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  1. That's very cool! For someone who has to have a hand in each scenario's design, he probably loves that he can play and have a few surprises every now and then.
  2. Hey all, My partner and I have slowly been trying to print/sleeve campaigns created by fans out there as back-up experiences to play between scenario releases for TCU. Currently, we're playing through the Approaching Storm campaign, and it is excellently done (despite a few hiccups). The 3rd scenario was a bit frustrating, however, due to an overabundance of 3 health enemies. We're playing as "Here's" Preston "Fireaxe-Maniac" Fairmont and Diana "Auto-Fail" Stanley, and at the moment are doing well on easy. But it got me wondering how many people have given these campaigns and scenarios a try? I know there are people on these boards that play WAAAAY more frequently than I do (despite loving the game). If you do, when and why do you fit these into your gaming time? Are they a way for you to test builds, a breath of fresh-air between played-to-death scenarios, a way to challenge your own creativity and think about the creative space of the game in new ways? Have you made any scenarios yourselves? I would love to, but have not had the time (and I don't have a design program or template for a nice campaign scenario booklet).
  3. I think that it's actually a pretty solid deck Assussanni, except I'm not a massive fan of evidence in the hunch deck. It's too situational and only costs 1 resource and is fast (being fast makes it an ideal choice to have in your hand since the conditional use means you want access to it over multiple turns to figure out where to line up your kill). I think I would probably include a couple flashlights (maybe in place of Venturers) to make use of Joe's high intelligence and access to so many 1 handed weapons and his signature's ability to let you carry tools. But you could probably do worse than having this Joe on your side.
  4. Soakman

    Arkham Soundtrack?

    Don't forget these three jewels! They are classics.
  5. ^ These are good points. I don't much think True Survivor is investigator specific though. I ran a Yorrick deck using it that was quite good, and because you can use it to get back both resourceful and rise to the occasion, it's actually a great addition to any survivor deck that has a low stat area. Calvin is the obvious fit and a True Survivor/rise to the occasion/resourceful deck on Calvin is quite ridiculous once you've taken enough hits. But it can really work on anyone if you care to focus more on skills for that deck. I'd put True survivor as an absolutely good card, and it can only get better as more innate cards are added. I'm waiting for On Your Own to really pick up steam. Right now, survivor events are very cheap which makes the economy not so great and as you point out, allies are incredible and hard to replace. If you could be guaranteed to get -2 on a card once per turn for a whole scenario, it's be great! But most of the time you are packing 1 cost and 0 cost events. I suppose maybe it's meant to be used with strokes of luck and flares, which I must admit I've never tried. You would really need to be running a very Event heavy deck and relying on trench coats and keepsakes to keep you safe. Maybe Wendy with strokes of luck, flares, against all odds, waylays, snare traps, and will to survives? But it means losing out on Leo and Peter. I suppose you could also use it in a True Survivor deck in order to play rise to the occasions, and use true survivor to fish them back out at 1 resource (it's an event), and a resourceful to fish back out the True Survivor and repeat ad nauseum. I must say that when I've run the True Survivor combos before, the only sticking point was the 3 cost to play True Survivor. It can bust your tempo down if you are committing fast enough.
  6. I agree. This. Exile cards are VERY powerful and cost less XP than a 5 xp card. Think of flare, a +3 combat +2 damage one time use card for ONE xp. You can use this card over the course of 5 scenarios to kill 5 different 3 health enemies for a total of 5 xp. Sure, if you get the lightning gun out and buy it first thing, you'll be able to do more damage, but if you DON'T get and use your flare, you did not just waste FIVE experience on a card you never saw. Also, when you exile a card, keep in mind that you get to replace it with a lvl 0 card for free. And survivors have an AWESOME lvl 0 card pool. You're never going to exile a card and feel like you replaced it with a garbage knife or a cruddy first aid kit or whatever. In a way, exiling a flare is similar to a WAY more powerful adaptable that only lets you swap 1 (that single flare card spot) instead of 2 of your choice. You can suddenly have a chance encounter if you think that will be useful, or throw in an improvised weapon if you need more damage.
  7. The data collection is interesting, but I disagree with the conclusions. I think that, in general, survivor cards are more powerful on average than same cards of equal experience value. The lack of lvl 5 cards is actually a boon to survivors and allows them to pack more upgraded cards (so more consistent use of experience cards) than card pools like guardian that encourage the player to take 2 copies of two lvl 5 cards and there goes 20 experience. You can get probably 7+ really decent cards instead, which give you more consistent plays rather than relying on drawing your lvl 5 cards. Additionally, I think survivor has one of the STRONGEST lvl 0 card pools available. Certain investigators just would not work without access to survivor card pool. Namely, Calvin and Preston. If you tried to design these characters without access to the survivor card pool, they would be a complete bust and nearly unusable. Survivor also has the CHEAPEST cards in the game meaning they are almost never pressed for resources and do not waste actions gaining resources and adding resource generating cards to their card decks. If anything, I would prefer to see more survivor card draw options as you can usually play multiple cards in a turn with no problem. Cards that generate resources are GREAT!... but only if you actually need them. There are a ton of 0 cost surivor cards. There are something like 28 cards that cost 0 or 1 resource to play in survivor currently. I feel like the conclusion here is that people like to feel extremely good at one thing instead of versatile and prepared to be better at a variety of things. Note that mystic and rogue are also lower in the 'favorite' class. Both of which focus on versatility over a direct raw 'extremely good at this one thing' approach. Personally, I love being able to handle all sorts of situations, Rogues and Survivors are my favorite card pools generally. And I know the data you gathered is not going to fit everyone's preferences, but I don't think these pools are 'weak' or done 'poorly.' I think they just do things differently than what the majority of people appear to enjoy most. But if you like having the flashy Lightning Gun, or the giant Deduction/Deciphered reality kind of moments, you can have those (by playing those factions). But the aim of a suvivor isn't to 'get all the clues' or 'kill all the things'... it is to survive efficiently with or without friends to pull your weight. Which, in my opinion, they do admirably well at. And to your last question: Yes, I DO like the fact that there are no lvl 5 survivor cards. It means I can buy more cards with the same xp as the rest of the team and see them in my hand more frequently. And there is no way exile mechanics would even be considered if you felt that you had to spend 5 experience on a single card because it is 'better' than the rest of the pool. You would not feel as if you could exile anything without great loss. I think the survivor pool is interesting and excellently designed, to be honest. I appreciate your efforts, but they have done nothing to dissuade me, and at the most simply make me feel like there are a majority of players who prefer a different playstyle than I do. Which is great! But does not require a rework of the faction.
  8. Soakman

    Agency Backup

    The real benefit is the free clue grabs for guardians really. But bring Carolyn along and it's even more cluegrabs at no test. Unfortunately, Carolyn can't take lvl 5 guardian cards.
  9. Soakman

    Agency Backup

    It has nice synergy with On Your Own as well. It's a great card overall, but pricey. On Your Own can greatly decrease that cost letting you pack 2 of them with fewer resource worries. Allies are SOOOO good, that I've been trying to figure out what cards would make On Your Own worth it.
  10. Soakman

    How old are you

    I'm 33 and really didn't get into boardgaming as a hobby until about 7 or 8 years ago. Prior to that I was a big JRPG console video game fan, and had spent a small portion of my high school years table-top roleplaying systems that a few friends of mine had created and were GM'd by a guy with an incredible imagination. I enjoy reading weird fiction/sci-fi/fantasy but I'm a bit all over when it comes to reading genres, so I am no Lovecraft scholar, though I have read a decent chunk of the source material. Arkham 2nd edition is what initially really pulled me into boardgaming as a hobby, and I've been incredibly fond of coop games since. Although it is unwieldy, the full set that I own felt like a toolbox that allowed us to tweak our games and play for as long as we wanted. The idea of a game framework as a toolbox inspired me to create my own set of thematic investigators for Arkham 2nd edition using the amazing Strange Eons application, and I've since adapted those same investigators (with varying degrees of success) to Eldritch Horror, and now Arkham Horror the Card Game. They and their identities are special to me as they have followed my journey ever deeper into the Arkham Files line. I love taking those frameworks and re-tooling them for new games, but I'm limited in my computer and graphic design skill. I play the Arkham Files games (as well as others such as Folklore, Gloomhaven, Dead of Winter, Betrayal at House on Hill) with my partner of 8 years and, often, a friend that I've had since elementary school will join us as well. I've done a bit of playtesting for Plaidhat Games, and it's always been a blast to be a part of. If you had a chance to attend Arkham Nights 2018, I was one of the Dexter Drake's that were present. It was a blast, but I live in Pennsylvania so it will unfortunately not be a regular event. I'm absolutely loving The Circle Undone so far. Favorite investigator overall: Sefina, but I am anticipating both Gloria and Patrice in the card game as well.
  11. I dunno. I've never been much of a Lilly fan, but even as a guardian, scene of the crimes and evidence will net you a fair amount of clues so long as you are not planning on being the primary investigator. She's a bit of a one-trick pony, but sometimes it's the trick you would like to have. Not having access to flashlight without crippling your fight is pretty bad though, but you can always take desparate attack or whatever that new survivor card is to throw it away and get your bonus back. And personally, with a flashlight, +2 and +1 damage is still better than I see on a lot of investigators carrying a flashlight... or at least as good. I think an interesting weakness might counter her ability in some way and help counter it... like Burden of Responsibility, which might take up a hand, a body, and an accessory slot. As an action, you must give control of Burden of Responsibility to another investigator at your location if able and add a resource to it from the token bank. When there are 3 resources on Burden of Responsibility, remove it from the game. This is just a rough idea, but it would be interesting to see Lilly struggling with letting others help her with her burden. And if you pass it to another investigator, it means that you won't have to spend all 3 actions yourself to get rid of it at the potential of disarming other investigators. It also has the additional side-effect of keep Lilly out of other people's locations if she wants to relieve herself without disrupting her friends.
  12. I think Tactics or Improvised would work better than Spirit. But most of all of these suggestions are driven by survivor selections. Even spirit cards are really. Why are we so convinced she'll be a guardian? If you like a lot of the guardian events, Make her a Mystic/Survivor, with spells 0-5, no mystic spells, and tactics (lvl 0-1 gives you a couple more interesting options). It opens up her card pool while inherently preventing weapon selections. If you are using Lilly, a LARGE portion of guardian cards are going to be useless to you, especially with the ability on the card as it is. I cannot think of a weapon short of the flamethrower or Lightning gun that might be better than just punching in her case. Survivor has some ideal picks for a martial artist: Able-Bodied, Cornered, Bait and Switch, Cunning Distraction, Hiding Spot, Fight or Flight, Improvised weapons/barriers, On your own, Rise to the Occasion, Resourceful, Stunning blow (how much more on the nose can you get), Waylay, Not without a fight... etc etc etc.
  13. Thematically there are some interesting out-of-class non-mystic spells that make a good fit with Lilly. Alter Fate, Guiding Stones (prophecy foretold), suggestion, feed the mind.... guiding stones would not work well for her with a low int. Though. I also think her ability is too strong. And if you're going for extra attack/damage when you don't have anything equipped, I still feel like survivor is the way to go as they are the class that turn the tables. And it would synergize with improvised weapon, because it does not take a slot to use.
  14. As far as charging attacks, that’s pretty much what torrent of power already does. I was sort of wondering what a mystic with a restriction on not including spells (like a reverse Carolyn of sorts) would look like but I’m not sure that’s lily mostly because of clarity of mind. You could probably still make use of the practiced, charms, and Auguries. I almost see her as more a survivor mystic due to improvised weapons and alter fate.