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  1. I ran into the problem where it was a question of whether someone that gets a neutral role fails. For example: climbing a rope, you roll neutral. My interpretation is that you do not get any higher, others are interpreting this as you fall...
  2. My wife likes Taylor Ham. And by like I mean LOVES.
  3. Ok.. patience... Good then that I haven't been tempted to much and paid way to much for something like an X-wing or Falcon expansion. I am not anywhere near NE Ohio.. live in NE Oklahoma.
  4. Not very intuitive posts but that makes me feel much better.. I didn't want to pay 80+ bucks for a Millennium Falcon. For that kind of cash I could get one of those really big ships.
  5. So I started collecting X-wing though didn't pick up ships like the YT-1300 and Tie Advanced. Started to play this game with some friends and decided to get these ships, yet I cannot find them anywhere other than to pay Ebay inflated prices. Are they gone for good? I am sure there must be something posted about this topic, though I have completely failed to find a statement in all my searches over the last few days. I didn't realize this game was "collectable". I will still play, but it means I may have to stop another hobby to afford picking up what I need to enjoy play.
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