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  1. 22 minutes ago, phillos said:

    I find it interesting that these new AH books from Aconyte don't seem to feature tie in characters from the games considering the huge pool available.  The old FFG novels did and the novellas obviously do.  Maybe that will be a good thing for the novels since the author will have more freedom with the characters to tell a story.  The old FFG novels could sometimes feel a bit eye winky when referencing stuff from the games, and it's clear that the novellas can only go so far to imperil the main characters.

    Yes, it'll be very interesting to see what they decide to do when they don't have to tailor their stories to pre-existing story beats or personality types. That being said, I do think the newer LCG novellas are supposedly being written with characters chosen by the authors rather than assigned to the authors. So at least they probably have some creative direction in mind. I'm interested to see the new novellas. I wonder if Dexter was technically one of the 'newer' batches.

  2. Neat, a few cards that I hadn't yet seen. The sophist brings... another way to add secrets to things (but no Mr. Rook unless you are charismatic or dual seekering...what else do we like secrets for)? I suppose with bless tokens coming, righteous only makes sense to be included. And, though I don't know what it does, I'm always down for some B&E shenanigans.  

  3. 4 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    So here is a question. We are currently going through Return to Carcosa and were considering playing RttFA with one of the new investigators and their packs to see how they play or if they would survive. 
    There are only going to be 2 of us. Who would you take? 

    I would probably take Jacqueline if you are aiming for the secret scenario at the end. There are some tokens (I think tablets or elder things) that were very bad in the original. If that hasn't changed, she will masterfully circumvent those I imagine. They are something like -3 if you fail, place a doom or something, and there are at least 3 of them maybe 4 by then.

    And she'll obviously need backup. So either Winnie, Stella, or Cho. With the emphasis on evasion, I'd go with Winnie as rogues have some pretty great weapons available now if you need to put some enemies down.

  4. Those are good points. It could be mildly important in some contexts, but I always thought asset weaknesses went into your play area.  But you're right; the Necronomicon does, in fact, state that it goes in your threat area. Now I'm curious if that is an exception because it says it on the card (and on the King in Yellow), but Baron Semedi does not make this distinction. It just says to put him into play as part of the revelation. But yes, I am still pretty sure you can assign Dendromorphosis damage.

  5. 1 hour ago, Villefere said:

    Double Sign Magic is absolutely essential if you want to run 6th Sense, Shriveling, Mists of Rlyeh, and an auxiliary spell such as Wither or Scrying, not to mention Minds Eye. I don't know if you've played Dexter but putting assets into play for a free action at a discount incentivizes this type of build. Even with a single Sign Magic in play Denromorphosis can be devastating. Sorry, not going to convince me this is a minor weakness in Dexter.

    I'm definitely not trying to convince you, just sharing my opinion. But also, there is a leaked card that will help with this as well. I believe it is coming with Jacqueline.

  6. 4 minutes ago, SGPrometheus said:

    Can you? Can you assign damage to a card in your threat area? I don't think you actually control this when it's in play because it's a weakness, and you definitely can't assign damage to cards you don't control. Am I wrong?

    It's an asset, so despite being a weakness, I'm fairly certain it does not get placed into your threat area. I believe it goes into your play area. Otherwise, people could trigger weakness abilities such as the one on Daisy's Necronomicon despite it being an asset.

  7. 1 hour ago, Duciris said:

    My cousin (Leo Anderson) had a bandolier in his hand and couldn't figure out why he'd use it.  Then the blob ate his hand, and the lightning gun he'd finally gotten into play fell to the discard pile.  Our group limped on to the collective finish after that.


    My Hulk pack still hasn't shipped! :angry:

    Bandoliers are an excellent safeguard for one handed weapons. I don't guardian much, so that's a welcome solution as well. The blob didn't get my hand, just my (Agnes's) soul. 😁 Nobody could tell the difference.

  8. 4 hours ago, Villefere said:

    You draw a weakness after you build your deck, and forsaking spell assets as Dex is not ideal.

    At least Molly can fetch this weakness before you get yourself set up, if you happen to draw her early.

    Right, but honestly, I wouldn't be worried. It's easy to get rid of, and it's not horribly efficient to play 2 sign magicks anyway as you're just dropping 6 resources for nearly no effect.  I've used the beta version of this card, and if you get it, you have to adapt. Dexter can also take adaptable, actually, so just drop the sign magicks for something else. It's much more of a pain when you have no access to weapons or tools to investigate except by hand items. Even then, it makes you dump a card or two in play. It hurts, but you should develop strategies and upgrade paths to deal with it. 

    It's easy to get rid of, and you can use it as an extra damage sponge, so it's not all bad. I'd rather have a damage sponge on a mystic who isn't using her hands anyway than nearly any other weakness. Depends on the deck and when you draw it.

  9. 4 hours ago, Villefere said:

    This weakness does not play well with sign magick, not well at all.


    Much better on a mystic that can use arcane slots than your average guardian though. Imagine dropping your 5 Xp lightning gun.

  10. 2 hours ago, Eldan985 said:

    Not what I mean. The way you set up the exploration deck is now entirely different.

    We just played both scenario 1 and 2, and I somehow missed that treachery encounters do not start in these decks (though we were still adding them after successful explorations!). I was so confused when I was supposed to add encounters from the expedition set when it is replaced by doomed expedition.

    No wonder it was so hard. We've lost both scenarios so far. Probably for this reason.

  11. 19 hours ago, Soakman said:

    My team covenant RttFA looks like it should be arriving Monday per USPS tracking. They have a notice on their page too that says shipping is taking longer due to COVID than their usual. To be expected.

    Yes, I am quoting myself. Sorry 'bout it!

    Just an update, despite the USPS tracking, looks like I got mine today.

  12. 1 hour ago, Mimi61 said:

    If you had say a 2XP Rite of Seeking that was out of charges and not likely to get more, you could get two clues and remove a doom while freeing up a spell slot. Or am I reading  the card wrong? 

    It’s half the level rounded up so it would be 1 clue, and you’d have to exile rite of seeking to remove the doom (otherwise it’s just the 1 clue) as I understand it. It’s not a terrible card by any means but it’s not great.

    The big miss for me is just theme because of the “reading” in the title of the card.

  13. 42 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    Doesn't seem any different than using a Newspaper, Magnifying Glass, or any of the various tomes for Act of Desperation.

    Sure in some respect, but at least it’s still something you could physically throw with act of desperation. You can use burn after reading on any card... so what exactly does it mean if you are burning “brute force” after reading for instance? 

    To me, it feels like the title of the card is referring to the physical card in hand, which you “burn” for the effect and breaks immersion. 

    Just a nitpick but I don’t know if this was discussed at all because I wasn’t there. Again, conceptually interesting but leaves me a little bamboozled if I really think about it.

  14. 6 hours ago, Duciris said:

    The community create-a-card Burn After Reading is available for download under Support >> Player Resources.  (It's too big to image post here).

    • Survivor
    • 2 Cost
    • 1 Wild Icon
    • Event
    • Trait: Insight.
    • Discard or exile a non-weakness card in your hand or play area.  Discover clues at your location equal to half that card's level (rounded up).  If you exiled that card and its level was 2 or higher, also remove 1 doom from the current agenda.

    This card feels a little too wonky to me if you compare it to Working a Hunch. It's really oddly conditional as you don't get clues at all if you target a lvl 0 card as far as I can tell. And for some reason, I can burn a lvl 1 ally for the effect, or an old hunting rifle, etc, which is at odds to me with the flavor involved in the name of the card. I hope the final version is a bit different when it makes its way into a released expansion/pack.

    I kind of like the flex, but it's a bit of a miss for me in general.

  15. On 7/18/2020 at 7:58 AM, Assussanni said:

    It takes up both, generally making it much more appealing for Guardians than Mystics.

    You could always run a weird Mind's Eye deck with only spell events? 🙋‍♂️ Oh wait, nvm. Mind's Eye takes BOTH arcane slots.

  16. I suppose it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from blood magic to soul magic. That sounds excellent. I find it hard to make room for all of the great mystic cards I want to use because most mystics only rely on and have high willpower so every card in the mystic faction is a good choice 90% of the time. I should try to make room for eldritch inspiration more often.

    We never had the blob eat itself, but I took 2 deliberate attacks from the heart just to ping it for another 1 damage from Agnes's ability. Excited to try it again with a different investigator.

  17. Thanks guys. Bummer we overlooked that text on 3b, but there will be replays. We did 3p with an Agnes (tried out the shining trapozohedron, and wow), Ursula, and Tony.

    I think it may have been my luckiest game yet. A perfect draw not needing a mulligan, Shards of the void pulled 0's 4 times against the heart (and combo'd with Twila, I never ran out of charges the whole game between her and 2 enraptured's I brought), and managed to snag extra clues 3 times with lvl 4 sixth sense.

    Tony had his hand devoured, which was a bummer, but also one of his weaknesses. And I (Agnes?) had my soul devoured, which seems to do nothing significant unless there's a repercussion on a story card somewhere.

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