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  1. 48 minutes ago, Buhallin said:

    I think it's important to note here that the entire point is being decent to other players.  That goes the other way too.  Cases like this people should shrug and let it go.  Just like if you're halfway through a game and realize that someone accidentally included 11 XP instead of 9 - you don't stop the whole game and kick them out, you roll with it.

    The point here is not some hyper-obsessive adherence to the rules (even if they were strict and official).  It's making sure everyone has the most enjoyable time possible.  If my choices are having to endure playing with an NPE deck taking infinite turns, or ignoring a new player who accidentally broke a deck construction rule or two, I know which I'd prefer.


    Exactly. I've never been a big event guy, so I haven't participated in many. I imagine these are more the sorts of things you would have to worry about in a competitive gaming event rather than a coop event, but maybe I just have rose-tinted glasses on. That's why I have a tough time caring about the taboos at all. Even if I wanted to play an infinite turn deck just for giggles, I would never bring it to an event with strangers just to grief people. Especially when I'm stuck at a table with them for a couple of hours. (I wouldn't even if the game only took 10 minutes, but that's just me).

    It seems weird to put into place a set of rules to prevent people from being derps to each other during a coop game. Are people really just that obtuse or into griefing? I mean, if that's the case, there's no reason why people wouldn't play a rogue and/or mystic and just play you owe me one on dumb cards, force pull extra encounters with delves, or (now) dump a ton of curses into the bag just to do it. I don't see any of those happening, but maybe I'm just not involved enough.

  2. 16 hours ago, Buhallin said:

    Using them or not for your own group is up to you.  As it always was, honestly.  Even in games where the errata is not explicitly optional (like LOTR) there are many people who choose to ignore it.

    The distinction matters more for larger events.  I have no doubt that people who use degenerate cards find them fun.  The problem is that they're rarely fun for everyone else at a table.  Whether it's just trivializing content or sitting there doing nothing while someone takes half an hour to do their infinite action turn, it's just a miserable experience.  Especially when you end up in a mixed group of random players (which is a big part of the fun of large events) taking the fun out of everyone else's play in the name of your own isn't cool.  It's no different than one player demanding to play on Expert when the rest of the group just wants to do Standard, except that officially that one person can override everyone else at the table in the name of their version of fun.

    Exactly why it's an interesting question. The central issue to me is that these cards are generally taboo'd (in most cases) because of particular builds that create nearly broken combos. But the cards themselves can be used outside of those combos as a pretty normal function of the game. You never know what personalities you're going to get in a big event, so some may decide to run infinite combos or whatever, which is lame of them, but technically possible.

    I just don't like this idea that you can't trust players to play nice with each other in a coop, so we have to change the balancing on cards to correct for bad player behavior.

  3. First of all, I'm not a taboo player. Nobody will convince me to be either because if I want deck diversification, I'll just build it in and restrict myself from taking certain cards etc.

    As for Arkham Nights/official events though, that is an interesting question about whether taboo is enforced there or not. Everywhere it's been explained, it has been reinforced as 'optional'.  I don't disagree with any of their suggestions. These are all powerful cards that see a lot of play. But 9 times out of 10, they also make the game more fun for the player. And if they get stale, again, my group will just opt not to use them. And while Mr. Rook seekers are surely powerful, I won't ever tell my players they can't use cards or have to abide by taboo etc.

    DoN being the first forbidden card does not surprise me at all. But it is a shame. Seekers and Guardian both inarguably get clues and fight better than any other faction. Survivors/Mystics/Rogues are more all-round types but the real distinction between them is playstyle. DoN was exactly the kind of card that played into Rogue risk vs reward mechanics, and often helped put them on par with seekers or guardians.  The problem is that the card is very exploitable because you can commit things that generate further damage and/or clues and there is no limit to this. And it is very situational. Unless you can recur it and throw it at multiple tests, one massive success usually won't break a scenario (the exception being a boss enemy). Even if you get all of the clues from a single location and pull like 6 clues at once, that usually won't  break a scenario. It only becomes problematic when a scenario has a a single card that is the crux of the scenario and relies on a test (like a combat test).

    Anyway, just spinning my thoughts. I like the Winchester changes, but I'm not likely to use those and ignore all the other taboos. Even at my table, people have been selecting the Winchester as it is. But we often play on easy or normal where 0s, and +1s, are still in the bag.

  4. Hello friends and fellow Arkhamites! I am just posting to let you know that scenario 3 in my fan campaign is now available in the files section of BGG and is now also listed on the campaign page on Arkham Central.


    In Blackest Pits is a fan-created campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game for 1-4 players. This file contains the third scenario: "Stop The Presses!" This scenario can be played on its own or combined with future scenarios yet to be released from the In Blackest Pits cycle to form a larger campaign.

    After the events at Arkham’s Annual Founder’s Day celebration, the investigators have decided that an article must run in the morning edition of the Arkham Advertiser to warn citizens of the imminent dangers invading the town. Sneaking in after hours, they find the Editor-In-Chief being terrorized in the dark by a mind-altering apparition.

    Will you be able to remove the threat in time? Will your anonymous article make the morning edition?

    Includes necessary encounter and role cards from Scenario 1, The Initiation.

    Here's a dropbox link to the scenario guides of all 3 scenarios together if that is the kind of thing you'd like to see as a preview or assist with preparing the print n' play.

  5. I've got multiple games going.

    I've got a 3 player Innsmouth started with Trish, Mary, and Stella. We always play new cycles on easy, and while it has been somewhat of a challenge, we've managed to get every VP in scenario 1 and complete both scenarios.

    I've also got a 4 player Dunwich Game using Zoey, Agnes, Finn, and Eunice Goulding (a custom seeker creation of my own). That one is going fairly well, but we are moving into Lost in Time and Space next. 

    And lastly, I've got a new friend hooked and we're playing Return to Carcosa as Stella and Dexter Drake. Stella had some really amazing moments in scenario 3, while I seem to be fumbling around a lot with Dexter. It's not that I'm not enjoying him, but I've just had monumentally bad luck so far (but no trauma! [other than arcane research]). I have both Shriveling and Azure Flame and it seems no matter what spell I use, I always pick the token that hurts me. I've also elected to take the Spirit Familiar, so it's fun to think of him accidentally lighting himself on fire and horrifying himself with poor displays of showmanship while that mean 'ol cat continues to tell me that I'm not worthy. I seem to do quite well with Sixth Sense though... 

    It's particularly fun when Dexter shouts "Watch This!" to Stella and then autofails and catches his robes on fire with Azure Flames. Pretty sure Stella thinks I'm useless at this point, lol.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Carthoris said:

    Does it even matter? The draw is supposed to be random, and not depend on any player's choice or ability. I'd say the lead 'gator can do it or delegate it to another player. But as long as no one at the table is hung up about it, it should just be whoever has the bag.

    I think they're wondering if Jacqueline or Wendy can use her ability on it. The question is if the tokens revealed by the forced effect are 'revealed by an investigator'

  7. 30 minutes ago, CaffeineAddict said:

    Just played the first scenario of innsmouth - am I misreading the rules, or can you not spend XP between scenario 1 and 2?

    I believe you basically can, as you're instructed after the intro of scenario 2 to spend your unspent xp.

    I think that this isn't always going to be the case though as some of the scenarios are flashbacks. I'm not really sure how they're going to implement that if that's why they're being so odd about when you spend xp.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Mimi61 said:

    I’m glad you got it all!! Once and Future King, what makes it so challenging? 

    It depends with Mary’s weakness. I had a draw right before it came up where I pulled 3 blessed tokens in a row before something else. Which pretty much emptied the bag of them. When she pulled her weakness, there was only one to replace and since another one comes in at the end of the round, it was a wash. 
    Of course, drawing three in a row again right before she draws her weakness is unlikely to happen often, so yes if her weakness comes up, it should help balance the scales. If it doesn’t come up, then there are a lot of +2’s to help you resolve tokens.  I think we may make a house rule that if you advance an agenda and Mary hasn’t pulled her weakness, (and nobody has cards in their decks that affect blessed and cursed  tokens), you need to put a cursed token in the bag. Maybe one for 1-2 players and two for 3-4 players. I don’t know, but it was an awful lot of help, with hardly any risk. 

    Those tokens are very strong, and Mary floods the bag with them. I don't mind, personally, but we generally play on easy anyway, so it has been more breezy instead of easy.  The thing about Mary is that those tokens are probably needed in harder difficulties where the modifiers are worse and her two primary 'tempo' stats are only 2 int and 3 combat. You could build her more mystic to leverage her will, but she'll hit a wall with her spells. This isn't a problem when you're pulling for tests and 'praying' you get a blessed and pass naturally. But on easy difficulty, there's less risk of pulling into a symbol token and failing and getting a fail by effect.

    I like her a lot, but the auto effect is very strong even if you don't combine it with other potential ways to add blessings, imo.

  9. I concur with your Trish analysis. She's very fun (I played her through Innsmouth). The upgrades to Seeking Answers in Harvey's deck are excellent on her. I've been using those in combination with shortcuts to move allies engaged with enemies into locations I want clues from and then snag clues off their location. It's fun.

    Boxing Nun sounds super interesting too. I was wondering who would try the boxing gloves in a non-Nathaniel deck.

  10. 17 hours ago, Mimi61 said:

    We got ours on Sunday and are going to take Trish and Mary to some seriously Deep Pits. Re-play of scenario 3 is on the books for later tonight or tomorrow. 

    Ooh exciting. And I just got notification my Innsmouth will be delivered today! On my birthday, what a nice surprise. :) I suspect Trish and Mary are going to make their way into Innsmouth here. Very excited to try Trish.

  11. 2 minutes ago, phillos said:

    Excluding Carolyn decks where the card has much more utility, I was only including Liquid Courage in low Will investigators like Finn, Skids and Winnie.  So that failure was assured usually.  Level 1 makes it a much less marginal card since now it starts to looks similar to the trade cost of putting an ally out to soak sanity if you fail.  If you pass it looks like a more action neutral test since it draws you a card.  I like level 1 LC. 

    I am struggling to understand what thematically is going on there.  I guess cards are knowledge so when you lose you are drinking yourself stupid, but you are doing a better job of killing the brain cells holding onto the horror you witnessed along with some of your 10th grade history lessons. 

    Yes, I'm not sure thematically about the upgrade. Maybe the booze is stronger? I guess my problem is that in order to heal the extra horror, you now also have to be penalized. The lvl 0 version let you subvert that by passing.

  12. Knowledge is Power saves medical texts imo, but there are better targets for that card too. Not to derail, but what about Winnie's new liquid courage (1)? It's very strange. The only way to heal the additional horror is to fail the test. How do you guys feel about that? I mean on investigators with 1 will, maybe that's fine, but seems like an odd choice to not include the extra healing if you pass. Particularly in a card that is not a survivor card.

  13. I love Composures in the right deck (barring grounded because it just seems inferior to the others), but you basically have to satisfy three requirements to get the most bang for your buck. First, you need to have allies that can take the horror instead of dumping it on the composure. Second, you need to have the potential of extra resources to pump into the composure. And thirdly, you really want to have some use for the stats on the card. It can take a middling stat line and save you on a few difficult tests you would otherwise fail. So yes, not all decks will want them, but they've saved me in a few cases.

    Moxie can be great to handle some of the more problematic treacheries for Rogues thanks to the will pump (not available on streetwise). And rogues are most likely to have spare resources laying around. Plucky can be great for survivors (especially if you're taking Peter anyway) to help nab clues or even to combo with Lebranche or Dark Horse builds. And Combat Training isn't terrible for guardians due to the fight/agility bonuses (though you will likely have less free resources than other factions).

    Scientific Theory is a card I've always wanted a reason to take, but seekers almost never need fight boosts and there are much better ways to boost your intelligence. Maybe Kate will be able to use a lightning gun?

    The saving grace of composures for me is that they are fast. This means they are more efficient (slightly) than the lvl 0 versions of permanents and the other pump cards. They're also cheap. And it gives you flex. Play it if you have the spare resources and your board state is okay, or commit it if it's not needed. 1xp is cheap enough.

    I would love for someone to let me in on how to use Kerosene effectively. I mean, it looks simple... you just use it right? It's so thematically rich, but I can't seem to make it worth slotting in. It seems horribly action inefficient in most decks. Who would it be best on? I'm also not much of guardian players, so who has used it and has it ever felt clutch?

  14. Good question. I have a feeling it's because this is the Aconyte books imprint. There's probably some messaging not getting through somewhere. All of the AH books/novella release are confused and confusing to many people. These look like fun reads though. Guess I'll have to see if I can find a copy after I finish Malorie (The sequel to Josh Malerman's Bird Box).

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