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  1. That's why I was wondering though. Perhaps it opens some possibilities so you can still have a viable weapon an not go guardian with one of her roles? Just thinking out loud because I've never played her, but was curious if anyone had thoughts.
  2. Speaking of neutral only decks... What do you think about the Ornate Bow on Lola? I haven't made a deck with her, but could see how it might be easier to use in some situations than switching roles since she can use neutral in any role (I believe).
  3. Soakman

    Novella stock/availability

    Carolyn saved many a butts in my FA campaign... at first. But your right about her weakness. It is game-breakingly brutal, and personally Foolishness is not worth the effort to use in my opinion because of the fact that he takes an ally slot. Carolyn's stats are low compared to other investigators and it's probably trying to balance her giant card pool options. Since she is still restricted to 30 cards and no lvl'd weapons, I personally find her balanced enough without the horrible weakness and low stat totals. I could deal with the low stat totals if Foolishness didn't take an ally slot... but he does.
  4. Or, just have each member of your group who is into this kind of game buy a copy and hope for the best? I like the 'surprise' elements here, but I was wondering the same thing. I wouldn't' be surprised if a lot of the content ends up being able to be proxied if you absolutely want to play a specific scenario or something. I wouldn't be concerned about the first box, but the 2nd (supposing I'd want one) would be another matter. Only time will tell.
  5. I think these are great posts that will hopefully give FFG an idea for what their player demographic and desires are. If and when a new investigator is announced, I hope they've had a chance to see your post. I don't know if it will help, but thanks for speaking up!
  6. I agree with Jobu, but it was a nice thought.
  7. Soakman

    What does this offer?

    That's what MoM is for. I'm happy to keep 3rd ed less fiddly if possible. The actions already seem to add quite a bit of extra steps and rules to negotiate (warding removes doom from the board, but not the AO, but if you remove 2+ doom, you get a remnant), in order to advance the codes you need to research clues (but you can't research clues to pull them off the board, you have to have an encounter that will pull them off the baord, and THEN you can research them if you have them on you to place them on the codex).... etc. Again, I think it'll be a fun game, but adding the oddball rules to the actions is making this feel less streamlined than it appears. I'm good with less 'wow' elements at this point if it means less things to keep track of and remember.
  8. Soakman

    What does this offer?

    Depending on the size of the tiles, I like accordion folders. That's what I use for my Gloomhaven tiles.
  9. Soakman

    Well, I'm back ...

    Haha, agreed. Also, the set-up time being decreased in 3rd e is more than enough to make me happy and more willing to drag it out. 2nd e is a monster.
  10. I think he means when they are available they're available online. Unless I'm misunderstanding, haha.
  11. Not a bad plan. I'm from very far out of state, so depending on the availability of tickets, I may not make it out there. I have never been so I do not know if tickets are limited or how long to expect them to be available to purchase.
  12. This is nice, but I'm interested in the clue tokens because it appears that they will be in the bag. You do not add tokens back to the bag until it runs out of tokens (as I read), so that means clues will EVENTUALLY spawn no matter what as the bag empties (if tokens do, in fact, spawn clues). I'm curious how the clues are used mechanically and if they advance the progression of the Codex or are simply re-roll tokens or something similar. Without mythos cards and gates (?) I'm not sure if the function of clues will remain the same. I'm curious how or if they are going to keep "Rumors" around and if they are perhaps included in the codex or essentially function like rumors in everything but name. Or maybe there are mythos cars as well as the bag, and I'm just assuming the bag replaces the need for the card. I'm excited for more info, and while I'm sure the game WILL be much shorter that AH 2e, a few rounds in 45 minutes as stated in that review makes me think the 1-2 hour gameplay estimate is going to be the case only once you've really gotten the game down and potentially leave out a lot of the flavor/reading. But who knows?
  13. I've never been to Arkham Nights, but may be trying to make it this year if space is open. Based on previous years, do you think they would have the pre-order special edition book available if the game were on sale?
  14. Very excellent point Runko. It's a shame she is not there to push the game forward though.
  15. Soakman

    Well, I'm back ...

    I don't think anything should be enshrined and it is their creative license so I don't see why not. I'm all for experimentation and modernization and learning from previous design. I love AH 2e, but it doesn't mean there isn't a game that can be creatively similar that does the design better. And if they ARE that different, I don't see the problem. Just play them both.