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  1. Yes I was thinking the same about Uncage the Souls and with a deck with that many assets you’ll probably get at least 1 at the same time.

    Otherwise, you’ll need to sit on some stacks of resources or probably keep a transmutation in play to get your assets down when you need them.

    The violin of course will help if you have the hand free. Weird it doesn’t take 2 though. Playing a violin one handed takes some skeeeeelz.

  2. Carthoris’s deck looks pretty solid but my thought is that event timing is going to be tricky except for the improvised cards. Drawn to the flame is probably fine since clues are prominent but you’ll have to play them the turn you get them in hand. I would avoid mystic spell events. Quantum flux can be committed as a wild, but the timing of actually using it might be weird. I haven’t decided if I would take it or not. Or Rosaries are a great choice if you are leaning into mystic assets.

    Ill probably be taking stray cats to feed to the watcher until I upgrade to Miss Doyle. And I might plop in a couple keepsakes to take the sanity damage for me when my deck shuffled. They cost 0 and will cycle back into hand pretty fast.

    Don’t forget Delves if you are feeling really risky.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Villefere said:

    I thought weaknesses were supposed to be limited to what comes in 1 set.

    Typically, yes but it is a loose rule. And as long as you choose randomly there’s an element of trust as the game is a coop and not overtly competitive in nature. Nobody will be double checking your decks at the door, 😛, but they should all contain the appropriate amount of basic weaknesses for the xp in the deck.

    More often than not, I believe most larger groups (outside of Arkham Nights) have each player use their own weaknesses anyway and I know my group never worries about how many weaknesses are available in total. Often I have a deck or two in the wings or in a campaign in progress and we don’t bother to pull their weaknesses before choosing new ones for new decks.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Duciris said:

    Jeez, make me think.

    I don't know.  I'm 1 scenario away from finishing Circle with Diana & Joe.  (I started on Friday!)  Before that I ran every stand-alone I have (except for Rugarou and Labyrinth) with lvl 29 Leo & Caroline.  I just didn't want to do something too similar to them.

    Well I'll dry run the deluxe when it comes out, which will be 1 scenario a piece, so I'll get a feel for how they play and work.  I may even run both sets of scenarios as either pair.  Regardless, this won't be my definitive playthrough, as I'll be playing through other campaigns as I wait for Eaters to release.

    Short answer: no idea, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Longer answer: It'll be hard getting a feel for and upgrading their decks in the usual manner (only 3 opportunities to spend XP).  So I want to give Mandy Strange Solution to upgrade to 2x Strange Solution [Acidic Ichor], but that's 6 total attacks w/ 8XP and a task involved.  Ancient Stone [Knowledge of the Elders] would be nice, but you can't even get the task card until the second scenario.  This may be a campaign I enter with XP.

    Do we know Mandy's deckbuilding yet?  Past the 30, 40, or 50 card decksize?

    We do, but I can't recall it exactly. She picks a secondary class I think, and it's from Rogue/Survivor/Mystic I think. Lvl 0-2?

  5. 10 minutes ago, Duciris said:


    If pressed right now, I'd say Tommy & Tony in the real world, with Mandy & Patrice in the dream.

    I'd really like to run Tommy with Rita, as through plays of Final Hour I've created a romance between them.  Rita thinks he's some prick officer who's following her out of prejudice, while Tommy thinks she's really cool (the way she's handling all these monsters like the boss she is) and is concerned for her wellbeing but can't figure out how to broach the subject of asking her out while he's periodically shotgunning cultists or accidentally leveling a building.

    Unfortunately, their decks are going to clash out of the gate.  ...  Maybe there's a way.  (Alternating with Patrice will be chore.)

    Just curious, with a Mandy/Patrice set-up, how do you plan on navigating enemies? I'm still trying to figure out Patrice's role, and she doesn't seem like she is going to shine as a monster killer as she can only take 0-2 mystic cards. 

    Are you going to take a fire axe and try to pump it with skills? Or are you going to lean into spells like shriveling lvl 1 and Song of the Dead? Storm of Spirits and other events are going to be difficult because you'll never know if you'll have them the turn you need them.

  6. 8 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    I played Norman in TCU and really liked the way he progressed, becoming a mystic, but staying a seeker at the core. One of my all time favorite investigators to play and really liked his ability. Patrice intrigues me too, but since I am almost always the nominal seeker in our group, so Mandy is also calling. I am obsessed with Miss Doyle and her clever kitties, so maybe Patrice dreams and Mandy waking? But then there’s Luke and Carolyn...

    Interesting that you are taking Tommy into dreams and Norman waking.  Guard dog may struggle with being in Ulthar😉

    I like your young boy. Is he a rogue? I have also wondered if the silver key won’t be revealed in this campaign.  My husband created an investigator card  that is a set of twins who are students at MU. A seeker sister and rogue brother. Their favorite game as kids was hide and seek, but it was playing that game in the woods around Arkham and what they saw there, that’s led them down the path they are currently treading. 2 4 2 4  level  0-3 Seeker and level 0-3 Rogue cards. 7 health 7 sanity. 

    Here he is, though I'm not sure if you'll be able to read everything. Essentially he is rogue 0-5, seeker 0-2. 


    I have to scoot off to work. I figured Norman may be even more confused if he woke up and all the stars were completely different, so I was kind and will have him start in the waking world.

    PS: I really like the idea of your characters. They sound pretty interesting too. I think we're all craving a rogue/seeker combo. Edmund is pretty simple, but I like the idea of him. His weakness can be very problematic if you draw it at the wrong time though. It can be smart to find her as fast as possible and deal with her before she either snatches your key or advances the wrong agenda at the wrong time.

  7. I've gone back and forth on this so many times already, I'm really not sure.

    I think I'm absolutely going to be Patrice (probably in the Dream-World?) and will be taking Miss Doyle. For the waking world? I don't know. I may give Norman a run for his money so I can have a thematically appropriate Star-Gazer. But then again, he is going to partially overlap with Patrice in the Mystic department, and I'd like them to play differently enough that I don't get tired of seeing the same cards. But oddly enough, the only cards they can have in common are Mystic Lvl 1-2. 

    If I don't go with Norman, I will more than likely choose a Rogue because I miss them, and probably Finn at that since I've yet to play him. Part of me really wants to do a Patrice/Sefina artists unite theme, but I've overplayed Sefina (even though I still want to see her with the Crystalizer of Dreams).

    And lastly, if my group is open to it, I may choose my waking world character to be one of my custom creations I need to fine-tune. He's a young boy and part of the Sheldon Gang, but accidentally 'acquires' the Silver Key from a woman he comes to think may be his mother (she turns out to be a Silver Twilight Cultist). Long story short, he has the Silver Key which is interesting theme-wise, but I am betting we'll see Matt's version of the Silver Key somewhere along our Dream-travels.

    We have a team of 3, so I think right now the plan looks something like:



    Norman/Finn/Edmund (fan-created)

  8. 49 minutes ago, rsdockery said:

    The best part is, Hope's discard ability is explicitly an evasion test that automatically succeeds, meaning Patrice can use it to discard her weakness.

    Zeal’s discard would work on Patrice’s weakness as well so you’ve got a 2/3 chance


    I hear you about her power level with the addition of mystic cards. But whereas you guys tend to play taboo and hard difficulties, I’m happy her will is more useful than a simple treachery reducer since I’m fairly content in easy. 42 cards doesn’t surprise me really but I wonder why not just 40. 

    Survivor mystic is an archetype that I really love but there’s gonna be some strategies that go right out the window for her because of her hand discard. Reactive events like ward of protection and eldritch inspiration etc are going to be hard to include because you can’t play them strategically. 

    I’m much happier knowing she gets 0-2 mystic.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    As another (possibly spoiler-y but minor) thought, how crazy would you have to be to run Patrice in Forgotten Age?

    I'm not sure what part you're thinking about. If it involves Yithians, remember


    she wouldn't have her ability as her investigator card would be replaced with the Yithian one. Having gone through it with Calvin, and being stuck as one for good, he was probably set up better than most would be. He was running rise to the occasions and cornereds already.

  11. Ethereal form's ethereal ability is going to be great in scenarios where you have to resign at the end. It's more multipurpose and cheaper (and less risky) than an Astral Travel, so depending on how far you need to go, I have had to Evade, Move, Move (while being pinned down by enemies) pretty often as a mystic. Prior to this card, I was relying on Mists of R'yleh to move me to a connecting location for action efficiency, and potentially having to use another charge to move from there.

    Overall, expending 2 charges of mist WILL get you further away, but a single event will get you nearly as far and you'll still have those charges for later if you are packing both Mist and Ethereal Form.

    It'll be very handy on a mystic who would rather use those arcane slots for things other than evasion without expending the massive resources a Sign Magick would require.

  12. My mark just kept killing the stranger. He would incredulously ask Sefina and Daisy wtf they were doing trying to talk to these obvious nightmares. He took down as many of the party guests as he could and also insisted in blazing the house.

    He avoided all eye contact with anyone/thing and frequently would only look up from his photos (Sophie and 2 somethings worth fighting fors) or stop his moody self-reflecting in the hallowed mirror to whisper soothing lullaby’s to himself and ignite anything that came into range of his flamethrower. 🤘

  13. 2 minutes ago, rsdockery said:

    I'd assume she starts with one as usual; besides, she can always pick one up through campaign effects or standalone mode.

    It would be nice if she had some back-text recognizing and mitigating her particular vulnerability to weaknesses (like "Special Deckbuilding Rule: Whenever you would search for a random basic weakness, search for an additional qualifying weakness and choose one to add to your deck").

    Er, Versatile is 2 XP.

    Right but 2 versatile or 2 cornered is 4 xp.

    I guess you may only want 1 versatile or cornered as you’ll be cycling your deck more, but my point is still pretty much the same.

  14. Correct. You wouldn’t have to pay for additional cards that were less than your deck size as long as they are lvl 0.

    I’m not saying it’s outright going to break the game. And I would choose not to if there was a way to abuse it. But I do not find it particularly beneficial to the game barring perhaps solo play. And I do find it bit of bending deck building in an unpleasant direction.

  15. I also don’t feel like an ability is a good ability if you have to include cards just to get it off the ground. I’m sorry but yes Patrice can include cornered and now versatile to give her better options and more weakness downtime.....for like 4-8 xp! Maybe I don’t want to include xp cards just so I can play at baseline and have my 2 stats be usable and my deck not drown me in weaknesses.. lol. 

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