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  1. Says the man who's won NOTHING to the man who has won SOMETHING (an SC). I'm sure Ser Kettleblack would enjoy this thread swimmingly =D
  2. Lol he not only made the ruling but defended it and explained WHY in the original email, but now it's just because he looked at the wrong ruleset. That made me giggle.
  3. ktom its not about NEEDING those cards, its about WANTING those cards. The type of person that these games attract do not go into things half-a$$ed. whether or not there is an ACTUAL disadvantage to not have a complete collection, there is a PERCEIVED disadvantage in our sick OCD brains. If you told me there was an awesome 3 year old Star Wars game that i'd love, i wouldnt bother trying it unless i knew i could obtain all the cards easily and cheaply, even though id know that makes no sense.
  4. if you pay shipping ill send you a copy of every agenda in the game.
  5. at what point is this game not worth it anymore? even i am getting sick of rulings constantly changing. if the rules are so complex that even the company who made the game cannot keep rulings consistent, what hope do we as players have?
  6. if people are forgetting things i give them one courtesy reminder to clear my own conscience. After that, if they forget its on them.
  7. alex AND bone eating crow in one thread? life is good. punch and pie party at my house tonight! everyone not named bone and istaril are invited =D edit: omg ktom please make this a trifecta and put matt (mdc) in his place too. all this glory in one thread is too much excitement for me. i need to go lay down.
  8. fu ck yes I did. If there is any chance that a post will prove bone wrong I will read every word just to make sure he eats crow (get it? Subtle NW reference?). Mwahahahahahahahha! #backedtherighthorse
  9. 1) No, I was the FIRST to give you a hard time, with my brilliant and humorous observation being copied by a lesser mind. 2) What the fu ck is a tag?
  10. I am so excited for darth ktom to come back and force choke all of you padawans.
  11. I don't understand the post. I get what Saturday means but what about that fraction? Saturday 0.103448275862069?
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