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  1. We just played both scenario 1 and 2, and I somehow missed that treachery encounters do not start in these decks (though we were still adding them after successful explorations!). I was so confused when I was supposed to add encounters from the expedition set when it is replaced by doomed expedition. No wonder it was so hard. We've lost both scenarios so far. Probably for this reason.
  2. Yes, I am quoting myself. Sorry 'bout it! Just an update, despite the USPS tracking, looks like I got mine today.
  3. My team covenant RttFA looks like it should be arriving Monday per USPS tracking. They have a notice on their page too that says shipping is taking longer due to COVID than their usual. To be expected.
  4. It’s half the level rounded up so it would be 1 clue, and you’d have to exile rite of seeking to remove the doom (otherwise it’s just the 1 clue) as I understand it. It’s not a terrible card by any means but it’s not great. The big miss for me is just theme because of the “reading” in the title of the card.
  5. Sure in some respect, but at least it’s still something you could physically throw with act of desperation. You can use burn after reading on any card... so what exactly does it mean if you are burning “brute force” after reading for instance? To me, it feels like the title of the card is referring to the physical card in hand, which you “burn” for the effect and breaks immersion. Just a nitpick but I don’t know if this was discussed at all because I wasn’t there. Again, conceptually interesting but leaves me a little bamboozled if I really think about it.
  6. This card feels a little too wonky to me if you compare it to Working a Hunch. It's really oddly conditional as you don't get clues at all if you target a lvl 0 card as far as I can tell. And for some reason, I can burn a lvl 1 ally for the effect, or an old hunting rifle, etc, which is at odds to me with the flavor involved in the name of the card. I hope the final version is a bit different when it makes its way into a released expansion/pack. I kind of like the flex, but it's a bit of a miss for me in general.
  7. I thought I read something about donations somewhere though in addition to that. I may be wrong. But my primary point was that people asked for it, so I wouldn’t call it a cash grab. Just don’t buy it if you don’t want it?
  8. It was an April Fools thing that people clamored about making a real thing. And they listened. Also, proceeds from purchases were going to an animal charity last I knew, so, no, not a cash grab.
  9. Team Covenant processed my Return to FA yesterday.
  10. You could always run a weird Mind's Eye deck with only spell events? 🙋‍♂️ Oh wait, nvm. Mind's Eye takes BOTH arcane slots.
  11. I suppose it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from blood magic to soul magic. That sounds excellent. I find it hard to make room for all of the great mystic cards I want to use because most mystics only rely on and have high willpower so every card in the mystic faction is a good choice 90% of the time. I should try to make room for eldritch inspiration more often. We never had the blob eat itself, but I took 2 deliberate attacks from the heart just to ping it for another 1 damage from Agnes's ability. Excited to try it again with a different investigator.
  12. Thanks guys. Bummer we overlooked that text on 3b, but there will be replays. We did 3p with an Agnes (tried out the shining trapozohedron, and wow), Ursula, and Tony. I think it may have been my luckiest game yet. A perfect draw not needing a mulligan, Shards of the void pulled 0's 4 times against the heart (and combo'd with Twila, I never ran out of charges the whole game between her and 2 enraptured's I brought), and managed to snag extra clues 3 times with lvl 4 sixth sense. Tony had his hand devoured, which was a bummer, but also one of his weaknesses. And I (Agnes?) had my soul devoured, which seems to do nothing significant unless there's a repercussion on a story card somewhere.
  13. Excellent. Thank you. Somehow we missed that text. We added the clues but didn’t see the other bit. That is much better. 2nd question. While we DID win (sans side quest), Agnes had her soul devoured which would have been added to our campaign log. Is that just for the flavor/lols?
  14. Hello friends, we just played and beat Blob, but we were really excited about the possible story rewards from the scenario before we started... only to find that they only appear to be obtainable if you play Epic Multiplayer mode. Now here is the problem...who is going to take campaign decks through epic multiplayer mode? I would imagine you are going to take the standalone deck-building route if you are going to an epic multiplayer event, because it seems weird and unusual to not prepare a deck specifically for the scenario in the case of a massive event. However, if you play as a side scenario, as far as I can tell, you will never earn any story assets? The blob doesn't even have any victory points, so even though we won in a non-epic stand-alone, we got all of 3 xp out of the scenario and no story assets. If it would have been during campaign play, you have to pay 2 xp each just to attempt the scenario (for a net xp gain of 1), and if you fail, it ends your campaign. Something seems very off to me about this. Is there some way to incorporate the story cards and story assets into a non-epic game that wouldn't imbalance it? Am I missing something? (PS: It was very fun as a standalone non-epic, mechanic-wise. I just don't see it hitting the table during a campaign if you can't earn anything and may possibly lose everything)
  15. A long time coming, this is the update to the original 8 investigators that I created back in 2017. The game has changed significantly since their original inception, and they were due for a revamp in order to make them more compatible with the current game state. A few signatures have had their graphics updated, some wording has been cleaned up, and a few of the investigators have had major rehauls or revamps to eliminate redundancy with investigators that have since been released. Since the originals have seen over 2k downloads but I haven't had any messages etc in quite some time, I wanted to create this post in case any of you are still using them. If you really get into the characters, there are also versions of them for both AH 2nd Edition and Eldritch that you may or may not be familiar with. I've been carrying these guys with me for roughly 7 or so years in one form or another, so I'm rather attached. Hope you enjoy! You can find them here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/142036/8-thematic-investigators (I plan to also get them on Arkham Central somewhat soon)
  16. She’s great. I love Minh. She may actually be broken with the dream diaries though. Also she’s part survivor so you’re only straying a little.
  17. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do it as a stand-alone or a side scenario. If I do the latter, it depends where we fit it in. I would be running Daisy or whoever I pick next. If not Daisy, likely my own fan investigator (Astrid Lee or Sadie Goulding). If we don’t get to it for quite some time though, it will be Nathaniel Cho. I can only imagine what it would sound like to punch that blob and how insane you would need to be to do it. My gut says that asset heavy decks are a bad idea in a scenario where things are being eaten, but it sounds like nothing is a given. If I were to build based around blind “strategy” I would probably take good ol’ Sef.
  18. Better hope he doesn’t eat her hand size lol (not a spoiler, I haven’t played it either)
  19. To be safe new cards are probably best but there aren’t a lot of major changes. Some text was cleaned up a bit to cause less ambiguity. A lot is the same, but most actions that generate clues at locations create 1(per investigator). When we tested it this way it made seekers a bit happier because investigating is still useful to suck up extraneous clues and it also makes the game a closer shave. I think it balanced out a bit better. It also makes the players really need to consider how much prep they have time for and how much risk they are willing to take with early turns to get a certain someone moving.
  20. Thanks for the play testing. It helped a lot and hopefully is scaling a bit better now too.
  21. Founder's Day (Part 2 of In Blackest Pits) is now available on Arkham Central on the In Blackest Pits page. Those files should be a bit higher res the ones in the files section of BGG: http://arkhamcentral.com/index.php/in-darkest-pits-campaign/
  22. Just realized decorated skull could be used to fuel torrent of power... possible use in Dexter? Worth the card slots? Probably not but at least Dex can play it fast...and maybe use Haste to activate it with a repeat activate action?
  23. Hello Arkhamites! I just wanted to make a public announcement that the 2nd scenario of my fan campaign In Blackest Pits is now available and listed in the Files section on BGG. It is scenario 2, so while you can play it by itself, it really will probably be more enjoyable as a follow-up to scenario 1. I intend to continue forward and finish another 4 scenarios in the campaign, but it takes time so wanted to drip them out as they are completed. Scenario 2 is here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/203448/founders-day-scenario-2-blackest-pits Note that due to file size limitations, there is a link to images in the comments with higher res images. I plan to also get it up at Arkham Central soon too. Synopsis: In Blackest Pits is a fan-created campaign for Arkham Horror: The Card Game for 1-4 players. This file contains the second scenario: "Founder's Day." This scenario can be played on its own or combined with future scenarios yet to be released from the In Blackest Pits cycle to form a larger campaign. After the events of the Initiation, you now know there is much to be learned from Carl Sanford and the lodge about the strange behaviors in Arkham. You've been given a handful of secrets about the esoteric and arcane nature of Sanford's grand plan, but the details are only provided to trusted members. With Arkham's annual Founder's Day gathering approaching, you'll need to involve a 3rd party to warn the city without exposing your true motivations to the lodge. Will you be able to simultaneously secure Founder's Day from erupting while also feeding a certain reporter intel without blowing your cover? Includes necessary encounter and role cards from scenario 1, The Initiation.
  24. SG Prometheus is correct about composures in general. The trick to Composures is to make sure you have allies to soak the horror so none of it is dealt to you. They can be really useful actually in the right decks (since they are also fast). But you basically only want to use them in decks with expendable allies so that you can keep them in play. The downside compared with the 3 xp talents is that they are not permanent so they do not start in play. But they can help with gaps that your 3 xp class specific talent may not help with. Good sources to deal horror instead of yourself for each faction: Seeker - Art Student, Research Librarian, Lab Assistant Mystic - Arcane Initiate or David Renfield (to clear their doom before the Agenda advances) or even Olive McBride Rogue - Henry Wan or Gregory Gry (once you've used them enough) Survivor - Peter! (Since Peter heals horror of from himself, he is the ideal ally to take when bringing composures), or Labranche if needed because she is cheap-ish. Guardian - Something Worth Fighting For! Tetsuo Mori or Brother Xavier You can even take Elder Sign Amulets for a neutral option, though xp is required.
  25. #2 we got super lucky with this and she never moved. I was wondering why the doom threshold was so high. Yikes. That could be trouble. I enjoyed being a narcoleptic Norman who took the opportunity of being webbed to do some star-gazing and nap in those silky webs until Silas could come break me out lol.
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