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  1. ^ Solid agreement. To each their own, but the only thing standing in the way of your enjoyment with reading something short, fun, and perhaps fluffy, is you. Nobody is pretending this is classic lit.

    The more I look at Gloria, the more I want to know her deck requirements though. I was thinking that the fact that she has an ally signature as a mystic is a little odd. That ally slot is pretty precious for your standard mystic. I know that this (and Dexter's) hinge solidly on the fact that it makes the investigator ability more powerful, but you're denying yourself spell searching with arcane initiates and further int/will buffs. Alyssa Graham is also a solid choice for Gloria, and you can't take them both with charisma.

    That being said, you can take the (usually) fairly useless Scroll of Secrets to great effect. And the Otherworldly Codex, of course, will be fun. I can't see her not having access to it. So potentially something standard such as seeker lvl 0-2 or Uses (Secrets). Secrets would also give her access to Mind's Eye [edit: she has access to this anyway], which could be useful if you're spending a lot of turns on mythos manipulation and hand items like fingerprint kits instead of arcane slots for casting, plus you can still leverage your will for event spells. The big issue is that if her build is trait based focused on charges (secrets) instead of generic seeker, she ironically wouldn't be able to take Truth from Fiction. And other than Grimm's Fairy Tales, I don't think we have secrets on anything other than Mystic or Seeker cards yet.

    Semi-related, does anyone know if you can use the Ancient stone abilities when you draw encounter cards? They trigger while 'drawing' cards, but they don't say from where. (I know that's not the same as searching or looking at, so not specifically Gloria tuned, but something I just suddenly found myself wondering).

  2. The art for Gloria here looks really nice, and it gives you a better sense of her actual age. I knew she and Harvey were the original 'old-timers' but her eldritch art seems to make her appear a bit younger imo. We have another strong candidate for alternatives to Rite of Seeking/Sixth Sense (like Marie). I am very interested to see her deck build requirements. Will they be trait based? Will she just be some Mystic/Seeker variant?

    And she's paired with an interesting ally that looks an awful lot like a friend of Sefina's. I'm all about the mystical manipulations via the arts, so naturally my favorites Gloria, Sef, and Patrice are always exciting to see in any iteration. I've got a soft spot for Jim and (yes) Lola too. 

    Can. Not. Wait. :)

  3. I dunno for sure but I know that as soon as painted world is removed from the game (or enters the victory display) it loses all text that it would have been copying and reverts to a painted world. This is why you cannot painted world delve too deeps to get extra Xp. Yes the card is in the victory display but it is no longer a copy of delve too deep (and thereore has no victory points).

    So I would not expect it to return to your hand either when copying those cards. But it depends on if it is removed prior to returning possibly. In this case, it would be discarded and therefore removed before it would replicate the returning text as that is at the end of your turn. Since at that point it would be removed, it would no longer be copying the text and would not return.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Carthoris said:

    Yeah, weaknesses can be classed by the number of actions they are likely to cost the player, and Shadow Agents seems like a mere 1.

    Very true, and with Narrow Escape, you could theoretically deal with it using 0 actions assuming you would be investigating the location anyway. Just like Magnito pointed out. Much much less of a problem than most. I think Trish is going to be very fun. I have a rogue/seeker investigator that I love to play, and she's not even set up to have the kind of sheer clue hoovering power as Trish. Steal Winnie's starter deck pilfers, and yikes.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Mimi61 said:

    I’m taking Nathaniel with a 10XP deck built only from his cards to ‘Stop the Presses’ tomorrow. I’m curious to see how the decks play, and we haven’t used a guardian in the play test yet. I will say, with my crazy day today, building a deck in minutes was kind of nice. My husband is taking parallel Skids. We will let you know if we sniff out a story,     O mighty one. 

    Very exciting. I was wondering if I'd see a playtest or two from the new investigator decks.

  6. I'm planning on maybe getting a friend to give the game a try who has never played it before. I'm not sure if it's something she'd be interested in, but she suffers from analysis paralysis sometimes and the deck-building would be overwhelming for her. But she's very interested in the narrative and challenge of trying something new to her. She thinks Carcosa sounds wonderful, so maybe we'll try to make that happen and she can pick whatever of these decks she wants.

  7. 8 hours ago, Buhallin said:

    This depends heavily on the number of players.  In larger player counts, friendly fire becomes a real threat.  I see the Whistle following the same usage pattern that Blackjack does.

    Exactly. Any group with a dedicated seeker at a 3-player count or higher will benefit from cards like taunt and the whistle. The more specialized the decks in the group, the more you're going to need to lean on your guardians/fighters/evaders to keep you safe. Even in 2 player, these cards can be invaluable. But obviously if you're a true solo player, these (and other cards) lose almost all value.

    I've been playing with a custom survivor through FA whose sig asset has a few uses to free-trigger to engage any number of enemies at her location, and boy has it gotten us out of some scrapes.

  8. Hello Arkhamites! I'm happy to say that I've nearly completed scenario 3 of the In Blackest Pits campaign (fan-created). It is titled "Stop the Presses!" and I am looking for anyone who might be interested in playtesting the scenario.

    You do not need to have played the other 2 prior scenarios (as there is a stand-alone token bag option). I can pm you a link to the files if you just let me know that you'd want to give it a go.

    This is Print-and-play meaning that you'll need to print, cut out, and sleeve cards, but it would be greatly appreciated. It's gone through a couple iterations already, so it should in fairly good shape already.

    Thank you for any interest! And thank you for your time even if you just read this and moved on. :)

  9. 5 minutes ago, MGlas1 said:

    I agree! I can't wait to make a Nathaniel deck.  I haven't played a guardian since Dunwich was new.  You'll want to make sure that at least one Prepared for the Worst is in your deck, and fingers crossed it will show up early and often.

    A Tetsuo Mori or two might be useful too. I haven't decided if I'm going to stick with the pre-made deck, or switch it up a bit.

  10. I think I answered this somewhere else, but what the hey. But first, I will jump on the "Harvey? Meh." bandwagon. He is dead last for my interests. Ranking the rest is actually really difficult.

    1.  Nathaniel - Honestly probably not the most interesting or complex, but I'm not a fan of general guardian loadouts with the arm-up-and-set-out playstyle. This will get me playing guardian. I like having more flex, and less time spent playing assets in general, so Nathaniel looks interesting. I like events, even if they're not always good investments. My biggest issue is going to be getting mad because I can't find his gloves.

    2. Wini - I just love rogues. I have been avoiding them because I spent a lot of time as Sef for a while, and still consider her my #1 investigator. I'll be excited to play a rogue that can really bank on that succeed by 2 mechanic. Though I don't play on hard, I can't decide if Wini is going to be terrible on hard, or extra good on hard.

    3. Jacqueline - The only reason why is because her ability is so wild. I may save her for the Innsmouth campaign though because Jacqueline + Blessing and Curse tokens sounds like a freaking blast.

    4. Stella - I love LOVE Stella, but I've played way too many survivors lately. They are beastly and I don't see Stella being any less of a performer. They. Get. Stuff. Done.

    5. Who was that last one? Oh yeah... Harvey. I just don't care about having ridiculous card draw. As the go-to old white professor dude, I'm already not that into him. There's enough of that in Lovecraft. I understand it's kind of a necessity, but Norman is way more interesting. I'd also like to see George Barnaby.  I dunno, I'm just shruggy-shoulders about him as both a character and a playstyle. The only time I see being very happy to have him is in The City of Archives.

  11. Exactly petszkUsing the rules as written, the game is quite challenging.

    But you'll find that it really allows certain factions to shine in different areas. Guardians and mystics tend to lean heavily on expensive assets that provide more consistent bonuses, seekers often end up playing a lot of dirt-cheap assets and relying more on events and skills, and survivors and rogues are often flexible and seem to work more with card draw and resources to further enhance their options (they also have some very unique skills and events).

    That's not a be-all end-all, but the distinction is important and really helps make the factions feel different and worth trying all of them with various investigators.

  12. Events are one-off, but there is an important oversight here.

    Only Assets and Events are played. Skill cards are 'committed'. If a card is played, you do not do anything with the skill icons/symbols on the side of the card. The only time those are used is if you commit the card (instead of playing it) and they are applied to the single test you are committing them to.

    Any card may be comitted if it has matching icons to the test you are performing (and then is discarded), but skill cards have extra effects on the card that apply when committing the card, but you can never 'play' them.

  13. Yes, the older books were tied to the characters (but they're not canon as far as the LCG is concerned). It's the new novels that aren't tied to existing characters (from Aconyte publishing) as far as we can tell.

    I know that of the old books, Ghouls of the Miskatonic had Rita and Amanda. One of them also had Diana and Mark. I never read Signs of Glaaki, but the description mentions Houdini and Dennis Wheatley as the author an escape artist so I don't know who is in that one as far as characters go.

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