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  1. Noticed 2 errors in the scenario.

    The new mystic card has a combat symbol in the text of the card when it should pretty clearly be an agility (no big deal).

    Duke's elder sign seems to imply that the Friendly Human asset should exhaust at some point... but the text on Friendly Human never requires it to be exhausted.  Thoughts on rules as intended?

  2. TC also charged my card for Innsmouth. That really snuck up on me. I'm going to have a very hard time deciding who to play during that cycle. I wanted to do Jacqueline with the new curse/bless tokens, but now I have another mystic I just built who is using a lot of the cards I'd have her use, and so I might just go with Trish.

  3. 2 hours ago, KennerHugh said:

    Has anybody made a list of "off-class" cards that Jacqueline Canine can use? I know its blasphemous to think about, but I am interested ...

    I have only found a few Survivor cards, a Stray you-know-what, the General of those things and a card that gave me Deja Vu .

    I suppose it would be pushing it to include the "Louisiana Lion" huh?

    What about Shortcut? There are two shapes in the artwork that could be .... but I wonder if anyone else agrees?

    What about copycat from Winnies deck? Cat burglar or Eu-cat-astrophe?

  4. 34 minutes ago, Daedalus said:

    Eh... just because a card is in your deck, it doesn't mean you have it on you all the time.  Otherwise we'd be playing every game with all of our assets already in play from the start.  I personally see cards in the deck as assets or events that we encounter along the way and make use of temporarily.  Building our decks allows us to have influence over how our story unfolds, but it doesn't mean that I'm wandering around with a pair of flashlights, half a dozen different weapons, and several followers, all of which I decide to only use occasionally while the future of humanity is at stake.

    We do this too. In one of my most recent adventures, I scored a Rotting Remains in the Jungle and then drew (and promptly played) a backpack with an emergency cache, a survival knife, and a cigarette case in it. We all assumed these were the belongings of the unfortunate fellow who was rotting.

  5. 4 hours ago, Eldan985 said:

    Ech. You know, looking at those preview cards, MORE annoyance at the supply system in Forgotten Age. Now we have a compass, that doesn't count as a compass, for supplies. Like previously we had six sources of light that didn't count because they weren't torches.

    Yeah. It would be hard to future proof that system though. They would have needed to have foreseen that those particular traits were going to be used and written them into the assets. It would have been somewhat predictable to at least trait light sources though (if not compasses, pickaxes, et). They seem to be relevant in a lot of the other Arkham Files games. But it's the kind of thing that you can't easily do retroactively. 

    The other thing is that there apparently are a lot of cards that were designed prior to the cycles and it was a matter of trying to figure out what mythos packs to put them in. This is going to make you cringe, but I'm designing a scenario now that requires the use of flashlights. It's nearly impossible for me to do it in a way (without a lightsource trait) that is not fiddly or requires consorting some kind of list. So you can only use a flashlight. Why can't you use a lantern? No good reason. You just can't. My reason is because then you're going to have someone at the table arguing that their arcane insight should let them see in the dark or whatever and count as a light source. And I don't want to make a list to refer to because it would make things both fiddly and would not remain accurate as they add cards.

    In other words, they missed the boat on the trait and I can't think of another good way to handle it. I agree it is not clean and is extra annoying considering the supplies situation in FA, but it is what it is I guess.

  6. 15 hours ago, Allonym said:

    Very cool! Guess I'm building a William Yorick deck for the next time I need to play a fighty investigator.

    I'm glad your combo worked out (and just a little jealous that I didn't spot it)!

    It's very fun. Especially if you throw in some heroic rescues. It really makes you feel like you are actually making a heroic rescue. I've only played these combos in a deck in a 3 player game though, so in 2 player (or even solo with just the stunning blow) it may not be quite as epic. But it makes for some really great moments when you can run across the jungle and jump in front of a fiendish serpent person and knock them sideways mid-attack against your seeker.

  7. On 9/6/2020 at 9:56 PM, Allonym said:

    Ah that's a really good point about the "Engaged investigator" stipulation. Definitely a strong argument in favour of your combo. If it does indeed work out, I hope you won't mind me making use of it!

    Per Matt, it works! The only caveat being if the enemy could somehow already attack while exhausted.

    Per Matt: 

    In a way, it’s in the same boat as straight up defeating the enemy before its attack gets to occur. If when the attack would resolve it turns out that it shouldn’t resolve, it doesn’t resolve.

    Note that this would be different if the attack has already begun. For example if you had a hypothetical ability that said “when you would take damage from an attack, evade the enemy,” by that point the attack has already begun, so evading the enemy would not prevent it. But since Survival Knife (2) is a “when enemy attacks” trigger, it should interrupts the attack in full.

  8. 12 minutes ago, TK24601 said:

    I just had mine canceled for Barkham.  TC is only getting 60% of what they pre-ordered from Asmodee.  I was apart of the unlucky 40% who needs to shop elsewhere.  Hopefully Boardlandia doesn't do the same to me!

    Oh no! I also got mine through TC, but I think I'm in the clear maybe? I haven't gotten any updates other than the 'we have processed your order' email. 

    Sorry to hear that though TK24601. :(

  9. 1 hour ago, Buhallin said:

    Labyrinths is less an Arkham scenario than an escape room in a box.  I've found replays of it to be very unsatisfying - the challenge isn't in the cards or the mechanics, but in the limited information and the interactions.  Once you know what information is important, where to find it, and who to give it to...  it's not great.  

    Absolutely this. I usually don't have a group big enough to play this, and I first experienced it at Arkham Nights 2018. The problem is that everyone else at the table had played it before. So when we would get up to consult, I found certain information thrust at me and things explained away as "You guys should go to X and do Y, we'll need that later". While it was an interesting exercise, the heart of the scenario was pretty much gutted once the exploration elements and puzzle aspect were removed.

  10. 12 minutes ago, Allonym said:

    That's an interesting thought experiment. I was all ready to put my money on Amanda Sharpe (The Student) being Survivor 0, Seeker 1-5 until we saw her actual deckbuilding. The most difficult question to my mind is who is going to be Survivor 1-5? The idea of "growing into" being a scrappy underdog from previously being a member of a different class is not easy to square away thematically, though not impossible by any means. So I suggest:

    • Norman Withers, Seeker 0, Mystic 1-5 (known)
    • Carson Sinclair, Guardian 0, Survivor 1-5
    • Lily Chen, Mystic 0, Guardian 1-5.
    • Bob Jenkins, Rogue 0, Seeker 1-5
    • Daniela Reyes, Survivor 0, Rogue 1-5

    I would say the transition TO survivor most fits George. But his base class would be, what, rogue? The big issue is that he’s a weird case because his motivations are ones of revenge. But then again, so are Mark’s and he’s a guardian.

    I could see bob as a rogue to survivor. I always got the impression he was clueless about the mythos. But then he finds some coins and ends up asking the wrong questions.


  11. I definitely feel like Hank as a farmhand is more survivor than guardian. He doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’s hard to imagine anyone more suited to a chainsaw and old hunting rifle (except maybe Wilson). Cards like dumb luck seem fitting too.

    In other games, he was always able to ignore horror checks if he defeated an enemy. I wonder if we will see this return as something similar. Maybe if you damage an enemy, you cannot be assigned horror from it that round? With something like that he wouldn’t need guardian tricks like dodge and delay the inevitable and Jessica could soak damage while giving him better hit rates.

  12. Stella still has an agility of 4, so she's no pushover when it comes to evading. You can even slip on some track shoes. You just won't have the fancy rogue evasive maneuvers. You can, on the other hand, rack up some sweet failures. Look what I found, and dumb luck, can do quite a bit to mitigate while giving you extra actions.

    Stella wants to fail, so it's just about turning those failures into success. Don't forget than any survivor can take Sharp Vision for a very solid way to pick up clues if you want to go that route. And Grimm's Fairy Tales is a pretty nice include for someone who is regularly failing to heal teammates without actually having to take an action to heal.

    I say Stella. Wendy is absolutely fantastic and always will be, but try the noobie out! 

    You'll have so much fun 'oopsing' your way to chainsaw attacks that deal 3 damage, while not losing any supplies.

  13. Yeah I’m not sure about Carson. In the other games Carson enables extra movement or actions so less guardian types of support which is more healing and tanking. 

    Harvey pretty much has the card draw covered, but I could see some kind of ability that synergizes with seekers “guidance” card which pretty much Gives your action to another player. But this would be terrible in solo so perhaps something that can give yourself or another player an action?

    Or maybe he can free trigger to make someone at his location be able to play a card as if it were fast once per round. 

    Im just spitballing. Take heart and Grimm’s fairy tales both feel appropriate to Carson’s role as a warden to the children he looks after...

  14. I like this topic, but I struggle to find themed groups that I love who would also work well together.

    I think it would be excellent fun to run a 'cursed' "power couple" with Calvin and Patrice. They are really unusual playstyles, so it is very hard to say how effective they would be together. They do both run survivor heavy, which may make it impractical from a collection pov. They can each do pretty much anything if they play to their strengths, so in theory, should not have a lot of trouble. Early games will be quite tough for Calvin though, as usual.

    I also like the idea of a "VA" group featuring Leo, Mark, and Dexter. Mark is the dumb rambo of the group, and Leo could run more support with his higher intelligence and penchant for teamwork. There's plenty of great teamwork cards in guardian now with stand together, heroic rescues, leadership lvl 2, etc. And Dexter adds some flex, stronger clue gathering, and can enable mystic tricks like delving too deep and portals or what have you.

    That's all I got for now. I seldom never run a group with 2 of the same faction, so these would be fun to experiment with. However, you're gonna see crossover in cards potentially, but as an added challenge to see how differently you can build decks, it might be fun to try building them with 0 crossover cards in their decks.

  15. 1 hour ago, Allonym said:

    I absolutely love the idea of Survival Knife (2) + Stunning Blow, that's an amazing combo...but I'm not 100% convinced it works.

    Oh no! I hope it works. I haven’t been so excited for a combo in quite some time.

    I can see where you are coming from. I was hoping the parenthesis on survival knife (2) would make the difference since it is before resolving the attack. I was under the impression this would imply your entire attack would be before the enemy attack... but perhaps it is only before the resolution, which would be so sad...

    But then I looked up some rules about the enemy phase, and during the enemy attacks in the enemy phase, it says this:


    "Each ready, engaged enemy makes an attack against the investigator to which it is engaged. When an enemy attacks, deal its attack (both its damage and its horror, simultaneously) to the engaged investigator."

    I'm not sure 100% so I did submit a rules question. This makes it sound like the damage must be applied to an engaged enemy (maybe) regardless of whether the attack has already started. If Stunning Blow hits, the enemy would no longer be engaged, so although the attack has started already, perhaps it would fail to land.

    Get over here would indeed be excellent, but I haven’t broken the starter decks down yet. I’ve had worse is really great if the enemy isn’t dead though, along with guard dog for that sneaky 3rd damage.

  16. 3 hours ago, Dr Dee said:

    They are neat combos. I really like Survival Knife(2) as a way of continuing your damage dealing into the enemy phase and am currently using them in my Leo build. I know that it seems to be an unpopular card with many but I find that Bandolier(2) works well with Survival Knife(2) because it gives you space for offensive weapons too (and a useful willpower boost into the bargain).

    That’s my next upgrade. Having 2 survival knives out is just too much fun.

  17. I just had  a very serendipitous and fulfilling series of combos occur in my Survivor/Guardian deck. Granted, this is a custom character, but the combos are also usable in Yorrick, Zoey, Tommy, and, yes, Lola. 

    I've been building this character toward running a deck that focuses more on peeling off enemies from my cluevers and tanking damage rather than the typical load-up-on-assets-and-assault-everything monster killer builds. This is partly because my custom character is limited to lvl 2 guardian cards (so no lightning gun, shotgun, etc). In the process I've stumbled upon some excellent and really fulfilling combos.

    Central to most of them is Survival Knife (2). I already knew this card was good, but that was before I started look at combo pieces. It becomes excellent when paired with a Heroic Rescue (2), letting you move up to 2 locations away, get a free attack in that may kill the enemy before taking the damage that heroic rescue would result it, and if it is a 3 health enemy, after you take that damage, the enemy would be defeated regardless. Throw in a guard dog, and this can do up to 4 damage.

    Another amazing combo is Survival Knife (2) and Stunning Blow. This is my favorite. Since stunning blow is a skill, it can be committed to your attack during the enemy phase, which if successful will exhaust the enemy, and prevent his damage from ever hitting you since your attack occurs prior to the enemy attack. And this can work on elite enemies. Just be sure to engage that nasty elite at the end of your turn.

    Throw in a 2nd survival knife and you can get many of these combos to do 4-6 damage if needed. If 4 damage is done before the enemy's attack hits, you've saved at least 2 standard attack actions (up to 2 move actions if you've used heroic rescue).

    Add I've had worse to the deck, and now you are hitting this hard and when you finally do take that attack, you're netting resources.

    I literally feel like I'm getting back at every retaliate enemy that every hit me. It is so rewarding, and my seeker friends absolutely love the cover. 

  18. 28 minutes ago, Lecitadin said:

    Is the animal version of the game related to any Lovecraft story or lore?

    No, just for fun, but the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath has Cats from Saturn and there is a story about how sacred cats are in Ulthar (though I'm not sure of the story's title... maybe just Ulthar?) Both of these places/creatures appear in the Dream Quest cycle.

    Neither of these is related to Barkham Horror though as far as we know. It's just for giggles. I don't recall any actual 'important' dogs in any of his stories at all.

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