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  1. What, specifically, does an MIU grant a Techpriest that his Mechanicus Implants trait does not? Is it simply a superior method of interacting with machine spirits over his Electoos?
  2. If a PC has Paranoia a certain level of such metagaming is okay (it's not metagaming anymore!)
  3. Can FP be used to re-roll results from tables (i.e. Shock Table, Psychic Phenomena, Perils of the Warp), or only re-roll check results?
  4. Nothing? Game starts tomorrow, could use some advice…
  5. Q-SIGS guys, stay out upon pain of…pain. Good? Alright. Essentially, the campaign idea is as follows. The Heretics have been acquired as "contractors" for a up-and-coming warlord seeking to carve out his own little section of Imperial space. First step is to acquire a springboard, from where he can launch further raids and incursions. This planet has been found, and the Heretics will be inserted into the on-planet Schola Progenium as newly recruited faculty (Administratum shenanigans are to thank for this little coup). Primary Objective: Subvert planetary population and either subvert planetary leadership or insert more malleable leaders. Secondary Objective: Establish cover identities at Schola and gain trust of population there. Secondary Objective: A piece of archaeotech is rumoured to be under study by one of the Magi stationed at the Schola. Acquire it. Further Secondary Objectives TBD Tertiary Objectives TBD upon confirmation of characters. Planet: Rannoch Population: 5 billion Climate: Temperate Tithe: Exactis Prima Categorization: Civilized World Planetary Governor: Shala, Lady Raan Profile: Loved by people. Administratively mediocre, but intelligent enough to appoint well-educated and motivated advisors. Forced into power at a young age due to aircar accident (suspected assassination) killing father, mother, and younger sister. Seen as tragic hero in public eye, victim of heresy. Convert with great care - she has many reasons to hate us and few to sympathize with us. GM’s Notes: Actually younger sister Miri Raan. Secret Slaanesh worshipper with Daemonette bound to her, the price of which was her family. Motivation - “ugly duckling” of family, jealous of older sister’s numerous suiters. Faked own death, assumed appearance of older sister. Secret pleasure chambers built underneath palace for her. Will work against Heretics once she discovers their motivations - she cares little for wars, only for pleasure and hedonism. Features of note: PDF adheres to archaic naming conventions (Infantry Regiment - Foot, 20 regiments) (Motorized Regiment - Light Foot, 5 regiments) (Mechanized Regiment - Dragoons, 2 regiments) (Armoured Regiment - Curassiers, 1 regiment) (Cavalry Regiment - Hussars, 2 regiments) (Artillery Regiment - Horse/Field/Medium/Heavy, depending on role, 1 regiment Horse, 5 regiments Field, 2 regiments Medium, 1 regiment Heavy) Knight-Protector of Rannoch (Commander of the PDF): Colonel-General Kal Reegar Profile: Aggressive old warhorse, well respected among military elements of society. Rumoured to have fought at Third Armageddon, such rumours never substantiated. Rumoured to have served alongside Commissar Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium, such rumours never substantiated. Rumoured to have killed a Legionnaire in personal combat…such rumours never substantiated. Chuck Norris status. GM’s Notes: Yes, yes, and yes. He was the commander of a Inquisitorial Storm Trooper regiment, sent to an out-of-the-way world for his retirement. He may have aged, but his skills are as sharp as ever, and he still has his old contacts within the Left Hand. A thoroughly dangerous foe for the Heretics…perhaps he can be used against Lady Raan? SDF unremarkable 4 Frigates (Kukri, Falchion, Scimitar, Rapier) 40+ patrol boats, assault shuttles, fighter/bombers of varying types Sky Knight of Rannoch (SDF commander): Commodore Daros Xen Profile: Thoroughly incompetent, having bought his command. Cowardly, blustering, moronic twit. Maintains his position mainly through bribery and the fact that Rannoch hasn’t fought a naval war in centuries. GM’s Notes: He…really is what he appears to be. Easy target for corruption. The SDF itself will be more difficult, of course. Arbites high-security prison in orbit containing those with skills too useful to execute Further information unknown GM’s Notes: Can recruit several loose cannons here…if they can take the Arbites, of course. High risk, high reward, late game objective. Schola Progenium Split into two campuses divided by a harbour, one side houses Administratum, Munitorum, Schola Psykana, Adepta Soritas, and Adeptus Mechanicus cadets, while the other campus houses Stormtrooper, Commissariat, Adeptus Arbites, and Naval cadets. Particular tradition of this Schola: Administratum, Munitorum, and Psykana cadets wear brown coats, Soritas cadets wear blue coats, Mechanicus wear purple-on-black coats, and Stormtrooper, Commissariat, Arbites, and Naval cadets wear red coats. Notable faculty: Headmistress Brenna Endicia Profile: Prim, proper, and strict. Former member of the Adeptus Arbites, and still prefers the red-on-black bodysuit and high leather boots of their uniform. Other faculty member profiles are under construction. Yes, I stole the names from Mass Effect mainly - but I'm terrible at coming up with names anyways. Feel free to make suggestions regarding faculty members, planet details, anything, really.
  6. Combat is okay, as long as your group is tactically-minded. <30 BS characters firing Autopistols on Suppressive Fire and tossing frags, Guardsmen/Assassins/Arbites doing the actual killing with Autoguns and anything with the Accurate quality, Psykers doing their mojo, and everyone in cover with at least some sort of armor. Allow them a Heavy Stubber and they'll mow down twice their number in crazed cultists with stub revolvers and shivs no problem. I'm planning on throwing my Rank 2 cell into a car ambush next session by a squad of PDF-equivalents (Las-carbine, some sort of light Flak) and I fully expect them to make it out with maybe a burnt Fate Point or two at most.
  7. Wow, thanks a lot! This looks really good - as we approach the climax I might return to update the story and ask for help in adjusting to derailments.
  8. Um...you know that the Psy Rating corresponds to the Assignment, right?
  9. Man, lots of good responses, thanks guys. Regarding the story...well, it's basically this thread: javascript:void(0);/*1323290196539*/ The Acolytes so far: Cleric: Frenzy+Chainsword Arbites: Hunting Rifle or Shotgun Guardsman: Lasgun, frags Scum: Autogun Moritat: Sword, Hand Bow Psykers: Autopistols, no direct damage powers I'm planning on the Lady turning out as the corrupt influence, and I'd like her to be Tzeentch-influenced. Possibly throw the Acolytes up against her and a squad of her enthralled guards? I'm slightly worried about 5 or 6 chaps with lasguns and flak armour on top of a Daemonhost (might give her a weak damaging power), but hey, nobody ever said the Inquisition has a lot of veterans retiring of old age...
  10. Personally, I just add all the modifiers up. If the Acolytes are clever enough to set up a "Just as planned" moment that they only fail on 95-100, well, that happens. If they've managed to screw up royally enough to only pass on a 1-5, well...that happens too.
  11. For the climax of the investigation I'm running, I intend the Acolytes to end up fighting a daemonically influenced human. I want it to be a tough fight, hopefully making the Acolytes sweat and burn Fate Points, but ultimately, they should be the ones still standing at the end of it. I have 7 level 2 Acolytes right now - a Redemptionist cleric, an Arbites, a Guardsman, a Moritat Assassin, a Scum, and two Psykers, all somewhat armoured and armed with at least an autopistol. So far, I'm thinking about setting the enemy as a Thrice-Bound daemonhost - how managable is that for the PCs?
  12. Umbranus said: ItsUncertainWho said: I would place my money on an Arbities kill team over an IG unit in a city fight. I doubt they would clash in an open battlefield. Me too. They got better Armor, suppression shields, better weapons, special ammo. And not to be forgotten the shotgun is not only an effective instrument of death, it's about shock and awe as well. There's no way Arbites>Guard in a war scenario. An Arbites kill-team can bring to bear shotguns, bolters, and a Rhino, while Guard Vets are packing flamers, heavy bolters, and a freaking Chimera that in the best case for the Arbites is loaded with another two heavy bolters. Somehow, I doubt Guardsmen will be scared by a few shotguns, considering they regularly fight Orks. Back on topic, the shotgun should definitely be 1d10+6, though I would vote for the bolter to be moved up to 2d10 and all the other weapons moved up accordingly to scale with TT. If we use S3 lasguns (1d10+3) and S9 lascannons (5d10+5) as the lower and upper bounds, the rest of the weapons can be placed appropriately, setting S4 weapons (bolters, mainly) around the 2d10 mark (probably 1d10+8 or 9), S5 (heavy bolters) around 2d10+5, S6 (multilaser) at 3d10+x, S7 (autocannon, plasma gun) around 4d10, S8 (krak missile, meltagun) at 4d10+8 or 9, and then we have the S9 lascannon at 5d10+5. Currently, the plasma gun dealing about as much damage as the heavy bolter just doesn't make sense, as it's described as one of the few weapons that puts down Marines with ease, on par with antitank weaponry.
  13. Darkmittens said: dear lord whats a high level alpha psyker....do they even roll to manifest?? Well, IIRC Ravenor was a Gamma, and that's considered an "exceptionally powerful psyker", able to completely possess someone's body. The average psyker starts off around Iota-Theta-Eta, which represent conscious manifestations of psychic power, so I assume that's what Dark Heresy considers PR 1 and 2, before they can acquire a Discipline. Zeta and Epsilon levels are capable of quite powerful manifestations, which would correspond to a beginner to the Disciplines who can mend flesh and bone and fling mind bullets. This would probably last all the way up to PR 6, the end of Dark Heresy proper. A newly-Ascended psyker, even without buying any more PR, would be rated as a Delta, "an incredibly potent psyker capable of extraordinary manifestations" by virtue of fettered/unfettered/push psychic control. PR 11-12 would lie in the Beta range, already pushing the limit of a human mind's capacity, which is well represented by it being the highest achievable in the normal progression scheme of Ascension. TL;DR: PR 1-2: Iota/Theta/Eta (likely Eta as DH psykers are meant to be capable of much greater power later on) PR 3-4: Zeta PR 5-6: Epsilon PR 6-10: Delta/Gamma (overlap with Eta due to Ascension manifestation controls) PR 11-12: Beta PR 13+: Alpha Considering that Betas and Alphas are described to have highly unstable minds due to the amount of psychic power they possess, it's pretty reasonable that the absolute highest possible Assignment rating without Elite Advances is a Beta - it's simply too rare that a human can swing that much power without becoming unplayable as a PC.
  14. ItsUncertainWho said: firestorm said: I thought Accurate was just +10 to hit? Where does the +1d10 damage come from? The description of the Accurate quality on page 128 should include the addition “When firing a single shot from a single Basic Weapon with the Accurate quality benefi ting from the Aim action, the attack gains an extra d10 of damage for every two degrees of success to a maximum of two extra d10.” Make sure to read the errata. Aah, thanks.
  15. Well, the Acolyte team consists of: Noble Born Arbites (ranged combat and face), Schola Guardsman (ranged combat), Imperial Psyker, Void Born Psyker, Hive Assassin (Moritat ninja), Forge Techpriest (heavy muscle), Hive Scum (face and sneak), and Imperial Cleric (Redemptionist chainsword nutcase). All in all, these guys should be fairly tough in a fight as long as they take it seriously. I thought Accurate was just +10 to hit? Where does the +1d10 damage come from?
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