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  1. I think the key as stated is that rogues are more or less self-interested. Good people, bad people, lawful or not, that’s what they have in common.

    Thus is why, despite the resource cards and well connected flavor, I don’t foresee Charlie Kane as a rogue. He’s actually always portrayed as as decent guy and a politician that genuinely cares about his people.

  2. I don't really know how escape room puzzle creation works, but if Matt and Jeremy had a hand in the puzzles (which I wouldn't put past them), I don't see why it couldn't be that. No confirmation that they did though. It is specifically Arkham Horror Files and presumably someone would have had to put work into the design. I would love to try it, but I'm closer to east coast.

    I also think that it reasonably could be something else, but as for what, I'm not sure. I suppose it could just be booster packs of faction cards. Like a pack of only player card assets for survivors, a pack for guardians, etc. Cards that maybe they wanted to have level up but couldn't really find enough space within the cycles to include? This is all complete speculation at this point though.

  3. 56 minutes ago, phillos said:

    I want a Bob Jenkins scenario where your goal is to just make as many resources as possible, but selling all the items in your deck to the NPCs.

    What’s that Mr Cultist? Did you say you’re out of ritual knives? For the low low price of your sanity (and a sawbuck), you can be the new owner of this Hungering Blade! Guaranteed to complete your ritual even if that means you feed the eldritch powers yourself!

  4. 24 minutes ago, Mimi61 said:


    Could it be because there are two groups you are swinging back and forth between, making it 2 months between playing  your wakers and dreamers? I wonder if that’s making the story line of and pressure of the quest feel less immediate. 

    Could be part of it but I don’t think that’s entirely it either. Maybe when we replay I’ll be able to tell once the whole cycle is out. And all honesty, I know y’all love some Patrice but maybe it’s partly her too. I’ve said it in other threads but she starts to feel very samey to me. But I’m using Norman in the waking world. Only time will tell.

  5. Yeah it definitely represents Dream Quest well. I can’t tell if it is mechanically or maybe it just feels like the pressure is off. I didn’t think I really liked the unkillable ever-present returning monsters like harbinger and specter, but maybe that’s what it is? Anyway I’m ready for some ancient one encounters haha.

  6. Oddly I feel like they’ve been not so great? Not terrible and certainly fun but I feel like they’re missing something. Probably just me.

    However I think these final 2 will be stellar and both Matt and Jeremy picked one of them as their current favorite scenario on the AMA. Very excited.

  7. Dream eaters seemed relatively easy to me if I’m honest until Dark Side if the Moon.

    I think the bigger issue is that the player cards are maybe not the best for players with fewer card options. But that’s just a feeling I have and not based on much else.

  8. The way they talked about mountains of madness made it sound like they haven’t touched it (or a snowy setting) yet. Suggesting they start it when winter comes around etc. That would imply that it would not follow Innsmouth as that cycle is in theory what they’re working on now since Innsmouth is complete. But who knows.

  9. 14 minutes ago, Allonym said:

    It didn't, though. There were Hidden cards, which forced you to play suboptimally and counterintuitively and reduced the ability to communicate with the team; there was a scenario resolution where it was possible to leave players behind and have them permanently eliminated; and the Epilogue has a story element where an investigator turns bad. But none of that has any relation to (for instance) the possibility of becoming a secret antagonist where you win when the players lose.

    And while I don't want it to become a hidden traitor style game, the only thing that having hidden traitor mechanics in Mansions means to me (whether it worked well or not) is that FFG seems to find trying this type of thing of interest. I guess mansions already had 'insanity' motives prior to the deep one scenario though. IF it's done, I just hope it's done well enough and does not disrupt solo play.  But I would think that if they're going to try, it would be in the Innsmouth cycle.

    Cards like Flare and You Owe Me one become quite dangerous in the hands of someone who may have ulterior motives. I also don't foresee them forcing non-solo games, so if you do fly solo, even if there are hidden/traitory mechanics, there would have to be other stakes at play.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Allonym said:

    If there is a "traitor" mechanic where you're secretly a deep one, it had better be completely optional or I'm out.

    I prefer coop for sure. And Im game for anything once but I’m not hoping for traitor mechanics. I could see it for a single cycle or scenario or two.

    I love the coop experience so I wouldn’t want it shaken up too much. Maybe there’s a way to do it without making it feel antagonistic. For instance the race to complete the act or agenda.

    Anyway while speculation is fun I don’t want to sidetrack the convo from the actual details or other thoughts.

    Maybe with conspiracy in the title, we’ll be seeing Trish.

  11. 20 minutes ago, JimCrim said:

    I hope you are all right and there's cycles aplenty still coming because I dig the product and it's a **** fine game.. I presume it's all about sales.. If it sells they'll make more. When that slows, the end will be in sight.. Right now it seems like a healthy product, so that's cool. 



    Yes. Precisely. Spread the word of our great Lord and savior Cthulhu and his band of terrible Acquaintances.  Sell your friends (and enemies) on it because it really is fantastic.

  12. 3 hours ago, Hyperjayman said:

    So this is where Silas March officially shows up. Also Dagon.

    Edit: Maybe Abigail Foreman as a Seeker investigator. She is mentioned on the story side of his card. 

    I still want to see Minnie Klein before they add Abigail, haha. But bringing new investigators in would be fun either way. There's so many left that I want to see though.

    I predict some kind of weird betrayal mechanic in these. With all the connection to Deep Ones, maybe there will be conflicting acts depending on whether you discover you're a Deep One or not? Or perhaps a late cycle scenario that has a race to advance either the Act or Agenda depending on whether you are Human or Deep One (There would be some way for the Agenda to advance in solo presumably as well).

  13. That's a great point that I would like cleared up too. But either way, in this case Duke doesn't take an ally slot, so he's safe. Whatever game designer who would separate Pete from his loyal hound is a heartless fiend, and Matt's not that guy. 😁

    Another question that just occurred to me... I assume that if you had On Your Own (non-exceptional) and you wanted to slot the exceptional version, it would still count as upgrading and you would only pay the difference in XP? I don't know if we have any other cards that 'upgrade' into exceptional, let alone one that stays the same level card.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Hyperjayman said:

    Pete would lose Duke if you included On Your  Own (e3) because it has a deck building restriction. If it just stopped you from playing ally’s that would be a different story.

    You actually do not. Duke does not take up an ally slot. If they meant for you to lose Duke, it would say simply Deckbuilding Restrictions: No allies.

  15. Interestingly, Flare gains some new value if you do decide to run On Your Own in multiplayer. Not only does it get around the ally restriction, it also become a 0 cost event. 

    This could be a very fun way to play imo. I haven't wanted to Dark Horse for a long while. I'm also starting to wonder if this is why Duke doesn't take an ally slot while others (looking at you Foolishness) do. I wonder if this upgrade had been planned for a VERY long time, but only slotted into the return to set to make room for more non-upgrade cards in the regular cycles.

  16. 1 hour ago, Allonym said:

    That's my biggest gripe with Patrice, actually - running out of things to spend experience on that substantially improved my deck, leaving her with a weird power curve where she's not up to par scenario 1, rapidly becomes really good after she gets any amount of exp, then plateaus quickly. Part of that is due to the paltry selection of Mystic 1-2 cards, of course.

    This is my experience with her. She's very strong, but honestly with cornered and her violin, I feel like every turn is the same. What do I chuck for this test? How about for this test? I could commit this card, but actually, let's just chuck it instead. I rarely play on hard, so +2 or +4 (if both cornereds are out) is basically all I need. While it's fun to pull all those draws, I find once I have a decent ally down and cornereds, I'm really not having the sort of fun decision-making plays I get out of someone like Sefina. I think Sefina still reigns supreme as my favorite investigator.

    I like that Patrice is different, but I honestly think that cornered is so good on her, avoiding using it in her build feels so crippling that I don't even know if trying other builds is really going to work. There are so many cards you just don't want to take because Patrice hates situational tools. Events are difficult sells (which is a lot of what lvl 0 mystic brings to the table, and even a lot of lvl 0 survivor). She so suited to assets that stay out and just chucking cards to fuel them that even skills feel situational and if they don't give you at least 2 icons, they're barely worth considering. And even then, cornered is like having 2 wilds on any card, so why take a skill with 2 intelligence icons (or a non-skill event that you may be able to commit if you can't play it) for example when +2 to any test is so much better.

    I honestly don't see myself coming back to her, which is sad because she's one of my favorites thematically. I am just not sure what new cards could enter the pool that will actually shake her deck up enough to make her exciting for me again (and I've only used her for 4 scenarios, 3 Dreamlands + Carnivale).

  17. To be fair, Dexter doesn’t really need  sleight of hand with his ability. He probably is part Rogue but they honestly could make him anything and his ability pretty much covers the sleight of hand. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if he was mystic/guard because of the veteran trait. But being featured on haste makes it pretty doubtful.

    I sort of love the idea of him using Molly to fetch him a firearm that he prestidigitates from a ritual candle to blast an unsuspecting cultist lol. “And for my next trick, BLAM!”

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