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  1. I agree. I’m pretty sad over versatile if I’m honest. Enabling broken combos is bad and if people are looking at the card as a great pick for Patrice, it should honestly just be included in her deck build to begin with. Who wants to spend 2-4 xp to correct something that could have been baked into the design anyway?

    It also is stepping on the toes of the fun involved in larger group play. It may be useful in solo if you feel you desperately need an out of class card to cover yourself, but if I can take double or nothing without being a rogue for example, what sort of signature class basics are going to lose their shine when you can otherwise pair up with a friend to help pull off those fun shenanigans? This is one of those cards I’m going to shrug at and never use unless I basically feel like I have to in order to run Patrice.

    I do really like the other cards though.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Duciris said:

    Hey, I got to wondering over the weekend ('cause I drew it) what happens to Patricia (w/o Versatile) if she draws Drawing the Sign?  Is she just handless until she spends 2 actions?


    I would assume so. That being said who knows if she starts with a basic weakness at all.

  3. 27 minutes ago, redcapjack said:

    You're kidding, right? This is an amazing character just thinking about the Survivor Card options- her stats are moderate enough to constantly get high bonuses and she can constantly draw up a new hand. The cards you can play from the discard and shuffle back into the deck, the stat bonus cards, and so on... she's an incredibly versatile survivor. I look forward to working with her.

    Nope not kidding. Great premise but I still am unsure they needed to hit her in the statline. But I feel similarly about Caroline. Patrice is versatile but you will have to constantly improvise and hope you have the right pips for the job.

  4. Grisly Totem, Stray Cats, possibly On Your Own if you lean into survivor events (I still can't find a great use for this short of making Trial by Fire and Eucatastrpohe easier to play the turn you get it), Eucatastrophe, Cornered, Perseverance (if she has mystic stuff, 2 will pips), Last Chance, Rise to the Occasion, Fight or Flight, Trial by Fire, and Take Heart all look like good survivor picks for Patrice. 

    Able-bodied? Depends. Her violin is an item, and you'll want that as often as you can have it to handle resource problems in a pinch. If you take any of the keepsake/coats... And she may cycle through her deck quickly enough, depending on its size, that just discarding those may be essentially like recurring them anyway. She may have a standard size 30 deck and they just sort of expect you to have keepsakes consistently out to take the shuffle horror.

  5. 59 minutes ago, Sindriss said:

    Jim communicates with the dead. I would say that is rather mystical.

    True but the doggo version of Agatha who is ACTUALLY a parapsychologist was a seeker. As they say, those that can’t do, teach. 🤣

  6. 3 minutes ago, Skeptical Gamer said:

    I think she'll be just fine.  Able Bodied and Rise to the Occasion should give +3 each.  Last Chance seems made for her.  Fight or Flight and Trial by Fire last the whole phase.  And Cornered turns every card into a (soon to be replaced) +2.  That's all just off the top of my head.

    I just can't imagine her having trouble passing tests.

    Let’s hope. I just hope she isn’t just balanced but can bring something to the table and fill out a team in a unique way. I love divergent play styles but who would you pair her with? Is the answer as simple as anyone? Or will this ultimately rely on her deck options?

    I don’t mean to drag this out. I just really enjoy the speculation. And I think it’s going to be trickier than it appears as she seems a very REactive playstyle. Looking for reasons to take her over other all-arounders I suppose.

  7. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m really looking forward to her but I can’t even regularly pass investigate actions in TCU with Marie when shrouds are 4 on easy. Boosting a 2 stat up to +2 or +3 is gonna be tough at a 4 or 5 difficulty and if you dump all of your cards into one action you’re out of cards for the rest.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Yes resourceful boosts you to a 3, but that is hardly passing most tests. 5 cards is really not much to spread over 3 actions if you are just straight committing everything.

  8. Good thoughts all and eucarastrophe is a great card for her for sure. I didn’t think about the basic weakness but yikes yes... amnesia [edit: Paranoia] will be rough on her.

    I don’t think deck build will be the same choose-a-secondary others have. I could see Patrice having access to rogue or seeker but I doubt it. Seeker card draw and tutor cards will be awkward on her at best and her intelligence is too low to make use of most cards. Rogue is more likely but I’m doubtful. 

    She and Mandy look really peculiar and fun while Tommy and Tony are more straightforward about what they do. Luke just looks neat.

    I’m super curious about the build for Patrice but I’m not sure where her role in the group is going to be. Drawing thin is fine but I hate the idea of failing tests for extra money or cards and I am just not going to run track shoes to that end. She also should be wearing fine clothes over track shoes thematically 😂 

  9. I think it is going to be very important to sit on large piles of resources since you will have to play a card as soon as it enters your hand or wait for it to cycle all over again. It’s one reason why I’m not convinced dark horse is a strong choice for her. I’d actually maybe be tempted to include an alchemical transmutation or two in her deck for this reason if I have any 3 or 4 cost cards at all.

    Especially with access to torrent of power if mystic pool is open. A 1 cost 1 action card can turn any will test into a +7.

  10. She’s also going to likely have to deal with her weakness multiple times in a game. Evading or killing it will only put it back in her discard.

    Believe me I’m up for the challenge. I just am not convinced they couldn’t have given her more intelligence at the least. If she’s running mystic she’ll be slotting sixth sense or rite of seeking most likely but it would give her a bit more flexibility to go winging it since she would be seeing it a lot in theory either in hand or discard.

  11. My bad. I always believe mythos encounters are at the end of a turn even though I know it isn’t.

    One of Preston’s unofficial signatures is the fire axe because it is immediately a great choice for consistent damage. I’m just trying to figure out something comparable with excess cards. Cornered seems the closest but requires 2 xp and is only applicable once per test. Unless you double down with a 2nd card, you’re still only looking at a consistent 4 except for willpower and it will not net you bonus damage or clues alone. It will depend entirely on what action and other cards you pair it with.

    The more I think about it the more I think will pips and cornered for mythos is probably the best way to go if she has mystic access. Otherwise it’s going to very difficult to decide what actions she’s going to have  reasonable success with each turn.

  12. I hear you and Preston IS great, but I’m not yet convinced. Resources can be used in nearly any situation while cards can only be committed to specific tests. Do you lean mystic and only take will icons? What happens when an agility test shows up? Do you commit all of your non wild icons during your turn and save wilds for encounters? 

    I currently feel like the inability to plan ahead is going to be very difficult to navigate. I don’t think 1 or 2 more intelligence would have overturned her.

  13. I still don’t think the low stats are needed even with 5 cards every turn because you never know what you’ll have and you will have to improvise every turn. If she is part mystic a quantum flux could be useful but you will never know if you’re getting it turn 2 or when her deck is empty. Dayana is going to be a must if you take spell events because otherwise who knows if any given event will be worth playing on a turn.

    Cornered is a great option but if you dont have the chance to play it when you draw it...you can’t hold onto it. Even winging it and improvised weapon and the evade one are going to be pretty awful because of her stats.

    I guess I’ll be bringing stray cats to feed that monstrosity.

  14. Oh noooo. I was soooo hoping for Patrice to be good. I have no idea what her deck building is like, but her mechanics don't seem very advantageous, and her stat line is atrocious (4, 2, 2, 2?... that's only 10 stats!)

    There has to be some kind of trick here with her deck building right? No matter what, I'm likely going to play as her as I've been waiting for her, but anyone want to take a shot in the dark about why her stats are so awful with no apparent way to make them better?

    Will she start with bonus experience? Will her deck size be bigger than 30 (this almost a solid yes considering her mechanic)? Will her out-of-class options be something phenomenal? I'm guessing they will be mystic or there would be no reason to have a will of 4.

    With her mechanics, to me, it seems like you would want to jam-pack your deck with skills since she gets a full 5 cards every turn, but when your stats are 2, that seems pretty sub-par. I mean, cards like trial by fire and fight or flight are almost must-haves with her stat line.

    Any guesses?

  15. Yes we had 2 specialists and an all-arounder with Preston but his Dig Deep got crypt chilled and he was having big issues with Will encounters. 

    I really like how much this scenario demands of you but my Marie deck is not equipped for combat at all. It’s a fun deck but definitely not as versatile as mystics should be. 

    Interesting thoughts. Maybe the next time through we’ll try less specialization.

    Marie only got out without trauma by Elder Signing a doom and intentionally triggering haunted on the sacrificial chamber. Was down to the wire as far as getting out with no trauma but it’s the furthest we’ve gotten so felt hard-won. She got a delve too deep on the last turn too so there’s that haha.

  16. This is by far the gosh dang most devilish scenario in the game in my opinion. Nasty nasty enemies that end up with 4-6 health each, a base evasion of at least 3 on each enemy, terrible haunted effects, and a truly massive number of clues that need discovered. We managed to get all the way to the last act, and fought a long and hard battle until the final agenda triggered. Marie escaped untraumatized, which, in my book, is a major success for the scenario.

    I think with 3 players you need a total of 33 clues-ish (varies a bit depending on how often you were able to kill/evade Nahab). My Marie deck ended up pulling about 24 or so clues by herself, but Preston and Zoey tireless kept enemies at bay all game, with a clue and a skeleton key contributed by Preston here and there.

    Is there an ideal set-up to actually WIN this scenario, it seems SO unlikely. We were playing on easy by the way. I'm thinking that the 5 evade on Rita could maybe be clutch and the piece of the puzzle that is missing? 

  17. The AMA with Andrew Navaro answered some of this. Yes there are novellas coming, but they will be paced a lot less frequently. It sounds like they are being pitched ideas from writers instead of commissioning specific plotlines, so I'm guessing the novellas will not necessarily follow any particular pattern of investigator release. Per the AMA, there are a few coming out in 2020, and at least a couple for 2021.


    Around the hour and 6 minute mark.


  18. 2 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    Would you play her as a Seeker/Rogue in the Dreamlands or the waking world?

    I don't know! I'm still waiting to see if we get a more concrete explanation about how that dynamic works. I would say dreamlands right now, because it will be really funny eavesdropping on Zoogs.

    But I haven't really discussed the idea of having two sets of investigators with my playgroup. There are 3 of us, it will probably depend a bit on who they want to be. I may take Luke for Dreamlands side if someone else wants to play seeker... because how can you NOT play Luke in the Dreamlands?

  19. Yes, I assume that the reason there has been such a prolonged delay between books is that Asmodee has taken over the IP to produce the novella tie-ins through Aconyte publishing via Simon and Schuster distribution.

    It would still be nice to have a confirmation that there are no other ones coming out from FFG directly before then. I'm impatiently waiting for some solid news one way or the other. I'm a reader and obviously love the game, so I'm in for the novellas about my fave investigators.

    Just finished the Silas one and while some elements (notably the horror elements) were done well and the theme was spot on, I was really not a fan of the author's plodding pacing, repetitious use of some details, and frequent italics used for emphasis during dialog. 

    (If you're reading this, please forgive my critique, I know that good writing is not easy and often taken for granted! It's not meant as a jab, I still enjoyed the book! It's a shorter story so my personal preferences did not stand in the way of the fun and adventure that your story provided!)

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