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  1. I agree with Allonym that there was definitely not enough done to tie the disappearances in with the narrative. I did manage to have my 2nd playthrough have a wipe in the twilight estate which added more focus on the disappearances alternatively, but otherwise they're kind of a *shrug* to me in terms of relevancy to the overall story. Of course, I haven't seen many of the resolutions yet either.
  2. My guess is Jacqueline as as Survivor/Mystic (though I really want Gloria). Guardian guess would be Vincent or Lilly, but honestly, Lilly could be the survivor. Even though she is fantastic at fighting in most games, her abilities tend to be tied to health/sanity manipulation and she just does not strike me as a flame-thrower wielding gun-toting guardian. (I am currently altering a custom character to have a build option of primary seeker, lvl 0-2 event/skill/assets from mystic/rogue/guardian with each type restricted to a unique class - not that we've seen this yet officially, but it's another similar but different option)
  3. That's unfortunate, and I can really see why that can be the case for some people, but I do really like the prologue. Though I would not want many scenarios to follow suit, there is something somewhat enjoyable about a scenario that is locked in when it comes to available cards and choices. It can really begin to feel like you have a goal to shoot for (namely do better than last time) and can have some measurable way to frame your success. Due to the variable nature of deck constructions, other scenarios can leave you wondering "hmm.. did I just play this poorly, or is my deck just worst than my last time through." This one, you always know that (excepting some variability due to encounter shuffles, difficulty, and token pulls), it hangs on your ability to manage your cards in hand, which are exactly the same cards you had available last time.
  4. I really wouldn't be surprised if there are cards introduced in a cycle that may not see much expansion in future cycles. Tarot seems extremely tied to TCU (the narrative revolves around a tarot reading). And they really are not that complex. It's a new slot that makes your investigator a bit better at the thing their faction already excels at. Although maybe 'gimmicky,' I don't really see these types of added cards (specifically cyle-candy cards) as bloat precisely because they seem tied to a cycle. It's a nice fun new thing to try if you pick up the cycle, but honestly not something that you need, and not complex enough to cause mechanical issues further into the game's life-cycle. We'll see bonded cards for sure in the future not tied to a particular cycle as the design space for them is really very broad. And yes, it will get fiddly, but it will also offer variety. My biggest annoyance with bonded cards is that it creates another 'deck' and the more of those on the table the busier the playing space. I may be wrong and they may add additional tarot cards, but I would not expect it until Return to TCU. You may see an odd one here or there (the Fool or Wheel of Fortune may fit well into the Dreamlands), but unlike 'bonded' or presumably 'myriad' cards, Tarot are not really introducing any new mechanics.
  5. (Pushing up her glasses with her middle finger): Zoey, I've done some research, and you know where you can find some MORE serpent people?
  6. OH, see I missed the part where they get added to your deck based on its size. I was working under the impression there would always be 3 in your deck. Hmm. EDIT: BUT for 5 xp, you also can Glimpse the Unthinkable and have the Occult Evidence in hand shuffled back into your deck. Is that worth it? Hmmmm.
  7. See it's weird because this is precisely why I would want a larger deck... so I don't draw into the signature events. Using Mr. Rook, you can probably nab the occult evidence a few times fairly easily. I would think to do this, however, you'd want to have 2 Mr. Rooks, and 2 Truth from Fiction, along with 2 Old books of Lore, and the Occult Lexicon to possibly let yourself get a damage out of discarding the occult evidence if it comes to that. Scatter in some Research Librarians, I dunno. It sure is interesting though. And I always love a bigger deck. I know it messes with your consistency, but the versatility is nice.
  8. The weirdest part about Mandy to me is, she's the first investigator though that you oddly don't want to draw her signatures (Occult Evidence)! If you draw them (but don't 'search' for them), you have to spend an action to get them back in your deck! In a way, they're almost additional weaknesses unless you choose to commit them, but then you're losing their entire point in the deck. Whether you commit it or play it, you're basically either losing a card draw (of something useful) or an action.
  9. It would have to be (I mean, I guess it wouldn't HAVE to be, but it sure would be messy otherwise). Because otherwise you would always just draw the regular amount and if you couldn't resolve the ability twice (for instance you're prepared for the worst but only had 1 weapon) you'd just then decide to draw 3 more cards. That seems a little clunky and also overly powerful?
  10. Okay, that seems correct to me too now. So it would work, it would just not be as 'wow' as resolving the whole effect again.
  11. I posted this over on BGG, but wasn't sure if it has the same crowd. Was looking at possible Mandy combos with her ability and was wondering if you guys thought they would all work. I think there's some doubt as to what the 'resolves 1 additional target' phrasing really means. Anyway, in your esteemed opinions, would these all be good combos? Charisma + Flare (survivor 2ndary, assuming you can take lvl 1 cards) Research Librarians + Tomes + Knowledge is Power Mandy + Finn = More Smuggled Goods! Mandy + The Council's Coffer = Everyone search and immediately play TWO cards from your deck. Is the Coffer worth using NOW? Mandy + Leo in same location= Leo's Elder sign lets him pull TWO allies into his hand (combo charismatic survivor/flare Mandy with Leo for a friend-fest?) I think these all work?
  12. As counter intuitive as it is, I often remove my glasses when I'm up late doing work and have become tired. I'm quite near-sighted though, and if I was looking at a paper as far away as she is in the new art, things would be a bit blurry. Perhaps she's far-sighted (or the glasses are just an affectation!).
  13. ^Notable notes, she can have 30, 40, or 50 cards in her deck and gets to choose her secondary class from survivor, rogue, or mystic. She looks very interesting. I have no idea which direction I would even take her secondary though.
  14. Oh thanks so much for taking the initiative, Duciris. I am seeking answers, and only hope that this is not forbidden knowledge. After all, knowledge is power.
  15. Honestly, your deck looks pretty solid to me as far as Lola decks go. Double or Nothing and Eureka are solid skill choices, but I honestly would avoid prophesy. You aren't using an active mystic assets that you need to be in mystic role to make use of (the sword can just as easily be used in guardian role). Switching to mystic just to use prophesy is maybe a weak point? But I do understand you need 7 mystic cards, so I guess if you have to inculde 2, those aren't terrible. Maybe drawn to the flames instead so you can still pick up clues when your hands are occupied with the bow. Maybe use adaptable to swap it out? If Elli gets out your bow for you, you're going to want to avoid staying in seeker so she doesn't fumble the bow, so Eureka is a great pick for seeker to help you get that bow one way or the other, but after it's out, I wouldn't risks swapping to make use of Eureka. Sometimes Cornered is a fun survivor card to take with Lola just because you can use it to throw away cards you don't think you'll be able to safely make use of (of course you'd have to be in survivor mode, which limits access to some things, but not as many in this deck as you would maybe think for a +2 bonus). I'm also not 100% sold on the bandolier just because if Elli gets out the bow, you won't really need it. I guess it depends what you are muligan-ing for. It's a bit late for that though just because of the xp used. Overall, I think you've got a decent deck.
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