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  1. Astropath's are second class citizens with incredible powers. Unfortunately those powers might get them burned as a witch or call down a demon on them. Navigators are super powered mutants that are effectively in their own noble caste. In short life sucks to be an astropath wheras being born to the navigator houses is very literally wining the generic lottery. Unless your character concept is really built around being a astropath personally i'd prefer navigator. I really wish FFG had given us a more generic sanctioned psyker career path in navis primer.
  2. Ok so Navis Primer introduced a new navigator shipboard action called Emegency Jump. In a nutshell the Navigator can pass a -30 navigation test to take the vessel into the warp. Because of the suddeness of the transition everyone has to test for a potential warp hallucination at GM's discretion. If the navigator fails he has to roll on the innacurate re-entry table. I've got a couple of problems with this. Thematically this feels way too light for just jumping randomly into the warp with minumal prep. While a -30 warp test isn't trivial it can certainly be made that way with the right bonuses or just a seasoned enough character. Then you will have a situation where a navigator because fo their skill is regularly doing stuff that by the setting is supposed to be suicide, jumping into and out of the warp in places they shouldn't with little or no preperation. Mechanically the technique seems way too good. Essentially anyone else is powerless to stop you or affect you as even if you botch the roll you'll still get away. You could never actually catch a ship trying to flee because if you start to clsoe witht hem and they can't win a fight with you they'd just take their chances and jump immediately to the warp. The fact that it essentially forces all the opposition to sit on their hands waiting for you to come back from the warp also bugs me. The fix i'm thinking about doing is this. Logically such a quick translation out then translation back puts quite a strain ont he warp drives which will necessitate them getting repaired which will take a minimum of one turn as the crews and tech priests sooth the agitated machine spirits. The second idea i had is if the test is failed instead of the off target table having them roll on Warp Encounter table and not letting them avoid any non physical encounters or maybe even not avoid any encoutners at all. Thoughts?
  3. You would post your individual actions and then other players or the GM responds when they see it and when they are able. Skype chat is really good about keeping logs allowing people to review and stay involved in stuff even if they are on vastly different schedules.
  4. I will when I get to my Skype just to be clear I'm kind of looking for a play by post format to start as opposed to a formalized meet from x time to y time format. Do you think your group would be interested in that?
  5. Well realistically you shouldn't be paying for just an empty hull as there is little reason for them to exist so other components should already be factored in
  6. What format are you looking for I've been contemplating doing a chat based game using Skype chat with periodic (like maybe every other week?) live voice sessions.
  7. Honestly, all the problems you describe seem like good things. If your heading out into the back end of the the expanse you pack as much supplies as your can physically get into your holds and you plan accordingly. You hope and look eagerly for every possible opportunity you could to replenish and hope for the best. Some losses are to be expected.
  8. Sirfrog I understand and respect your view but I'm always chilled by the notion that reasonable people should curb their speech because others can't manage to follow the social contract.
  9. Fresnel said: Some players beg to differ on this issue… Perhaps you have never met (or been) one? Those players if they are absolutely insistant are usually the ones not asked to come back to games. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'll take counsel, advice, opinions, and differing viewpoints, but ultimaely at my tables at least rules are entirely within my singular authority. Players that don't like it are free to find another game. There are always more people wanting to play then people willing to run in my observation. I'm not trying to pick a fight, i've just never had these problems that some people describe outside of living campaigns.
  10. Vis a vis space marines and battle psykers,I didn't forget them they would fall under "other arms of government" I too am skeptical on this "licensing" angle. If there is one thing the Imperium absolutely doesn't screw around with is psykers, in large part because they've seen in a very real way what a danger unsanctioned psykers area. The only special dispensation my group's Rogue Trader is getting from me/the imperium is the ability to make the trip himself instead of cooling his heels in an inquisition facility. I'm only really making that available to him because 1) He self identified 2) He's blood related to a Inquisitor who's also a psyker his family produces a fair number of psykers who usually powerful enough and stable enough to train 3) He's a Rogue Trader 4) He has strong ties of his own to imperial government due to heroic actions. Anything beyond that he's gotta earn.
  11. Thanks for the inputs all. A few things I'm working off. 1) The voyage will take some time, at the very minimum a year but very likely more. A large part of this will be making various stops along the way to get the necissary introductions for the next leg of their journey. For example, the party has already have a good enough rep in the Calixus sector that with some very minor wrangling they could probably impress upon Governor Hax to his boss the Lord/Lady Segmentum. Now that person won't really know them from Adam so in order to get that personage to do them an introduction for someone in the Segmentum Solar they will likely need at least a favor. From there they will eventually presumably be sent on to Terra having misadventures along the way. Time consuming certainly but probably still faster and more pleasant then waiting in a witch containment facility for a black ship to come by on one of it's circuits. 2) THe presumption is publicly the captain is making a pilgramidge to Terra and is taking on passengers for same. Privately the captain will be letting the right people know his status and why he's making the journey. Publicly if it came out that he was an unsanctioned psyker the Inquisition would have to act. Fortunately having familial ties to the inquisition and being of a RT Dynasty with a bent for selfless service to the Golden Throne does occasional have it's upshots. However at least in the Calixis sector their activities have made them minor heroes as of late so many in positions of positions of power are at least open to the idea of offering a certain amount of leeway. 3) In regards to Alox and WIncent I'm not sure either of you are correct to be honest or at the very least you might be reffering to a one off or special case. In the Imperium all psykers go to Terra and from there they are doled out into their variosu roles. This has bothered me in the past as it seems like an uneccisary logistical hurdle but it's the way things work. Any cases where the Inquisition allows a psyker to operate without heading to Terra is usually meant to be a very short term and likely fatal situation. So in any case if you want to be a sanctioned psyker (little s not big) you head to terra to get your bonafides. Other stuff about psykers depends on who's writing them. While many Inquisitors are psykers not all psykers who are not astopaths are inquisitors. The various arms of government, and presumably even some civilian concerns do employ psykers in various functions. Astropaths (and Grey Knights, but their their own ball of stupid) are the only that I'm aware of actually get Sanctioned by exposing their minds to the power of the Emperor. This has certain negative side affects though so it's reserved for Astropaths to protect them against the mind crushing nature of their job. Everyone else probably get a lot of training on harnessing their willpower to keep themselves from becomign demon chow or worse. Finally as far as once on Terra i've hinted to my PC that while it wouldn't be very good storytelling were he got go all the way to Terra and then wide up as a sacrifice nothing is guaranteed. I've kind of resolved to burnt hat bridge when I come to it.
  12. So a little bit of backstory here. My groups Rogue Trader was recently revealed to have psychic powers for reasons of plot. After mulling it over and taking the counsel of an NPC cousin of his who is an Inquisitor (and also a psyker). She advised him to travel to Terra either in his own ship or wait around for a black ship to make a circuit. Now based on her own experiences with the black ship's he advised him that since he is essentially turning himself in and has a ship at his disposal he go himself. He had originally planned on taking one of the fleets minor vessels and heading out and playing another character for a bit. However having mulled it over in character and out of character with the party they've decided to take their flagship (a light cruiser) and head to Terra. Now I need brain storming help just to pitch some ideas and see what sticks. I see this as kind of an epic oddessy and hope to play it that way. What sort of preperations will they need to make before leaving. - For starters the tthought occurs to me that they will need provisions for a long journey, and then will need to tie up any loose ends on their local business. Lastly they will need to secure documents and backing. While the Warrant theoretically allows free travel in the imperium Segemntum Solar especially Sol is a whole other ballgame. I figure at the very least they will want to get powerful people to sign off on their journey. Cardinal's sector and segmentum governors, that sort of thing. What sort of route will they need to take. Maybe it's just my personal image of 40k but I see intersegmentum traffic as kidn of rare so theere will likely be only a few plotted warp routes. Deviating from these risks great trouble and problems. How can they make money along the way. The most obvious idea i had was passengers, powerful and wealthy pilgrims interested in making the journey. What sort of difficulties might they have. - Really this is a place for all kind of long voyage fun, pyrates, space hulks, any of that sort of thing. Jumpy imperial patrols and the like can be fun too.
  13. DigitalRedneck said: Your right. I should not have attacked how the poster chooses to play. I apologize for that. used to do it like crazy with D&D. But I do stand by my point that min max does not outline any weakness in a game system designed to reflect a setting and not designed for min maxing with implausible characters. Honestly I'm still quite lost on some of the conclusions you draw. Everytime you bring up implausable characters or number crunching I actually find myself wondering if you've ever actually played rogue trader for any length of time, as in sat down and played a re-occuring campaign. The simple fact is unless a character is actively not spending skills within their classes own advancement path they will very quickly be very very good at their primary skill set. They would have to actively try not to be. But that raises the question why should characters actively try not to be good at their supposed role. These characters will absolutely DESTROY book listed NPC's. They will take out battlecruisers with wolf pack raiders in ship to ship combat and a host of other assorted things covered in a myriad of thread on this very forum. I refuse to believe when there is a systemic occurance like that described by so many people and witnessed with my own eyes at my own table that all those people are playing the game wrong or trying to game the system. I tend to believe the system has some functional limitations. That it has a real feast or famine issue, your either exceptionally good at a skill or your so feeble at it that your honestly better off not even trying in many cases against a like experience opponnent. That is something people should be aware of because it seems to come up all the time.
  14. DigitalRedneck this might come as a shock to you but.That's not what he asked. Personally at least, i don't give two thrones about your gaming bonafides or your opinions. Because frankly not only are they conceited as all heck, off topic as all heck, they completely overlook the fact that Rogue Trader does have some concerning power issue/overspecialization built right in. Whether or not they are a show stopper is a matter of opinionin. It's a matter of the way the advancement system is set up. To answer the original question in both cases It's not so much a matter of having the straight stats that high from start but that with the situational/skill modifiers they might add up that high rather quickly. Lets presume a Noble Born Rogue Trader Using the point buy system. If you are not using point by of course things get a lot more random and therefore more nuanced. Of course the problem with that is you have a situation where people's character concept or role might not be born out by their stats. A noble born Rogue Trader will presumably max out their points in fellowship (45), add 5 for being noble born, and can could pick up another +3 points from things like vaunted. There you have a RT right out of the box with a 53 fellowship. They will also get things like peer (nobility) and peer(Their Choice) giving them up to a 63 in those areas of speciality.At the end of the process by the book they have to take pride as their last link in the origin path, and presuming you are only using the base book, which i personally recommend against as it limits options a lot, or opening up the career options based on backstory. Pride will net them a talented trait which means if they select charm for it, which really why wouldn't they other then to make sure they conform to DigitalRedneck's ideals, They will be rolling against a 63 for charm tests for everyone and a 73 against their favored groups before spending a drop of even their character building experience. For better or worse Rogue Trader by default tends to encourage and build really specialized characters, who are extremely good in their field in the early game and fairly worthless outside their area of speciality. Then you throw stuff like characteristic advance pricing in and things could get very silly very quickly. Alternatively you a school of thought where people build against type (that is say a rogue trader who wants to sink the experience at a premium into being a sniper) who then use their class discounts to still be more then passable in their chosen field. Basically the game supports playing "big **** heroes" and rare paragons of your particular class in life at the expense of others. Whether this is a problem or not is up to you.
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