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  1. 20 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    Which is exactly what happened to me the first time it went into a deck. My draw after a mulligan. Sigh  



    4 hours ago, CSerpent said:


    Same.  This hadn't occurred to me until my first play of Waking Nightmare last night, when I mulliganed into a copy of AR and one of Occult Evidence.

    I guess that may be a reason you might want a 40 or 50 deck? Less chance to mulligan into a copy...

  2. 1 hour ago, CSerpent said:

    I've built a 40-card Mystic Multiplayer Mandy with 2 Delves, 2 Denies, 3 Open Gates, and 2 Wards.  I'm still honing it, but I'm mostly happy with it.

    Open Gate being fast, thinning her deck, and also in tandem with the class with pathfinder access and shortcuts does have some merit if you want to fast track other investigators around the map and save actions.

  3. Yeah Patrice isn’t the best fit because of the low intelligence but I managed to use it twice to decent effect on par with winging it. It makes a great target for her violin and cornered once you have it. I don’t really mind it taking 3 slots in Patrice either.  Would have been nice if Patrice had even one more int to put her on par with Wendy. You need wilds in her to make up for all the willpower pips from mystic cards and perseverance to even make it remotely likely that you’ll succeed the test though. Good thing there are rtto and last chances.

  4. I really like the survivor myriad card. But there aren’t very solid clue-nabbers in survivors yet. Once you have 2 in the discard you can use resourceful on the last copy to snag 3 clues a couple of times. I’m using it on Patrice but you have to have other skills to commit because her int is only 2.

  5. My reading is that it would ignore all of it if you chose not to discard the cards under her. I assume the revelation effect in entirety cannot be canceled but as deny existence only ignores part of the effect I think it’s Fine to play. I don’t have a rules reference to cite but I believe the  horror is dealt as a total not individual hits of 1. You get to choose to discard or assign horror for each card, but it is dealt together.

  6. While DoN is strong, It is a defining card for rogues and I feel upping the xp punishes fun rogue card synergies that really help define the risk/reward nature of their cards. I understand that it does something that can be very powerful in certain circumstances but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    Its moot though as I don’t use taboo rules anyway.

  7. I’ve still got Norman, Finn, Silas, Rita, Zoey, Pete, Diana, Ursula, Leo, and Roland.

    Looking forward to Finn. I miss rogue. But am likely going to nab Norman and Patrice next. No interest in Leo or Pete or Roland. Norman looks like a lot of fun as he is a bit resource efficient while having a fun deck composition.

    Ive seen everyone played but Silas.  

  8. 13 hours ago, Villefere said:

    I am looking heavily at Barricade. Normally it is removed from play when you leave its location but with Luke's ability to place it on a connecting location it can remain in play indefinitely creating a permanent barricade for hunters. Also Seeking Answers lets you investigate your location to discover a clue at a connecting location, Dream Gate has a shroud of 1 and is connected to all revealed locations.

    In smaller scenarios with enemies that spawn in empty locations like Cultists, an upgraded barricade on a location nobody is at can also funnel enemies where you want them to be in the case of furthest empty location instructions. And if you can’t follow the spawn instruction at all and the enemy doesn’t surge, you effectively canceled an encounter card.

    nvm, it’s 3 xp so he can’t take it. 😟

  9. I’m also happy to see that Luke is a mystic seeker. Not sure the benefits of that combo exactly but it’s one we don’t have yet. I suppose it could help him find his portals easier.

    And we can think about events in seeker that can make use of his ability.

  10. I wonder if any of the card traits will carry over int investigator abilities at some point in other ways..

    For instance, will Hank have Bold with an ability that allows him to ignore an enemy attack/damage/horror if it occurs during his first action?

    Or perhaps, we'll see a Paradox traited investigator (Agatha? Gloria?) that can cancel a token pull or something.

  11. Some traits also seem to categorize cards mechanically just a bit. While they don't specifically have rules associated with them, they can remind you about certain ways that the cards usually act.

    For instance, all 'fated' traited cards (so far) end your turn after you play the event.

    Armor traited cards all have health.

    Bold cards are all restricted to being played on your first action (or in the case of the only bold event, loses effectiveness if committed after multiple actions have been taken)...

    Composures all must be assigned horror before your investigator.

    Desperate require you to have 3 or fewer sanity to commit.

    Developed seem to be upgrades of innate traited cards only (except Silas's signature). Similarly, expert traited cards seem to be upgraded practice traited cards (except Seal of the Elder Sign).

    Paradox (so far) are fast and have an ignore effect.

    Services are effects that you pay for in resources and, so far, have a better effect depending on how much you pay.

    Tools are all hand items that take one hand slot (again, so far).

    Tricks are often about action compression.

    Upgrades attach to assets for some effect.

    There are probably more. I'm looking at some of them now while I have a free moment to see if there are any other obvious connections.

  12. Agreed with both of you. Ursula's reaction triggers after the forced trigger on the location.  

    One of the nice things about Ursula is that the free investigate action can be ANY investigate action (seeking answers, translating archaic glyphs, using a flashlight, even a location specific investigate action), but yes, if you end up engaged you have to choose if the attack of opportunity is worth the free action.

  13. I'm not a huge fan of the TFA theme, but it has some nice flavor the further you get into it. Honestly, the scenarios aren't that tough (with the exception of boundaries), it's the consistent trauma and set-backs from the lack of suplies that is a bit disheartening.

    Difficulty-wise, TCU is leaps harder imo. Some of it purely due to encounters/enemies, and some of it due to very random and chaotic location set-ups (which is fine for the campaign thruline, but yikes). 

    Glad you guys are having so much fun! I had a run through where an untimely "To Fight the Black Wind" replacement weakness on Caroline doomed us all to being buried with the rubble. 😒 Getting out by the skin of your teeth is awesome, getting collapsed on JUST barely is less fun, bahaha. 

  14. Yes, I too find Stealth in general to be a bit silly in the class with the best evade stats. Now would it be worth it on, say, Tony? Maybe if he needs to go fight off a DIFFERENT enemy for his seeker in the room adjacent. Upgraded stealth is even better in this situation because it does not take an action.

    I don't like shovel/lantern at all, but I hardly ever use scavenging because most survivors have poor intelligence to begin with.

    Upgrade to Alchemical Formula looks great. And honestly, having an option outside of Uncaged is nice. it combos well with allies that add doom because if you take damage, you can just kill off the doom. It also makes excellent fodder for use with Torrent of Power if you decide that you don't really need those resources anymore. At 0 cost, you'r basically banking either a bunch of resources for later, OR up to an additional 1-2 pips per charge depending on if your using torrent to power a will test. I've already effectively used this card in a Marie investigation deck for either rites of seeking, resources (the action becomes free if you have doom), or for powering my guiding stones for a +4 to my investigate (intelligence test).


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