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  1. many thanks, that's why I edited it as I realised that. Thanks to all for clarifying my confusion.
  2. So forgive me if this is being really silly, but I could attack the same ship with the other side hull zone? Even though it's firing through my own ship? I understand front and rear as turrets rather than olde worlde broadsides, but I'm assuming that only 3 hull zones would be able to trace LOS but not the 4th as it is completely the opposite side of my ship. Edit, I think I get it now.
  3. how does the 'friendly' hull zone work? I saw a vid by a tournament player that said you can't shoot through the lines marking hull zones, for example you are broadside on to another ship so can't use the front hull zone as it would have to trace line of sight through the side to do so. many thanks in advance.
  4. So if I need the App to play tournament play; I'm pretty well excluded unless I buy a new phone then? My phone no longer has that functionality. Plus I take it the App won't be free to download?
  5. I managed to drop my mate on Turn 6; also to the people saying Xwings get stuffed, should see my lot; they seem to regularly blast ties out of the sky in one shooting round; 3 hits is not uncommon on those 4 blue dice for me. Admittedly my mate did fly into debris with no shields and only 1 hull point remaining, but that to his own admission was that he didn't bank on my lucky shots wiping all his hull out in <2 turns once his shields had pretty much gone. For tactics I simply 'made' him go where I wanted him to then pincered him between my 2 ships. We were playing the 'most wanted' objective. So he picked my nebulon b (Yes I realise now that I should have chosen but still) and I turned left; he turned into that and I then just spun right round in a circle and left him exposed to my fire.
  6. For me it depends on the objectives and situation; in some games 6 gives the rebels a chance, but for some where you need to kill X ship or deal lots of damage, the Imps really cream the rebels in 6 turns. If you do it longer it would still be very situational I think, as by turn 6 I'm usually down to my last 2 ships (Rebels 2 core sets) and outgunned and outclassed. @Blail Blerg - I can get almost 400 out of the 2 sets; and it takes about an hour and a half; a VSD alone can jump to nigh 150 with cards even without the 'Dominator' card.
  7. I won't stop playing X-Wing or the other big game from a certain other big company; but at least with Armada and the latter I can manage like with chess to play alone if I wish; so getting a bit more game time. X-Wing is very hard to play on your own as it takes all the strategy out of it.
  8. yep, tha's how I've been playing it.
  9. couple this with Gunnery officer and you have one lethal combination; couple that with the forward arc and overload pulse and rebel ships just cease to exist.
  10. There's a big discussion over the 'Opening Salvo' objective right now; and whether it literally means 'add 2 dice of any colour' at any range; or just of the appropriate range dice. Can anyone from FFG clarify this please?
  11. I have noticed the cards for the VSD's make them far superior and I do love the game. Dominator is a huge one; especially when coupled with Gunnery officer which means you can get 2 shots from the front arc. I think the way around it is to 'decoy' it to go after one ship while the others manoeuvre behind it. Easier said than done if like me you have 2 core sets. Objectives on 1 core set do change the whole game into rebel territory; especially if you have higher points than the imps. some of the objectives mean then that you put them down and so put them nearer your side, which can mean then you've grabbed the lot before the vic can get near them.
  12. Also as I thought about it after and it wouldn't let me edit my post: Remember the shape of the VSD/ISD; if you've played any of the canon games (X-Wing/XvsTie/Alliance/Battlefront) you'll realise the VSD and ISD both have a massive blind spot to the rear; and since this is a 2d game trying to represent a 3d battle environment; it now suddenly makes a lot of sense. As the CR90 could be in or partially in that blind spot. I think the designers expected the Ties to cover that so didn't put any guns near the engines. In one or 2 games it had a gun above them; but not below. and a couple on the top of the bridge structure.
  13. Actually Tenuousgrip he's still right; okay 300 degrees is a lot but you still have parts where I could get in say a frigate and shoot your turrets but they can't shoot me back. It would be a tight shot; but could be done. Forget the other turrets for a moment and assume that I'm coming in from the front of your big ol' Battleship in a Frigate. Right, I have a front turret (1 to your 2; 2 guns to your 6) but your six guns at a moment before I get broadside are useless to you, they can't get quite far enough round to hit me even though my 2 guns can shoot them off (that's assuming my shells can penetrate which even in WW2 they would have it was range was the issue). I know if you let me get that close then the Captain of the Battleship (or his crew or both) want shooting and deserve all they get but that's not the point.
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