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  1. 1 hour ago, Iuchi Toshimo said:

    NLTL also benefits certain Lola decks, the forgotten Survivor. Specifically her skill heavy builds. Pitch her hand to skill tests, draw into Ace in the Hole/Will to Survive and the money to play it or feed into Scrapper. Go Ham. 

    Actually, this card benefits any skill heavy build, really. Our version of Patrice is the 1 of each asset, Cornered, Last Chance, Resourceful, Rise to the Occasion type build and NLTL is essentially a second turn this instant for that build. 

    It's not really a 2nd turn though because it doesn't give you actions. Replacing your hand is arguably a bad decision since she'll get a new one the next turn and you may pick up something you want to play and have no actions to play it. It just comes down to how many skills you need to do the job. I've had no issue with my Patrice deck that is running much like the one here, but I think we're playing on easy. 

    On a harder difficulty, you may end up pitching all 5 of your skills/cards on a single test and then want a new hand. I still think that 10 cards for skills on just 3 actions may be overkill though in most situations.

    I foresaw Patrice's resource issues and started my deck with few spells and Alchemical Transmutation. Between that and her violin, she never had any issues. Alchemical is nice because you can let it sit until you want the resources. Unlike Emergency Cache which you HAVE to play if you are holding it with Patrice or say goodbye to it at the end of your turn. Emergency Cache also has no pips for committing if you decide you no long need the resources. It's just a dead card without cornered.

  2. That art on Nothing left to lose is soooooo nice. 

    Having a free action on a mystic is great (look at knowledge is power, and Marie.. they are both powerhouses), and this gives a bit more use to cards like Scrying or upgraded Scroll of Secrets. Placing that bound hound at the bottom of your deck is maybe worth the xp of SoS? But still you would need to find both the Hound and the Scroll. I think what we need in mystic is some better card draw support.


  3. We were lucky enough to never have her show up. She’s certainly a fun addition. Patrice gets into scraps often that you never even consider haha. Just saw a playthrough of my custom designed signature scenario Jenny’s Choice where Patrice was in a very bad place thanks to an encounter combo with an unfortunately timed The Tower.

    Relying on commits and not being able to do it is such a bad place to be.

  4. Yes... we had Tony Silas And Norman and monster hunters had a tough time. Norman has too many things to do. I think high will and int characters are almost mandatory. But we had fun. One thing I do wish is that rewards changed based on the path you unlocked. Instead rewards are the same no matter which ending you get. I can maybe see some people getting frustrated because the ending is chosen randomly and so you wouldn’t know what story asset you would have the chance to get. But there’s a lot of potential to have had some fun and unique assets tied to the outcome.

  5. 3 hours ago, phillos said:

    Unless you are Calvin or Preston running through Rougarou.  For those guys the real reward is an OP new talent.

    Certainly the card I'm thinking of would be extremely thematic for a Dreamquest themed scenario.

    Or unless you are me and cannot beat the scenario at all. Usually you will need to have a guardian at least (we don't always), and be far enough into the campaign to have gotten a fair amount of experience... but little trauma.

    I'm actually wondering if Dream-Eaters might be the perfect campaign to slot in some of these side-stories as you can earn a good deal of xp at little risk in scenario 1 (possibly even more by the end of 2). I know that I got



     in both scenarios in the deluxe box (we're playing on easy though).

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