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  1. We made it through Curtain Call. <<possible scenario spoilers for Curtain Call>> We ended up with 3 because one person had something come up. My Mark Harrigan worked surprisingly well, and the new player that used him pulled a combo I wasn't even thinking of when I built it. Our Daisy only had 3 health left and was in a room with a massive monster, and Mark was one room away. Luckily he had been saving his resources. He played down True Grit, moved into Daisy 's room, and threw the dynamit... IN HIS OWN ROOM. He soaked the 3 damage Daisy would have taken from the blast with his True Grit, took the other 3, and took down the massive monster, thus saving Daisy's life. Daisy was having some difficulty in the scenario, but I think it was just the player who hadn't used a seeker before. He completely forgot he had a tome equipped (old book of lore) and never used it once. Jenny did a bit of rearching, Leo DeLuca'd, and happened to end up in the lobby when the man in the mask spawned and immediately filled him with lead from her twin .45s and left the building. Lol.
  2. That's very true. I'm just not sure I like it, haha. I'm uncomfortable with an Astronomer that can't use an Encyclopedia, Scientific Theory, or Higher Education. Also would think he would be able to use Forewarned. And maybe Deciphered Reality.
  3. It's such an odd choice. With such a high intelligence, it's sad that he can't use the Strange Solution or some of the other interesting investigation cards. I'm not sure about his inability to include lvl 0 mystic cards (at least not many) and the fact that he can only use lvl 0 seeker cards that will likely end up needing replaced is interesting but feels really rigid. I guess the perk is that he'll be able to get lvl 5 mystic cards eventually. Also note that his normal Signature cards are listed here... Livre D'Eibon and The Harbinger (we can only speculate what those are).
  4. Decided to go with Mark, Jenny, and Daisy. Less than ideal decksl. Sure that they won't be amazing, but it'll be fun anyway. Our 4th dropped out but would likely have been a Yorrick deck.
  5. Though they aren't literary masterpieces, I actually do prefer them marketed the way they are because we get more lore about the investigator as well as new options for them. I see them as investigator expansion packs (and despite the books not being amazing, the quality is worth the price; hardback books are not cheap to produce). I appreciate that other people would prefer these cards release by some other means or packaged differently, but I am actually a big fan of these in general. The only thing I'm not a fan of is FFG's shipping. Just wanted to put my two cents in. I read a lot though; if I had to pick 1 book a month to read, I'm not sure it would be one of these. However, I read enough that I can balance my diet of books with a bit of pulpy fluff. I like it.
  6. Yeah, but I feel like they leaned into the EH ability to spend sanity instead of clues by lowering the resource cost on his revealed player card by 1. So more of a resource management approach. And I see a bit of a similarity between gates and encounters because in EH & AH, gates are sort of the timing mechanism whereas encounters can be (Ancient Evils/Arcane Barriers/etc). So him being able to control those is somewhat similar for a game that doesn't have gates. Not to mention he is an excellent seeker so has better control over the 'timing' of the act/agenda decks. I wouldn't be surprised if he could use spells, but I'm honestly more interested in seeing the division between research and arcane horror be widened. I don't really want every researcher to be a spell caster, just like I don't really want every mystic to double down on clue gathering (they don't here, and I'm glad).
  7. Even though he doesn't have prey, bear in mind that Norman has an agility of 1, so if he draws his weakness and nobody is around, he's going to have a tough time dealing with it in general. I find it unlikely that he's going to evade it, (edit: move), and then it will engage someone else next turn. Functionally, he'll either have the option to kill it (if possible) or someone will have to engage it off of him anyway.
  8. I could see Insight or Talent as well as the two you mentioned except, right now, most of the insights are already in Seeker and there are a few oddball talents for him like physical training that don't quite gel with his character. Because his signature is a spell, I could also see him packing spells specifically (which would allow him to take implant suggestion or whatever is coming for other classes) but deny him some of the mystic allies and other non-spell (mostly arcane) assets.
  9. That's fair. I keep forgetting he costs 5 experience to include, but his play cost is only 2. Actually makes a a pretty awesome combo even better for Ashcan as you can palm Duke, put out RGM for free, or vice versa as Duke costs 2 as well. All while, of course, healing any damage on Duke and you also don't really lose Duke's benefits because your stats can be set at 6 via RGM.
  10. I still think it's better suited for Ashcan and Duke. But not bad for Lola either assuming he is right. But now I am wondering... you'd be able to play Calling in Favors because it is neutral, but if you were a Survivor atm and happened to pick up only beat cops and guard dogs and could not change roles anymore that turn, would you not be able to play the beat cop and so the card would fizzle and just cost you 1 resource for playing it in the first place (you'd still get RGM or whoever back in your hand though)? I don't like this combo with RGM because it still takes an action to play Calling in Favors, so if you use it on RGM you only get the benefit of his bonuses for two actions instead of 3. If you are guaranteed to get an ally out that you can play for 'free' it is better, but if Lola's restrictions narrow that likelihood, I kind of prefer A Chance Encounter for FGM recursion for that because it has more commitable skill pips.
  11. Especially when the death of one investigator means the end of the game.
  12. Lily looks surprisingly good. Looks like there are only 2 new investigators though. Not really excited for Charlie. Influence seems to me a mediocre skill line at best. Str, Will, and Agi are where it's at.
  13. Do you know what card he was using to boost? Streetwise or Arcane Knowledge? I've thought of doing this with Sefina (I'm running a deck of hers myself), but I think it might be inefficient to spend a lot of time building up resources for Dario if you don't use them toward her events. Sounds like it can be really useful if you need an investigation boost (but she has access to lockpicks, drawn to the flame, and rite of seeking), but I guess my problem with having all the cards in the deck for resource generation means less cards to spend the resources on. Deckbuilding always makes me want to put everything in my deck, but the deck restriction limit makes it so tough to decide.