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  1. I thought this too, and now I really want to know what her backstory is to leaver he with a lore of 3 but only and obs of 1. Is she, like, Agnes's long-lost twin sister? :B Casting Hyperborean magics on your car, giving it a few pats, and off you go... at a hefty fee of course...
  2. Ooh thanks! I hadn't considered that you might be able to keep both sets of signature cards in the deck. Huh. I wonder if the reward is worth the risk on average? Good to know that they can only be replaced as a set though.
  3. I'm curious too. I'm assuming it is explained on the mini rules card that come with the book. I will let you know when I get my copy if nobody else has responded yet.
  4. Yes.. SO much this.
  5. Gameplay is great, but I wouldn't be playing this game to be completely honest if the characters and theme didn't interest me. I find that this packaging makes complete sense. The book is about the investigator. There's a cool bonus with the book to let you play your favorite investigator in a slightly different way (you don't HAVE to buy all the books, just your favorites... this is great!) You are paying for the book because, well, someone wrote it. You don't get free novellas online at no cost and then a thing sold separately. People need paid for the work they do, and the book, as well as the cards, are a product. The price point is not the problem, the worst part, is the shipping. I'm fine to agree to disagree. And I do want to point out that while I did not know there was a eBook version of the book, some readers really prefer actual books over eBooks. Especially anything has art inside, which it looks like this might, and if it doesn't it has a nice cover. Option 2 of your last post would again be worse in my opinion because a) I don't want a shorter campaign, b) I don't use every investigator. Just as I don't want to purchase extra mythos packs for 2nd copies of player cards and be stuck with a billion cards I won't use (thankfully they include 2 copies of the player cards in each mythos pack), I don't want to buy a pack of investigator alternate signature cards that I won't use. If you're curious, I did not buy 2 cores because I do not want all of the extra encounter sets bogging down my collection. And I'm fine with that (though the lack of 2 copies of some mystic cards makes them very unreliable imo). Nobody said this was the only way to include alt sig cards. I just personally PREFER this over the suggestions you are offering. I happen to see the two items as being extremely related and enjoy reading, and thereby I personally (and subjectively) don't see that this is a problem at all. I understand why you don't want it this way, but I think it makes sense to be honest. I'm out. I just wanted to bring up the point I have made, which I have. Enjoy!
  6. I don't think I've said anything ugly, and you may call my opinion subjective (it is, as are all opinions), but I don't have a problem. I'll take new cards any way I get them. I personally like the option of NOT having to pay for investigators I don't care about. Additionally, the novellas are a completely new 'item' and feature characters from the game and focus on their backstory. You could arguably say that these are just a new kind of 'Investigator Expansion' for the LCG with extensive lore and in depth information on a particular investigator. As pointed out above, the LCG is intended to be extremely thematically and story driven, and I'm fine with an in-depth look at an investigator being part of the ticket price. Whether it's worth the pricepoint to a player is always up for debate no matter what 'expansion' or IP related product you're talking about. These are not being marketed as 'promo' cards. They are being marketed as "if you buy this novella, it comes with these cards" and (so long as you aren't getting it used) will always come with these cards. It's not an exclusive thing that is only available to a few players or people who pre-order or go to an event, if the marketing so far has been accurate, there's nothing limiting the availability of these cards except a person's willingness to buy a book with it. That's not a problem in my opinion. The book is stand-alone content and is not like a promo coming with an expansion for a different game or something. You can use both things. I have more sympathy for the person who wants to read the book but doesn't play the game because the cards are useless by themselves, whereas the book is not.
  7. Yes, I know they are only available with the novella. The cards feature the replacement keyword, which means that they will not render building a deck with Jenny's other signature cards pointless/useless/moot/impossible. They do not expand the card pool or vastly change the play experience. Unless the Investigators feature completely new deckbuilding options, these cards are not a big deal at all. And if you can't afford the actual cards, completionist or not, you can proxy them (there are only 2 per investigator, and will likely not even be a pain to proxy). My 'problem' is not a subjective problem, because I don't have a problem. Would I rather them offer new neat things with other neat things rather than no neat things at all? Yes. Do I have a problem with marketing these extra cards some other way entirely? No. Go ahead. I just don't believe that is 'distasteful' and I sort of find it a weird word to use considering we could just not have replacement signature cards at all (which I guess maybe would be better for some people?). I personally would not like to see a whole pack devoted to individual alt signature cards when I don't even care to use some of the investigators. I personally like being able to pick out the investigators I LIKE, get a few neat new options for them, and hear more about their story all at once. Then I can choose to ignore the books/cards for investigators I don't care about. I personally am excited to see what they are and have more build diversity options regardless of whether I need to proxy them. Depending on the quality of the book, I may just do that with future ones.
  8. Father Mateo and Daniella, and Sefina look great. Calvin looks a little too strong? Guess it depends on his starting stuff. Maybe he starts with a Dark Pact. He's to 14 total health/sanity and can trade it which means he can steal health/sanity from other people as well, not just give it. And he can never be impaired. 1 will sucks, but 3 everything else is nice. Can't wait to Sefina and Daniella. They look great. Daniella basically gets a free clue every time she rests. Her action can turn ANY number resources into equal clues, so you can just stockpile resources and when you need like 5 at a time, spend an action and *poof* you have 5 clues.
  9. You can probably request a local game store order you a copy. I doubt you'll find many with stocked inventories of it (at least smaller stores) unless you request it.
  10. They're free to say they don't like the idea. Most of them even admitted it's because they are neurotically predisposed to collecting it all. That's fine, but you certainly do not have to as they are all alt cards or replacement cards (the 'original' cards are fine). Just like any other card you don't have 2 of (only 1 core set for example), just proxy it. I know it's not as satisfying, but, then, you could just buy the books. Gift the book away, sell it on ebay, or try to read it. Maybe you'll like it. Either way, you can say you don't like it. But it's only subjectively a problem, and I think we're all aware of that, unless FFG puts out new non-replacement player cards or brand new investigators etc that you won't eventually have access to with normal packs (or cards that render current investigators unplayable, which is pretty impossible).
  11. 7? How odd...
  12. Yeah, I'm just hoping the book is worth it. I will probably read them because I'm an avid reader, but I'd like quality pulp if possible.
  13. Fair point. I'm not overly fond of most of the starters just because they seem to be so old (to me) there're relatively few surprises waiting regarding their back story. Roland's story is meh. Daisy feels like she's been done to death. I'd be interested in Skids, Wendy, and Agnes though. I would love to see more Hyperborea. Or get a better sense of who Wendy's family really is and why they've gone missing. Also, I want to know more about who Skids was BEFORE the jail cell. Either way, I'll probably bite. That shipping cost sucks though. :/
  14. Ordered. Honestly, Jenny is not a top contender for favorite investigator for me, but we should be able to narrow down who the next books will be about based on the investigators available to the LCG. I want to see Sefina and Agnes and Lola.
  15. If only I could find a home where I was wanted too. <3