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  1. Had a quick two or three of questions. 1) The obvious way to gain the two is through MK. If gained through magic, psychic powers, etc, you have to maintain it. so, a) Is there any other way for characters to gain permanent Inhumanity or Zen besides MK? b) If you gain inhuman level stats while maintaining a power, and then you cease to maintain it, what happens? 2) How do you guys handle pre "Inhuman stats"? Specifically letting int, pow, WP, and per go over 10 without it. The book talks up a hard cap at 10, but then slyly mentions that mental stats "may" be able to go over. It's a bit vague and has roused some arguments. So, I would like to know what you guys do about it. 3) Finally, just thought I would throw this in there, how do you guys handle starting Magic Levels. In the core book it mentions not letting someone start with all their levels, and it stresses this even more in arcana exxet. But it never gives a guideline on how to do it and how much and it's kind of a sticky situation, at least in my group, to "nerf" someone without rulings on it. Like they understand that the book says so, but a lot of argument can be made on how much because the book never says. How do you guys do it? TLDR: How do you guys limit starting magic levels? Thanks!
  2. As far as #1 is concerned, if it bothers to refer to it as "Innate magic" then it would be logical that you wouldn't have to accumulate for it, as per how actual innate magic works. IMO they included that distinction for a reason. Also, I would suspect that each day the total would replenish. Edit: Looked up #2, and the answer is yes. He can maintain the spell centered on him and it will give him that effect. But then again, what do you expect from a level 90-100 free access spell? All the other spells that high are of similar power level. The problem does not lie in the spell itself, it is clearly marked as being powerful. If you find it too disrupting, ask the player to exchange it. I had to do this once with a guy who was abusing magic prism at level 1, and once again with another player who was messing with chimera. Magic is a crazy power, and if you and your players aren't on the same level, then **** can get out of hand really fast.
  3. Yup, and Arcana Exxet seems to just include a little box that says "If you don't have access to the spanish version then just ignore it and keep on going like you did before."
  4. Ok, that's the way we were doing it, but the book states twice that you ask for player actions before rolling initiative, once in the table and once in the text i believe. However, it also contradicts itself more than once at the same time in the text. So is the table wrong? Do you roll then ask?
  5. My group has debated this for a year, and the section in the book is extremely back and forth and not extremely clear. So can someone with experience PLEASE explain to me the combat turn step by step? Thank you.
  6. Ack, sorry it took me so long to respond. Had some internet issues My cable box decided to completely fry in a lightning storm and it took then almost 3 weeks to replace ><. Anywho, do you still need the run down?
  7. Confirmed that B&N and Amazon may say Jan 3rd, but you CAN order it from FFG or a game store! I got my copy today! My game store called me and told me they got it in, when I wash't expecting it until Jan. I dropped my iPhone lol.
  8. The History is actually very detailed and very LONG, compared to most campaign settings at current. So you might want to ask for one time/event in particular. Present? War of God? Arrival of the Kami? And there's more. Each one has a fair amount of history.
  9. So the posted date has come and passed. No word from FFG about Arcana Exxet, and B&N doesn't have it orderable anymore. Looks like we are back to ???
  10. Is Dominous Exxet worth it? I'd say yes, but I guess it depends on your budget. It does have a nice new portion of ki technique abilities, and it expands martial arts but tenfold. But unless you have people that are interested in it, then it is kind of moot. Some of the higher level techniques/ars magnus are also good idea fodder for npcs and BBEGs. My two Copper.
  11. I just saw this date on amazon and almost kicked my dog. Well, B&N and the FFG still say Q3, so let's hope they're right…
  12. My god, the Black Witch seems pretty ridiculous. She has the monks ability + 2 more pretty decent one whereas the monk only really has penalties. And the monk was, at one point, a character we deemed to powerful for play.
  13. Currently I have all the adventure cards from all the expansions compiled. But the latest expansion, Blood Moon, has got me thinking. Normally it didn't matter if I combined them all, but with the addition of the Lunar Events I feel there might be a problem. Since lunar events are very powerful, both good and bad, the catch is that they are supposed to rotate. Albeit not extremely frequently, but with the amount of adventure cards I have it is not an unlikely scenario for one to be on the board for most of a game. This seems kind of ridiculous. The last game we played we pulled 2 day time lunar events, the one where you can take another turn after you defeat an enemy, and the one where you can move up to the result of your movement die. These being around for a good portion of the game made it ridiculous. Now I understand all players received the effect so no one was unbalanced, but it changed the flow of the game quite a bit. So my question is, do you guys normally play with all the adventure from the expansions mixed? or do you pick and choose per game? And yes this does not include mountain trail and other expansion specific cards.
  14. In my weekly Dungeons and Dragons game I run I use a simple program that tracks initiative, rounds remaining on spells, etc. However, the way it is set up makes it fine for the never chaining initiative of DnD, but changing the numbers each round would be a hassle. I mean, not even worth doing it really. So, does anyone know of a program I could use to track initiative with anima? The goal is just to display an order so the characters have a list to reference so they know who's coming next. Since abilities in anima tend to last either instantaneously or longer than 1 combat, displaying abilities is not essential, but would be nice. Also, I tend to use a mac, so a mac program is preferred, but again not essential. Also, if you guys use something completely different, let me know! I'm just looking for SOMETHING
  15. @ Blackburn and Friends. THANK YOU for posting this info. It answered a lot of questions I actually planned on posting about today One more quick combat question. It says players determine initiative, then decide what they are going to do with their actions. Do I ask them in order? Reverse order? Just randomly?
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