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  1. UlricKessler said: I might be interested, what time-zone are we talking about here? East Coast Standard Time. My Friend and I can play up to about Midnight our time. Unless we don't work the following day. Looking for Primarily Tues/Wed Evenings(Sat and Sun are open though). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still Looking for 1 or 2 more players and a DM.
  2. Morangias said: It seems the Necrons are indeed becoming Tomb Kings in Space . Personally, I find this idea awesome and made of win. I'd kill for a playable Necron career for Rogue Trader. Don't quite understand why people keep saying this. Necrons were out way before Tomb Kings. Several years before and had an Egyptian/Aztec Aesthetic to them. Tomb Kings are actually Necrons with Bones and magic. But I aswell been waiting for a Necron update for several years. Its finally here and super excited. I have like a $250 GW giftcard waiting for the 5th.
  3. Hello Everyone, A friend and myself are looking for an Online Game for Black Crusade. We are looking to play over AIM Group Chat.(It has a built in Dice Roll command). We would need a DM and a couple interested PC's. I would like to note that I have little experience in the Warhammer RPG's. But know lots about the Warhammer Universe(been playing 40k/Fantasy since the year 2000)... Though my Friend plays Rogue Trader and Death Watch frequently so he is experienced in it.
  4. throwhemon said: Since there seems to be no other thread out there for this here it is. Post your location (if internet just say so) what you would like to do (DM, PC) availability New to the 40k universe or seasoned veteran any other information you want to share. Southern Maryland, USA(waldorf to be exact) or Online Group(over Aim group chat) PC(Never DM'ed before) Anyday but Monday between 4pm(EST) - 12am(EST)***Can play later on the nights I have the following day off*** Seasoned to the actual 40k Game. New to the 40k RPG's. ..... I also have a friend who is looking to join aswell as a PC... And he is experienced in the RT/DW RPG's.
  5. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp
  6. I would like to add to this again. A friend and I are looking for an Online Group(Over AIM) I don't know how to DM(Never tried). And he doesn't feel like it So we would need a group already established looking for people or someone who is willing to run a game and get a couple more people aswell. OR We live in Southern Maryland, USA(Waldorf to be exact) and are willing to play in person.
  7. I am going to maky my first character a Renegade following Nurgle. Going to try to be a tough as nails human that can slowly kill you with diseases/poisons/toxins even if its just by standing by you and not actually attacking you. I also want to try and get all the gifts/upgrades that makes my guy larger/fatter. Just because it would be fun.
  8. I'm also looking for an Online(over AIM Group Chat) group I can join. I don't have much experience with the Warhammer 40k/fantasy RPG's.(Played Deathwatch a couple times, and Warhammer fantasy RPG a couple times). But I am highly interested in being able to play and join in on a game.... Things you might want to know.... I am generally in bed at 12am EST(I have to be up at 6am)... and I get home from work at 4pm EST.. Other then Mondays I'm pretty much free anytime. between those hours unless its one of my 2 days off that week. Which is either Thursday/Saturday... or Sunday/Friday.
  9. MILLANDSON said: You roll for stuff using Infamy, there are no "prices", or getting things "below your Infamy". Where did you read that, because there's nothing about it in the rules. When you create a character you can get extra equipment. You can't have more equipment then your Infamy(at the time of character creation) and it can't total more then -10 aqcuisition. I don't understand the total more then -10 aquisition part.
  10. Last question. Saw it in another thread but didn't quite understand it. How do you purchase weapons/equipment/armour that doesn't total the number of your infamy(I think thats how it is worded) but also doesn't total more then -10 aquisition? I don't see costs for items and such to be able to figure it out.
  11. I am a little confused with this rule. How do you buy equipment that doesn't cost more then your infamy(I think thats it) but no more then -10 aquisition?
  12. Awesome thanks... ALSO!!!!! When making a Renegade it says you get Carapace Armour. Exactly what peices do you get?
  13. Sorry I am very new to this and couldn't really figure it out. I am making a Renegade as my character and I want to follow the god Nurgle. I am looking to use my exp to purchase traits/skills/characteristics. Which "Price" am I to use? Like I want to purchase Toughness(Twice), Iron Jaw, and Disturbing voice. Now what price should I be doing this at? Allied/Opposed/True and is that for "every" purchase? Thank You ~Rogzor
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