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  1. Good morning friends and fellow Arkham-ites.

    I am currently developing a 4 or 5 scenario long fan-made campaign titled In Darkest Pits. The first scenario, The Initiation, is just about ready for some serious playtesting, and I'm hoping a few of you with time on your hands may be interested. It's all for fun and love of the game, I'm not advertising an actual job posting with compensation or anything just to be clear.

    The first scenario sees you or a group of investigators attempting to complete an initiation in order to infiltrate the silver twilight lodge, gain the trust of Carl Sanford, and find out just what they're up to this time.

    I'm doing one more preliminary run-through today, and then should have a fairly playable scenario ready for anyone interested. Note that I'm interested in feedback to make the scenario more fun and/or challenging if needed without drastically changing its primary mechanics. While I always play at a 3 player count or so, I suppose it should still be playable with a lower player count. Because of the way the acts are constructed, lower player counts could be less fun or simply too easy. 

    If you're interested in playtesting this scenario, just post or pm me, and I can send you a link to a copy of the print files to print and play. If you're just looking for a new scenario to play, I would advise to wait for it to be completed and released on BGG and (hopefully) Arkham Central for the best experience. Particularly if you enjoy blind playthroughs.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who thinks they might have the time to give it a whirl.

    It may take me a day or two to get the files to you and there's not time-limit or anything to complete as many playthroughs as you would like. Any feedback is helpful.


  2. 1 hour ago, Mimi61 said:

    I’m not sure if anyone else has received Point of No Return yet, but mine came today. As always, am looking forward to your thoughts on the new cards, especially what they’ve done with Dream Diary. 

    I am so jealous that you get things so early. I am dying to know what the dream diary does.

  3. One more! Is there any plan to have a full story of some kind for Sefina? She is my absolute fave but she did not have a story in The Investigators of Arkham Horror and it sounds like novella investigator choice may be at the whim of the novella writers going forward. Will we see a Sefina mini? She hasn’t found her way into mansions of madness yet either.

    In other words please tell me that more Sefina is coming! 

  4. How do you decide which ideas are good ideas for investigators and were there any you can talk about that went horribly sideways? I imagine investigators like Preston and Patrice had some wonky alpha versions that maybe didn’t pan out the way you wanted them to?

    EDIT: Also, have you played any of the fan-created scenarios (besides those by Nicholas Kory?) What do you feel about them, do you love 'em, hate 'em, don't have time for 'em? Any favorites or favorite moments from them?

  5. Allonym is always so thorough with his responses, that there is not that much to add. I just want to second Ever Vigilant. And potentially mention the value of using Act of Desperation with it as well. If you have a high cost gun of pretty much any sort that you are trying to mulligan for, Act of Desperation will net you back much needed resources to play something new while simultaneously not losing you damage. It can also be a handy way to turn a dead flashlight into an extra attack if you find yourself short on ammo.

    The caveat, obviously, is that you have to have access to Survivor cards to use Act of Desperation, but it is a very solid option in my opinion if you are using Mark, Tony, even maybe Zoey though the latter needs resources less. It's a very nice option with Mark.

    Delay the inevitable can also be useful simply because it is damage prevention and fast so costs no actions. The issue, obviously, is that Dodge is going to be the better use unless you plan on letting delay sit out to soak something from a non-enemy... A certain hex that does 10 damage, for instance.

  6. Another weird idea I’ve been messing with is an event heavy rogue (probably cluever or big money?) that takes 2 copies of stealth upgraded, 2 pickpocket upgrades, and 2 Crystalizers to turn the beast of the crystalizer into free cards and resources.

    Since the enemy  is prey crystallizer bearer only, and stealth does not exhaust it but still counts as an evade,  you can free trigger stealth once a turn to avoid it and get free stuff from pickpocketing while also getting the benefits of the crystallizer relic. Similarly your shenanigans won’t cause issues for other players  trying to get through locations with the guardian who will never exhaust because the enemy will only engage and try to fight you.

    Could be good on Finn or Sef. Also have a card deck built but it is for a custom/fan gator of mine so the event cards likely won’t be possible. But again, you get the idea.



    The custom investigator is here, updated cards are near the end of the thread. I love playing as her in 3-4 player. She’s very different if you are at all interested.


  7. I don’t have a ton of these that I’ve played and they may already be things you’ve tried, but I played a Mark with stick to the plan, act of desperation (attached), and guardian Thompson that generated silly amounts of resources. That was fun but was never sure what to do with the excess if I had it. Teamwork?

    I also made a fun Marie that could pull a ton of clues for free by using her doom ability, knowledge is power, + guiding stones (it’s a spell) and fueling it with torrents of power from cheap alchemical transmutations, skills, and enraptured for more charges. Actually had a skeleton key from another investigator at points and got like 6 or 7 clues at once without using any of my 3 actions.  There are a ton of ways to fuel her guiding stones investigate check that are rather potent.

    Here is how she ended up:


    EDIT: Some of the deck description in the listing for Marie is not really accurate. It's something I wrote for an unleveled version of her deck, but you get the idea.


  8. 22 minutes ago, Assussanni said:

    I find Miskatonic Museum more fun if I think of it as a dash round the exhibits trying to collect as many xp as possible before Beyond the Veil kills you. Sort of like Supermarket Sweep, but with the addition of also being pursued by a flying snake.

    That's fair. We have pretty solid encounter manipulation in our group. I'm running a custom creation seeker (Eunice Goulding, the Geometrician) who can essentially use First Watch (except everyone has to have 1 encounter) once per turn after she successfully investigates a location, and she has 2 Forewarned at this point and Agnes has 1 ward of protection, so we may be able to dodge those if we're lucky and see them coming on the correct turns.

    Other investigators include Zooey as a combat fighty person, and Finn as a jack of all trades extra cluer.

  9. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the ideas. I am leaning toward replacing the ancient evils with resurgent evils during Essex. And the rest of the suggestions are also very welcome. I've decided I'll leave Miskatonic Museum alone (that's what we'll be playing today). Never really thought about how the Hunting Horror will really scale with additional encounter pulls, but I'll just leave it. If all else fails and he's not that threatening, Zooey has 2 copies of Sixth Sense as a back up clueing mechanism if she gets bored.

    Miskatonic Museum has never been one of my favorites to begin with, but I don't want to jade them with that knowledge, haha.

  10. Yeah. This is along the lines of what I was thinking. There is a good chance these players will only play through each cycle once. We’re at the 3rd scenario and haven’t been using Return, but the museum and Essex are really the two scenarios I’m most concerned about. Museum is pretty dry (one of the players is a combat exclusive Zoey). But we also have 4 players so the bufffs to the hunting horror are going to cycle fast.

  11. Hey all,

    I have everything released so far, but have just gotten 2 more people hooked. One has finished a Carcosa cycle, and one is playing through Dunwich with us now (his first cycle). My question is should I be using the Return To sets? I have them, but neither has ever played Dunwich  before. They may never play it again.

    To Return To or not to Return To? I've only played through Return to Dunwich once. I'm mostly worried about the Essex Express because it is a 4 player game but can't remember if Return To makes it less likely to basically auto lose.

  12. Haha, I'm not sure if you are theoretically saying you would like a more powerful Eucatastrophe called Eupocalypse, or if you've just gotten the name wrong (I like it though!)

    In answer to your question, I do like a lot of the survivor cards to be honest. I'm not even that sold on eucatastrophe because you have to get your skill value after modifiers to 0, which you can't always predict. And in some cases, if your elder sign ability isn't great, you can still fail the test.

    I really like Alter Fate.. there are just so many good targets for a 1 cost card. The exile cards are actually really solid as well, especially when you consider that you can replace them with a lvl 0 card when you exile them. Survivors have some outstanding level 0 cards. 

    Will to Survive is excellent, True Survivor can almost be broken in some situations (though expensive to recur with the help of resourceful, still pretty powerful).  Survivors are ace.

  13. 1 hour ago, CSerpent said:

    I do think Kate's coming in the next set.  She strikes me as pretty popular.  She seems like some combo of Seeker and Guardian, but we already have two of those...

    I want more science traited cards  so she can be a seeker with science trait cards and an errata to give lightning gun the science trait. I also want  an actual scientist to want to include the scientific theory composure.

    Seekers are one of the few factions with enough cheap allies to use as buffers to make the composure worth it. But nobody is gonna take a composure over higher education.... Unleeeessss they can actually use the combat pump.

  14. I do think it was smart not to go for an overly escape artist build though. At this point I really do not think anyone will be able to out escape artist Luke without verging on broken. I do find his design a bit uninspired but it’ll at least maybe offer new synergies with mystic rogue? Not having a reliance on events and a will of 5 assures he’ll build much differently than Sefina.

  15. Disease and corruption makes me think Abhoth for his novella. Don’t know why I wasn’t expecting him (even though I went as him to Arkham Nights 2018) The product page also states 4 cards so investigator, signature, weakness. Anddddd????  (EDIT: Oh yeah, probably his mini card, lol)

    Really hoping for a mystic rogue. I want him to be able to use sleight if hand so badly but no idea what use it would do a mystic.

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