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  1. Interesting. It doesn't much matter to me, as the plan is to prime and paint the models. So excited to get my hands on this game!
  2. Why thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. For those wondering, he's referencing this article that's currently on the FFG homepage. Twist is a pretty big deal.
  3. After playing in the regional this weekend, I hate to say it, but I agree with this decision. I wasn't willing to push too hard in one direction or another, because I think the game is young and I trust the developers. However, at this point in the game, even if there are decks that can do well against this deck, I think having a deck that is just so obviously better than any other light side option is extremely bad for the health of the game. The real problem is that this deck closes down the option pool. By being far and away the most consistent and powerful light side deck, it makes running anything else tough. This means both light and dark side decks get absurdly similar. The nice thing about a restricted list is that if in a year this becomes a lot less potent because of the options the other affiliations have, they can easily unrestrict these cards. After coming away on Saturday from the regional, instead of looking forward to the next one I was dreading having to go through another day of smugglers in every single game (both me and my opponent). At the end of the day, this combo turned the game into something dramatically different than it was before and as it stands, I support this decision. Super excited to see what happens to decks for the next round of regionals!
  4. I consistently either had the objective without duplicate characters or had duplicate characters without the objective. However, when it does click it's a magical moment. I think the objective and it's cards are very appropriately balanced. Very useable and powerful when it hits, but not as consistent as I'd like it to be.
  5. Very interesting! I'm excited that we're getting more Hoth support. I like the idea of the older themes in the game not getting stale.
  6. If you want to get a feel for where this game is at, you can check out the SWLCG page on the Team Covenant YouTube Channel. It includes gameplay videos (including the world championship and several matches featuring the world champ), player interviews, unboxings, tournament reports, and more.
  7. We've posted some notable videos recently over at Team Covenant that I thought were worthy of posting about here on the boards. First up, we have the Targaryen Dragon Maester's under the helm of Buz Hannon against the fierce Targaryen Dragon Long Voyage deck piloted by Matt Phillips. We were also fortunate enough to get an exclusive preview from the upcoming A Journey's End chapter pack and you can catch a full preview and video discussion of The Tattered Prince. Finally, we've been doing a live stream from our store in Tulsa and every Thursday night we are streaming live Game of Thrones games! You can tune in to our live stream here. We've got plenty more videos coming, so stay tuned! Zach
  8. Did you guys not have a top cut? If you cut to a top 4 or top 8, this is really only an issue for people who end up being on the fringe.
  9. SplinterMD said: Great Stream, Zach vs Dennis was nuts! You really should upload that with some commentary, need more high level Star Wars! We are absolutely going to be uploading both top 4 games and the finals from yesterday, in HD with a hud AND commentary. You'll want to stay tuned to our YouTube channel for those games. Watching via the stream is really just a bonus.
  10. The dates for our regionals were posted incorrectly at first, so I wanted to clarify in case anyone still thought it was on the wrong date! The Tulsa, Oklahoma regional for the Game of Thrones LCG will be this coming Saturday, April 13th, 2013. The event will start at 11 am sharp. We are planning a casual get together Friday night for anyone that shows up early and are intending to go to a local pub immediately following the conculsion of the event on Saturday. You can RSVP for the regional on the Facebook event here. For all the information about the store, check out the Covenant Store, Tulsa webpage. See you there, Zach
  11. Toqtamish said: It already was reprinted. Along with a reprint of pack 2 Trace Amount both arrived in stores on March 4. I was going to say, we've had them back in stock at Team Covenant for a few weeks now. If you can't get ahold of them locally, you can get them here from TC.
  12. Tune in as Robert, Steven, and special guest Chris Kizer unbox and break down every card from the latest chapter pack Pirates of Lys! You can catch the full video right here. Enjoy! Zach
  13. Tune in as Steven, Robert, and special guest Phillip Burkholder unbox and break down every card from the latest data pack, a Study in Static! You can catch the full video right here. Enjoy! Zach
  14. Friday we posted an unboxing video of the Desolation of Hoth over at Team Covenant. Tune in as Steven and I go card by card and discuss the entire pack. You can watch the full unboxing video here! Zach
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