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  1. Speculation - New Product Type

    I had thought about trying to take on making some scenarios exactly like are described, but just never had enough time. I think the hang-up is that the novellas require staff with mostly different skill sets than the skill sets of the staff needed for full scenario development. If they had resources focused on making these individual scenarios it would pull people (presumably) off of other scenarios that are in the works for the regular release cycles. The replacement cards have minimal development time when compared to a full scenario I'd imagine (the cards anyway; the text itself is a different matter and requires editing and page design etc etc, but probably not any work by the scenario designers). And while I love this IDEA, I would rather have more 'regular' scenario content. With so many investigators in the pool, I feel like interest may vary widely. Some people, for instance, play guardian exclusively. Are they going to care if Rex has a stand-alone scenario available? Probably not. And it takes more time and resources from other projects than the Novellas as packaged currently do.
  2. Masks Review - such potential...but...

    Some of the personal story rewards/consequences are GREAT, and while they may take time to pursue for what appears to be little consequence, think about how if you are playing in campaign mode, you get to keep the reward from the beginning of the game. It can be very powerful. Take a look at Jacqueline, Patrice, Agnes, and Marie. Those are just the truly great ones that I can think of. Or think about an Ursula that gets to start every game (if you can keep her alive) with an artifact on top of her starting items. I think they will add GREAT fun in campaign mode with limited need or usage in solo mode. But I still think they're cool.
  3. Was really excited to finally see an acknowledged lesbian and gay man in the roster. So, thank you FFG for Calvin Wright and Daniela Reyes. I'm not sure if this is a fact that we had already known about Calvin, but I don't believe so. I wasn't around when he was added as promo material for Arkham Horror. Thanks for pushing your boundaries and considering the diversity of your players.
  4. Investigator number listed in new preview

    Makes sense. No other 'new' info in the article really, but excited to get it asap!
  5. Just wanted to point out that there are only 5 new investigators in this box according to the preview. We know Sefina and Father Mateo for sure from the same article, but we've seen leaks of 7 investigators (these 2 plus Carson, Preston, Agatha, Calvin, Danielle). What do you think? Typo? Or Are Danielle and Calvin coming later somehow? Does ALSO imply 5 in addition to the two they mention directly in the article?
  6. Novella Speculation

    So, there's a Legend of the 5 rings novella with extra cards now. Is this a new thing for that line of games? Wondering if they're spreading the novella resources out to multiple gaming lines or if it's just coincidence we haven't heard about the next AH novella yet. I don't play any of their other games really outside of Arkham Files Games.
  7. As much as I love the Arkham Files games, I would not likely be buying a reboot of AH. I have the entire set of the original, and love it. I enjoy it enough that I wouldn't be dropping cash to replace them all.
  8. Novella Speculation

    Or maybe not enough people are buying them to make more? There's been a lot of controversy about the model. I love it and hope they do make more; however, I do know that many people were not happy about it. It's hard to imagine them being able to roll back/halt production if there are already Rolands printed though.
  9. Questions

    Also, each copy of watch this requires you to spend the 3 resources, and you only gain 6 so in the end you are still down 6 resources from the total you gained. You will gain 30, yes, but you had to spend 6, so you are really only getting 24 to the good. Lol.
  10. Novella Speculation

    I think it's going to be Roland. The above theory about Akachi sounds very likely when put the way it was by Phorcys12. This being said, I will not be buying a Roland novella. Not sure about Akachi. What I WANT to see are Patrice Hathaway (her Investigators of Arkham Horror story was excellent and very intriguing), Sefina (because we know so little about her!), or Daniella Reyes. I would LOVE to see any of the newer investigators though (Agatha/Carson/Preston/Mateo) just because I have less of a feel for who they are as characters because I've spent the least amount of time with them having followed the Arkham Files series as a whole. I would also be into Agnes, Zooey, or Wendy.
  11. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Yeah that's what they said. I'm just curious if there are other effects like this. Also, AO's with 2 mysteries aren't always shorter. Many of them have double the requirements of other mysteries for AO's that require 3.
  12. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    I got the same impression as Lorinor. Since the personal stories can also fail, I don't think they are going to mitigate the 'difficulty' bump. I DO think that resources may help this though (particularly for those with low influence scores, or against AO's like Hypnos and Yig). What I am curious about is the section that talks about how destinations will be permanent. I wonder if there are other aspects as well. Will sideboard remain in play? Will mystic ruins stick around regardless of AO? What about Adventures, will those come into play at all? I'm interested to see the complete set of rules.
  13. Suggestion is broken

    I really do love this in theory on Sefina. The issue, obviously, is that it's expensive and lets you 'get better' at something you are already pretty good at. The benefit here is that you can search your draw deck for it using Arcane Initiate, as it is a spell. If you're willing to take the risk, this means you can basically weed out any other events or other cards that Sefina would use as evades (blinding light, bind monster, etc) which might let you throw a few more events in your deck, which Sefina loves. With a Lockpick and a Suggestion, Sefina becomes even more versatile than she is. I still like suggestion on other mystics who can take it like Marie and Akachi just because of their low agility values. The interesting thing here is that a lot of mystics can't take this card, while many rogues can. I'm not sure why a rogue would need this in most cases. And rogues that might be coming who sacrifice agility for combat (a la Mike McGlenn theoretically would) probably would not need an evade, but might pair with Watch This! for a decent resource gain. It's unfortunate that it costs so much xp, because it greatly limits which investigators have access to it, and it become debatable if it would be useful on some of them for that cost.
  14. Suggestion is broken

    Pretty sure it's intentional and continuing the powerful once per turn 'thing' for rogues. Although Lockpicks does have charges, it is a lvl 1 not 4. Pretty hefty price to pay and even heavier if you are going to include 2.
  15. Mystics

    I highly rate leveling Jim into 2 Songs of the Deads and keeping a ritual candle handy. The issue with Jim is that he actually has lowish willpower for a mystic, which makes his spells a bit less reliable. On the other hand, he actually has the ability to fight decently with a combat of 3 if he has access to a weapon. I would consider using his level 5 0's as machetes (He will not need his hands for the spells, and may only need one hand for the trumpet), a couples overpowers and unexpected courages, and focus his spells more towards support and clue gathering via delve too deep, rite of seeking, drawn to the flame, ward of protection. Maybe even pick up a few seeker lvl 0 cards to enhance his ability to gather clues, or a couple copies of fieldwork to give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to pulling tokens for various effects. NOTE: I don't have any experience playing Jim, this is just what I would do.