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  1. Soakman

    Painting tutorials (by me)

    Hmm.. Thank you for this. Interesting, I had no idea.
  2. Soakman

    New Investigators

    I would honestly love to see Rita in this game. She feels almost like a survivor rogue with all of her track backstory. Maybe a survivor with access to Trick/developed/composure/gambit cards or some combo of those. If Gloria is not the survivor, Rita is probably my 2nd most wanted survivor archetype.
  3. Soakman

    New Investigators

    Yes, I did mean Daniela Reyes. To be honest, I know very little about her. She doesn't have an Investigators of Arkham story because she is so new. My only thought for why she might be a guardian is because her Eldritch bio ends with " Something is going on, and she is going to find out what." Survivors tend to get swept up in the action but seldom run towards it. Daniela may even have a bit of mystic in her. The same bio has her setting out a glass of water to catch evil spirits which plays heavily into the sort of cultural deep knowledge that comes through oral traditions. I'm not sure either of those ladies are her. Her body type (so far) has been closer to the Flare artwork whereas although the wrench is fitting, Not Without a Fight looks more like Rita to me (and Rita fits the survivor faction type like a glove). She could be a survivor, but the very nature of using a glass of water to capture evil spirits is protective in nature, which goes along with a guardian mentality. That's just one interpretation though and we don't have a lot to go on. Also, Wendy is notorious for being on Streetwise (which she can't use, but I also don't think it looks much like her, but maybe as close as the survivor cards you mention and Daniela). Just my thoughts. I could see her as anything really, her eldritch stats are 3's across the board with the exception of 'observation' which doesn't really exist in this game, but could be a parallel to intellect. I do not expect her to be a Seeker or Rogue, but the other 3 factions are all in the running really.
  4. Soakman

    New Investigators

    Yeah, I think Amanda could go either way. She is very much tied to Cthulhu, but I believe she was released in Eldritch Horror with the Dreamlands expansion. I guess it depends on if we're getting a Cthulhu specific cycle. I feel like Patrice's best guess would have been Carcosa, so now I'm worried we won't see her for ages. I like the artsy types. Patrice was added in the Innsmouth expansion for Arkham Horror the board game, but her background story is not tied to any particular story arc or ancient one. The only mention it gets is "The Watcher" which could be a reference to The Watcher Out of Time (?) which is a Derleth story that I haven't read, so I don't know who/what it is about. Her Investigators of Arkham Horror story reminds me a lot of Yog, but perhaps could be Azathoth as well. Any ideas what "The Watcher" might be? The only other thing I can think of is non-Lovecraftian and refers to the Watchers in the Book of Enoch. I doubt that's related though.
  5. Soakman

    Father Mateo's Signature Cards

    Hmmm... I get it, but that's a weird distinction. Now I feel as if this is another of those rules I'm going to always apply incorrectly. Good to know though.
  6. Soakman

    Father Mateo's Signature Cards

    I'm actually pretty sure that whichever of these hits the table first, the other cannot be played and either remains in your hand in the case of the asset, or is discarded in the case of the Serpents.
  7. Soakman

    New Investigators

    It depends on what the new cycle is. I want Patrice and/or Gloria. I think it's possible we might see Dreamlands. If that's the case, We'll likely get Luke (mystic), Carolyn (guardian), Amanda Sharpe (seeker), Bob Jenkins (rogue), Gloria (Survivor/Seeker). I would prefer to have these 5: Patrice (Mystic) Gloria (Survivor) Kate (Seeker) Darrell (Rogue) Carson/Danielle (guardian) I think Gloria is the most interesting of these to consider. She could go so many different ways. I would expect her to either be a Survivor with Insight cards, a Seeker with Fortune cards, or a Mystic with some combo of those.
  8. Soakman

    Father Mateo's Signature Cards

    Yes, I am not sure you can play a card that has conflicting seals though. Not sure if this is 100% correct, but this is how I remember it.
  9. Totally agree. I wish there was some kind of formatting at least to note when Evade and Play (and for consistency other 'full actions') are meant to be full actions. Even something like an underline (since bold is already used to denote a TYPE of action, but not necessarily action cost, I don't think ). It could be visually simplified if wording it otherwise would have been awkward. I agree that it's probably the biggest issue with the overall game design.
  10. I actually had always assumed you would take an AoO when using Leo's. This is a good point I guess. I find 'Play Card" as a weird action name. I would prefer if they used "Play" as the action name (You would see "Take a Play Action" as opposed to "Take a play card action") . I don't know if I've seen this anywhere else.
  11. Out of those, Last Chance is my least favorite.
  12. It's Yig, so I get it, but I totally hate the poison mechanic. I also hate poison in most games overall. The added pressure of not being able to get rid of it once you get it is very annoying. You fail one test and you're suddenly at a disadvantage for at least the rest of the scenario, but who knows how long after that.
  13. I only play on easy and normal usually, so Watch This! pays off much more reliably. I do use it when I can. Deduction and Vicious blow will always be good because they enhance the results of the text you are committing them to. It would be cool if there was an evasion skill that attaches to the enemy if you succeed and instead of exhausting, the next time the enemy would ready, you detach/discard the skill card. Something to make the evasion action more action efficient. That'd be neat. I'd play that. I really want to find an investigator where eavesdrop really shines. I don't feel like there is one yet. The best intelligence Rogues have is 3 barring Finn. I suppose it'd be a good pick for Finn.
  14. Soakman

    Night of the Zealot Redux

    I'm guessing that you will want to get the core anyway, because there are player cards that are central to deck building. There are not going to be enough player cards in the redux to pick-up-and-play I don't think. It sounds like a lot of the cards are going to be leveled cards that already exist. You'll need lvl 0 cards to create a starting deck for your investigator. As far as the scenario goes, I'm not sure if you'll need some of the encounters from the core to run it or not. I think you probably would as I don't think they are reprinting all of the original encounters so that they more room for the new ones in the set. This is mostly speculation though, I have not done the research, but it sounds right. Either way, you're likely going to want the core for the additional player cards.
  15. Soakman

    Alert keyword

    brackets 'spoiler' and brackets '/spoiler' I always forget though, haha.