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  1. I just wanted to point out that Hatchetman and Coup de Grace have some nice synergy for characters that have low fight and need to take out a 2 health monster rather than waste turns evading every turn. No need to pull a token for the damage at all. EDIT (random thoughts and observations not noted): Thermos is also a great candidate for rogues with adaptable late game. They have more disposable resources typically. Also useful for Carolyn as she gets resources back if she targets healing horror. Blood Eclipse can be fueled by damaging your assets. This means you can pack your deck with disposable allies if you have them, use it the same turn you Red-Gloved-Man or splash a damage on to Armor of Ardennes for a free buff.
  2. Soakman

    3-player game question.

    You can do this if you sacrifice reliability for versatility. Many players will tell you not to do this and stay focused on your key build synergies. I however, will take versatility over reliability any day. It's just how I prefer to play, so I don't have a problem with splitting those 'key' cards up. If you have good card draw or tutoring abilities (to search for cards), or (in Sefina's case, who you probably don't have yet) a larger hand size, and if you also mulligan well, you should be fine. Ultimately there are only a few key actions you need to do and a lot of different ways to do them. So you might not be able to take rite of seeking, but you can still focus on fighting, or bring some flashlights, or delve into your sub-class cards to find ways to replace the card you can't take. Just my 2 cents. In a 3-player game, it is much easier to lean on your friends to handle tasks that you can't. You just want to be able to do SOMETHING worthwhile, and there are usually quite a few things that need done on any given turn.
  3. Soakman

    Take Heart

    Well, I suppose you can argue that it might be handy on a Yithian body if they only have a few skills in their deck and need them to pass, well, just about anything. But even then, it's a fail safe for auto-fails mostly as you are probably going to pass most tests. I would be down with Try and Try Again if it didn't cost 2 resources to put in play. That's a lot when you're draining them for Fire Axe, events, and other tricks.
  4. Soakman

    Prologue scenario? 4th cycle.

    Agreed. It would even be enough for me if the options you chose simply affect the make-up of the 'special' tokens in the chaos bag so long as there is not an 'optimal' set-up of those tokens. This way you could mess with the prologue characters to get more cultists in the bag instead of skulls or whatever (which could then lead to changes in scenarios like, if you have 3 or more cultists in your bag, add X set of encounter cards and use Agenda 1c. Granted you could argue that this sort of route could make some characters like Jim more powerful (and therefore be optimization), but I think it would be neat to have effect on the tokens that mystics typically use since you are dealing with the consequences of cult actions. And as long as you didn't add like 10 skulls to the bag or whatever, there are ways to keep that in balance too.
  5. Soakman

    New cycle: The Circle Undone

    Something else to note that I didn't point out earlier is that Diana's reaction ability actually lets you draw a card and gain a resource once per phase, so each time you cancel an effect, you get a resource back, which basically pays the costs for those wards of protections.
  6. Trick would also be neat thematically: Eavesdrop, Hiding Spot, Infighting (another cancel card), Slip Away, Persuasion, Lure.
  7. Soakman

    New cycle: The Circle Undone

    I pray that we're finally going to get a version of Carolyn that does not result in signature weakness induced table flipping. It sounds like a good cycle to have someone who can handle horror mitigation.
  8. Soakman

    New cycle: The Circle Undone

    You make excellent points, and my perspective will probably also be affected by the fact that I typically play easy/normal with at least 3 players. Often, on our games, we have time for an investigator to ramp up because there are others who've got your back. While I can understand that 7 sanity is 'low' for a mystic, it's not low in terms of the average, and you can typically take sanity hits to allies as well if needed (or the rosary, etc). I think the biggest issue for Diana is that unlike Calvin, your progress with her willpower does not carry over between scenarios. This means that there are not strategies for deck building such as bringing a flashlight in scenario 1 and 2 until you're able to ramp your will faster and then replacing them with rite of seeking. You will have to rely on your other attributes early on in each game. For me, 3's are perfectly usable for tests, but again, you might want to consider cards like perception in addition to cards like guts. I also don't think it's going to be that difficult to get the cancel effects rolling early with tools like Arcane Initiate and a solid mulligan, but this is based on nothing short of luck I suppose. And despite perhaps wanting to hold onto a cancellation card, (in my head) if you can cancel anything, you're already one-up from where you'd be otherwise. I don't think she's going to be OVER powerful, just simply powerful. And I can probably see a deck (depending on restrictions) where she only makes use of testless mystic cards and mystic cancellation effects while relying on actual weapons and flashlights etc instead of the mystic toolbelt for her actions. Ramping her will will still save her from treacheries and that's just a result of building a good cancellation deck. Her statline overall will still be higher than most investigators and you aren't risking the sanity loss of a botched shriveling for example.
  9. She looks so strong! I wonder what her deck building requirements are!
  10. Soakman

    New cycle: The Circle Undone

    I also think that despite starting with 1 willpower, the fact that she is built to essentially buff her worst stat makes her a solid character all around. She has a very stable 7/7 health/sanity spread and 3's accross the board except will, which could end up being I think a base of 6? And that's without items like the Rosary. We're looking at a 6/3/3/3 character with no health/sanity penalties that regularly cancels game effects! To me, that seems beastly! The fact that events like ward of protection are fast means that she can likely ramp up her will multiple times in a turn. The only limiting factor to her power is that you need to include several cancellation effect cards, which means you will have less room for heavy hitters like shriveling 5 (if she can take it) and other assets, but she looks DANG good to me!
  11. Soakman

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    YES! I love the Silver Twilight Lodge and Diana! This makes the handcuffs in the most recent mythos pack even more interesting. Now I am dying to know who the other players are here. I'm guessing Preston Fairmont is one. The idea of a prologue that uses its own investigator substitutes is really interesting as well. I probably should have seen something like that coming when they introduced the Yithian Body. I'm not sure we would get another mystic in this deluxe, but there's really nothing saying we can't. Very excited about this one!
  12. I love that art of Lola. It is in the Investigators of Arkham book, and it's so great!
  13. ^ These cards were also along the lines I was thinking of, but particularly quick study. Understandable about the solo player thing, but we already have some characters that are primarily support oriented like Carolyn and Minh. Yes, they can be played in solo, but so could Patrice depending on her deck build or ability. You could also do something with her like as an action move a clue at a connecting location to her current location or from her current location to a connecting location. EDIT: Diana is my partner's favorite investigator, so I am also pretty excited to see what they do with her too.
  14. I'm not sure, but it's something that could use a little experimentation and playtesting. Seekers also have a card that permits them to redraw if they drop a clue. In Arkham the board game, Patrice's ability let anyone use her clues at any point in the game. This may be more useful as an ability as you wouldn't need to 'trade' them prior to the investigators turn. Either way, thematically and mechanically she's got a lot of options and I'm curious how they're going to design her.
  15. I love speculating about investigators, but there's only one that I currently care about, and it is Patrice Hathaway. I feel like she is going to be a mirror of Sefina. In other words, a Mystic/Rogue - As a famous violinist, I can see cards like "Watch This!" and other resource generation cards being in line with Patrice, but I'm not sure how the overall illicit side of things would fit with her. It would be interesting to see her as a Mystic with access to Gambit keyword cards (only 3 atm). I could also see her as a high willpower Survivor/Mystic that includes lvl 0-5 'song' cards (though Song of the dead is the only one). But if you take this angle, you could really make her anything, even a high willpower Survivor/Seeker that can include Song cards. She has a lot of potential, and her ability (in other Arkham Files games) nearly always includes a way to send or receive clues which has interesting mechanical applications in the LCG. Imagine an ability that could generate clues at a location, give them to other players who may need them to open new locations, or even send them to your seeker to enhance his/her "I've Got a Plan!" With my luck she won't come out for another 3 or 4 cycles, but she and Gloria are next in line on my most wanted list.