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  1. I teach new players at my store how to play LCGs on a weekly basis, and reference cards/mats help. I was making this reference card http://i.imgur.com/tpsNGUO.png But looks weird copying and pasting all those symbols in with the text, and readjusting every time I alter something. Is there a font with similar symbols? Would there be some violation using such symbols?
  2. Probably not popular enough yet, but for those who want that right texture on their sleeve. Do any of you like Matte sleeves?
  3. PDF files viewable here: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/105295/sleeved-tuckboxes-ffg-recommended-sleeves Print actual size (no scaling). Let me know what size in mm the front part printed out as if it does not print right (should be 60 x 94mm for large and 45 x 68mm for small cards). I also included scans of the backs of the cards I made and the banner images from this site I cropped to make the tuckboxes. They were made to fit Fantasy Flight green and yellow sleeves. Hope they help keep things organized and prevent baggies from tearing. Note: You can use packing tape on the printout before cutting to give the box a sturdier, shinier look. You can either use packing tape to seal the edges, or tape/glue on the inside flaps. I personally prefer both. You can also cut t top of the back side for 'thumb room' to slide the cards out.
  4. Concidentally I was thinking of a solo horde-like variant as well. Personally I don't like solo games that involve rolling dice, as I prefer solo games that involve problem solving, so I didn't think too much about it. So I thought about a solo mode that involves having six cards, numbered 1 through 6, in which you have to play one every time you roll a die, and can only get them back once you have exhausted them. Therefore deciding what to his and miss with. Unfortunately I also prefer solo versions of games to be like the main game as close as possible. Its a conundrum for me.
  5. When playing in a crowded FLGS, it seems hard for players to remember all their abilities and what not. Some of the most common things I have to keep reminding players of constantly: - Nimble skill, as OL I often stop and look at the hero with nimble, and even I forget so the skill has become barely used at all. - Word of Misery, OLs seem to forget it a lot, I hold the card in my hand or cover the damage tokens as a reminder. - Champion tokens. The hero(es) could have won a quest if they remembered to spend them for that vital damage. - Most "within 3 spaces" effects, it seems with newer players it takes them a long time to get conditioned to remembering the effect. I thought of having some kind of AoE token near them. Now keep in mind I play with hundreds of new people and people I only play on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. I assume in a quiet environment with people fully focused on the game and not used to having crowds around them can remember all their exception text better?
  6. Thanks for #1 and #2, those were my assumptions as well when I came across them in my playthrough. The lack of atatcking twice definitely helped making me last up to the 1st creshendo.
  7. I frequent an FLGS, and asked the owner if I could help run the Forgotten Souls event day. I played two games by myself to practice a routine to explain and entertain the people signing up for the event. I just had a few questions, which I may have skipped in the rulebook: 1) Does the rule where a monster can only attack once still apply? Like if a monste'rs orders are: -engage closest hero, -attack, and a monster is next to a hero, does it skip the first action, attack as its 1st action, skip the engage action again when you repeat the list (if its still close), and attack again as its 2nd action? 2) When it says "roll to spawn X monsters", yet there are not enough spaces (on the exit or next to the cauldron) to spawn, do the extra monsters spawn as close as possible to the spaces, like normal, or do they not spawn at all? A few other questions: 3) Are there any tips any of you have for easily keeping track of all the exceptions? When playing alone I found myself forgetting the extra monster ability text (like flesh moulders get +2 range), the exploration card abilities, and any peril abilities. Is there any pattern or habit I should get into to remember all these exceptions going on? 4) Has anyone found any other rules new players often forget or misinterpret that I should keep reminding them? One thing I kept forgetting was to lower Fate when I draw a peril card due to no monsters. I put a purple token on TOP of the peril deck as a reminder for me.
  8. While hiding info gives fun surprises for the heroes, there is a very good reason I suggest letting quests be public: Because when I'm the Overlord, I can't remember everything on the quest, or read or interpret it wrong. I give the book to the heroes and tel lthem to read it in their downtime to find objections or contradictions to what I interpretted. This helped a LOT of quests from being done wrong.
  9. Has anyone made a photoshop template of item cards? If so, shall we print out a revised card that has a brown die instead of a gray die, and replace "black" with "gray"? Then try it out through a campaign and see who wins?
  10. I haven't played as a hero yet (always Overlord), but my assumption would be to get any Act I item that has a red power die to replace a yellow power die weapon.
  11. I printed out Tuckboxes from Boardgamegeek's files section, but they weren't sleeved, so I re-sized them myself using Tuckbox Generator to print them out. I use one medium sized storage container I found at a craft shop for all the tokens. I am able to fit the base and W&W fine in the base box. Replaced components (like the old unit cards) I put in the expansion box.
  12. I don't entirely "play to win" as Overlord in Descent. I play to the style of what the heroes like about games. Some people want a challenge and are okay with losing or breaking a game, so i'll go all out and exploit any dominant strategy I can. Some people just want to have a good time, so I will replace what I think are the 'best' moves with 'epic' moves, like a crazy move in chess that's so out of book it becomes chaotic. There are some... i don't know the term... sore losers maybe? Those who feel the game is unbalanced? I dunno. If I come across them, I play making it look impossible, but somehow they feel like they can still win, or present situations where they can get those big strong attacks in and roll lucky enough to save the day. Some people I have played with just like picking up treasure and don't really care about winning or losing. So i'll focus with situations involving search tokens, whether it be blocking the search token, or grinning when I am (bluffing) with a search trap card in my hand, whatever makes them go "WOO! SPACESHIP... I mean, TREASURE!" whenever they successfully search. All that matters is I have fun when they have fun!
  13. Thanks for the clarification on what to do if a runner can not meet the strength of ICE (subroutines trigger, then end run since runner can't break the ice). I found it odd that the rulebook doesn't seem to mention it too much (couldn't find a good clarification int he rulebook), and seems to be something important new players need to know.
  14. Judging by the wording "at the end of the turn, each player who had completed (past tense) a non-military victory adds up their score". That leads me to believe if you have 15 coins, you achieved victory no matter how many coins you lose by the end of the turn. Otherwise i would think it would have been worded "non-military victories are now checked at the end of the entire turn" or "at the end of the turn, each player who still meets a non-military victory condition". I think its a good way to prevent someone from getting 15 coins rather than just waiting unti lthey have 15, and then bum rushing them like crazy to knock them back down
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