug around) but what I mean is that certain communities are not predominantly white. In fact, there are entire inner-city neighborhoods that see almost no white people at all. Isn't it weird that there aren't really any boardgames (that I can think of, that don't use meeples and cubes) for them or featuring main characters that represent them? The margin of white to non-white in the U.S. isn't that large, and overall it's constantly shrinking.

    As for your second paragraph, I'm not even talking about current gamers. I'm talking about people who are interested enough to see what it's about, but don't know if they want to invest in it (socially or financially). Usually if you are already a gamer, you're not going to walk away from a game unless it's just one you don't enjoy playing. But for gamers who focus on thematic or role-playing elements, or new people who would join in but instead just take one look and think "this is for nerdy white kids," it could be a turn-off or a deal breaker. 

    Here's a link to an article about the diversity growth in public schools: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2014/08/20/01demographics.h34.html

    But yes, the point is that white people aren't going to be the majority for long. 


    I understand the reservations about the setting, but FFG has already rewritten Lovecraft canon by creating their own line of books etc. I just don't think there should be any hesitation of inclusion because of anachronism. You can have poc in believable roles with or without following the standard assumptions of the culture at the time. There are and always will be occasional people that step outside the box. It would not be unreasonable, for instance, to have a Japanese-American inventor or a black gravedigger or a latina dream-walker or a pakistani sci-fi/weird fiction writer.

    I actually find it hard to believe that if FFG had already included these that anyone would be like, "WOAH, now wait a minute... black people did NOT write sci-fi in the 1920's, and Latina's weren't psychic!"


  6. America actually isn't predominantly white anymore (there is no arguing that it used to be); children of color outnumber white kids in schools today. A generation or two from now, it's going to be very weird looking at all the artifact/pop-culture/books and magazines that feature predominantly white people when that isn't an actual reflection of America's population. A large problem is that generally those that do design work and work in publishing fields ARE white or are catering toward the idea that people are unable to handle protagonists that they can't identify with. This is particularly silly since this presumes that your demographic is and only SHOULD be white (and that demographic is getting smaller).

    I can and will always get behind a publisher's attempt to diversify their gaming. You have to remember that, as gamers, you can't play games without people (unless you solo coop as a rule, :B ). It doesn't matter HOW accurate a game is if nobody is willing to play it with you. It may sound silly, but it is entirely understandable to me how a person of color, upon looking at a boardgame and seeing nobody who even looks like them, could turn away from the hobby with the thought or feeling, "Oh... this doesn't look like it's for me."

    I don't feel like FFG is doing poorly at representation, but I wouldn't be upset if they stepped it up a bit (we did get a priest of Mexican decent in MoM 2E).
    Not to "advertise" for other publishers, but if you want a game that is more accommodating in regards to diversity, check out Plaidhat Games' Dead of Winter and the upcoming expansion The Long Night. Both are very inclusive and also include nods to the GLBT community.

    Also @ Goldenboy, good to know about Rita in the books. I haven't read that one, so wasn't aware of her Creole bloodline.


  7. Rita Young is "kinda" black. People complain because her skin tone is inconsistent. I think it's a valid complaint, not to whitewash poc characters.

    To be fair, Rita young isn't "kinda" black. She is black. And she appears to be a light-skinned black woman. Light skinned black people have their owns set of cultural hurdles to navigate, and imo, also deserve representation. There are challenges no matter who you are, but mixed race or light-skinned poc sometimes have trouble belonging to any group and often are mistaken for white (to some advantage, but also to some disadvantage and cognitive dissonance). I think it's very interesting that some people say that she's been whitewashed as, imo, her portrait was always hard to see as her AH image was always in a dark locker room.


  8. I believe entirely in a diverse cast, but this is a particularly touchy subject with hardcore Lovecraft fans simply because the game and the author's works are set in the 1920's.


    It is MY opinion that diversity among playable characters only enhances the hobby and invites new players. It is also my opinion that if you can suspend your disbelief for gateways to alternate dimensions, monsters so horribly indescribable that you go insane by looking at them, vampires, and spells that can fracture reality, you can surely suspend your disbelief for racial diversity and strong female investigators.


    All this being said, the discussion usually is moved or locked due to distracting from questions about how to play the game and instead falls into more of a question regarding the social and moral responsibilities of creating/designing/publishing boardgames with a narrow cultural perspective.

    You will never satisfy everyone no matter what make-up the roster includes, but it is, imo, important to try.



    This is not really a bug, so unsure where I can post this:


    In Cycle of Eternity, in the Dining Room, the app does not instruct you to place a Wall token on the door in the left side of the room even though it can't be explored.

    I have seen this too. I also believe there is another one to either the East or South. 


    Dunno if this is the case here, but walls are only placed when there would otherwise be an inconsistency between tiles I believe. For instance if a door was adjacent to an open tile or another door or wall on the adjacent tile. If there is no explore token there, you are to assume the location would not be of interest to the investigation. If the door is on the edge of the playable area, there is no confusion about whether you can explore (as there is no token), so the wall token simply isn't needed.

  10. It is a fluke, but yes he's eliminated. I find it hard to believe that you received 8 horror from one monster in a room with 2 investigators (number of investigators doesn't matter much here, but for damage it would). Are you sure you're doing your checks correctly? And most cards that are drawn or flipped face-up will have a one time effect and then tell you to flip it face down again (this being very important as you've found out). 

    There aren't really all that many cards that remain face up once they've been flipped. I'm not sure what god-awful combo of horror check/mythos that you received to make this occur, but if all horror you have is face up then, yes that investigator is eliminated.

    I have never seen this happen in 6 games. Perhaps your horror deck needs shuffled better?

    EDIT: Actually, having just checked my horror deck cards... I only SEE eight horror cards with "KEEP FACEUP" listed on them. So this is highly highly unlikely.

  11. I just played Escape from Innsmouth on Steam V 1.0.2. and received the glitch that freezes the interface after a Riot Monster movement. I could see nothing specific that would have triggered the bug. It was a 2 player game, there was a Priest of Dagon on the board and fire was currently spreading as well. 

    Afraid to save the current game state and quit, I force closed the app and re-opened it to continue. The game loaded the turn before it had bugged out, we played the turn again, and during mythos, the same bug occurred directly after the riot moved. 

    In the end, we just ended the scenario and called it a night.

    Sadly folks, v 1.0.2 didn't seem to fix Escape from Insmouth. 

  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Agatha's ability is much the same - Passive: Once per round, after resolving a horror check, gain 1 clue; Action: Test Observation to discard a Madness from an Investigator on your space, then improve that investigator's willpower.

    Since Carson's ability is pretty similar to Charlie Kane's already, I'm not sure what it will evolve into.


  13. Also, if darkness appears and thereby issues another effect (like test will to negate horror because you are startled), you would still resolve the additional effect as they are separate. A light source merely prevents the direct effects of darkness, and lets the investigator within the light source's range act as if they are not in a space with darkness. Light sources also let you set fires, but that's mostly unrelated.

  14. Anyone care to speculate on what Agatha Crane, Preston Fairmont, Father Mateo, and Carson Sinclair's EH abilities are going to be? Just curious to see what you think and/or are hoping for.

    If it helps, their abilities in Mansions of Madness 2nd edition are the following:

    Father Mateo (The Priest): Action: Another investigator within range becomes Focused (sort of like a one-use blessing).
    Carson Sinclair (The Butler): Action: Another investigator within range may perform 1 action.
    Agatha Crane (The Parapsychologist): After you resolve a horror check, gain 1 clue.

    Preston Fairmont (The Millionaire): Once per round, when you gain an Item, you may flip 1 Horror facedown or discard 1 facedown Horror.

  15. One of the picture puzzles is in the LtP manual (if you need it) and one of them is the image on a Unique Item.


    I love the puzzles, and I think it's good that you don't know what the pictures look like. It makes it a challenge.

  16. How do I report a bug?  If I can report it here, this is what happened:  SPOILERS! (Not sure how to do spoiler tags on the FFG board)

    We were playing a 2 player scenario, and successfully identified Joyce Little as one of the cultists and followed her into the Residential area for a final confrontation. While attempting to stop the ritual, we solved the most southern interact point. When moving on to the Northwest-ish interact point, the dialogue box asked us to select one of 3 options. The first box said attempt the puzzle (lore). The third box said Cancel. 


    Now, the second box said something odd. I think it was placeholder text or just a code string that wasn't working correctly? It said something like GOOD_FINALE_COMPONENT


    As you would guess after play a 6 hourish game, we did not select the option that looked like it might crash our scenario. That being said, we have no idea what it was, or if we may have won if we selected it. So that should probably be fixed. We lost in the end, but now I'll have this niggling feeling that we may have won. 

    We both had an absolute blast with the scenario and the tension, but gosh was that final confrontation hard! 


    NOTE: We were using the Steam version of the app for PC.

  17. 2 players seems very hard to me. We won the only 3 player scenario we tried (Cycle of Eternity), and lost Cycles of Eternity and both Innsmouth scenarios in the last final culmination of the scenario. There were just simply too many monsters to handle. Not to mention the fire which is harder to extinguish with fewer players as you can't move as many spaces. Nearly all of Innsmouth was on fire in one game.. :o 

    The difference between a 2-player and 3-player Cycle of Eternity really felt like the balancing was a bit off, but we DID know how to strategize a bit better the 2nd time around.

    I don't want to play with multiple investigators if I can help it as the insanity mechanic doesn't seem to work as well due to the hidden nature of the condition.

  18. I've heard that in general, the safest way to play is via the Steam app for the CPU. It sounds like there have been several issues occuring with various "mobile" applications. I've only played one game (which was a blast, though we lost) and we used a laptop running the app via steam with no issues. It's good to report it so FFG can try to patch it, but just a heads up. So far, Steam seems to be working better.

    I think maybe it's just because a cpu/laptop has more power so you're less likely to get problems with the app. I have an old kindle that won't even download the app (it's not listed in the store), but sometimes it freezes just trying to load books.  :rolleyes: 

    So just a thought if you want to play it safe while FFG gets a patch or something figured out (if it's not you're specific device).

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